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We have a doutb about a Word in Final Fantasy Four Heroes.
The word is "Merkmal", we don't understand that it means or how translate it.

I saw the japanese version and says:

["Merukumaaru"] wo te ni haireta!

A image of japanese version:

Uploaded with

Hi, we are translating Okamiden in Spanish.
We have found all texts and we have modified the font, and we have editor tools for texts.
We also have found all graphics and we have a tool for it.

The problem is in Overlays File:

The overlays are compressed in LZ. I extracted them with Cristal Tile 2, and very good, It appeared text and you edit it
easly. But the problem is when you want recompress that overlay and Insert with Ct2, the game crashes.  Also, I tried to
extract arhive, I don't touch anything the archive and compress again, but still crashes.

I tried many programs for example:
Crystal Tile 2, BatchLZ77 1.3, DSCEMP.

We  don't know how work the compression lz, but it seems that contrary in lz10 or lz11 types, the data for the compression of overlay are situated at the end of the file (in the last 12 bytes?)

Also, it seems the format of the J and U versions of the game are significantly different. The J version does not have compressed overlay files, while the U version has.

Conlusion: We try to compress again the descompressed archive, the pointers system changes and isn't same the old compress. Because it crashes.

Well, thanks, and It is my first post. But I am serious person and Share tools with other teams, that they want translate this game for example French, Duscht, Italian etc...

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