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I am by no means a romhacker, but I do occasionally dabble in text-editing in games.  I've occasionally been able to fix a typo or two in my own games.

But check this one out.  I can't fix this one in the Punch-Out!! Gold Cartridge.  If I try, it corrupts the rom file, and the game won't load.

"TRAINNER"  There's only one "N" in this word.

And yes, no matter what I do, the game won't load after I fix it.  I've tried all sorts of fixes, and none of them work.  Even if I just change one letter to a different letter, it makes the game crash.

Oddly enough, if I change it back to the way it was, the game loads again.  I've never seen anything like this.

Now, why would I want to fix a typo in the Punch-Out!! gold cartridge when there's a perfectly good Mike Tyson version readily available?  Well, I like having a version of the game I can beat.

Hello, everyone.  I've been a lurker on this site for a long time.  I've written a few reviews.  I am NOT a rom hacker.  But I had an idea, and I'd like to at least plant that seed here.

The MSU-1 has enabled high-quality streaming audio to become a reality on SNES.  What if somebody decided to use the chip to recreate the streaming audio in a Satelliview game?  The one I think would be most appropriate would be Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablet, which had speaking dialogue all throughout the game.  It seems to me that the MSU-1 would enable hackers to recreate those old broadcasts in English.

Would this be possible?

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