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ROM Hacking Discussion / Mech Platoon GBA Hack
« on: July 29, 2021, 10:28:32 am »
Hello community,

I'm working currently on a Game called Mech Platoon which was
EU: November 28, 2001
JP: November 30, 2001
NA: December 20, 2001
released. The changes that I want to make are translating Text and changing Pictures.

I've found out that not every text can be changed for example in HxD Editor but not everything is crypted or compressed. For example the Textsearch for Winning / Losing Conditions can be easily changed.

Sadly my work stagnates because I can't find a solution for repointing text passages. I know that it's in a way possible to repoint to sections which are not used but I don't know how. Most Videoreferences on Youtube are for specific games not for a general solution. Even exactly searching for .gba specified content is a problem. So I've tried searching for a documentation which maybe could help but also there seems to be none OR they're no more available. It's said that it should be possible to do so if for example the token Offset 07B030|08 will be changed to 30B007|08 should lead to the pointer. Sadly it leads to a not used area within the file and I don't know why so I cannot repoint the selected text.

So I've tried changing Pictures in the game. It exists buttons with english text which I've changed with only symbols. A "x"-button for no and and a "o"-button for yes, more self explained for every language. Other Pictures which I've found are listed below:

Code: [Select]
Between 007C838 (Pictures), Icons to 7E0800 end
Between 0029D780 HP Bar, Symbols, Icons, Letters, Units till 0056B800 end

empty at 7E3178

2AB0F4 Yes Button
2AB298 No Button
2AFD04 Mission (not fitted)

7D5E74 2P / Com Color

The changing process in switching pictures is also not quite easy. Not every picture which I want to change is uncompressed within the file and there is the next problem. Again the search for a general solution of finding compressed pictures is the same procedure as with the text changing.

Maybe somebody has an advice for one or both described problems.

till then


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