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Personal Projects / The Minucce Yard
« on: September 29, 2021, 10:55:18 pm »
An open place to discuss whatever random thing I've released earlier or working on lately; usually "Service Repair" or "fix-it" sub-category. Or previews of upcoming things.


You can try requesting something (small) but that will greatly depend on my mood and scheduling. Or if you want to (re-)grab my attention about something in another thread / PM that I just plain forgot about. Or want me to publicly state how much I'm not caring about working on patch xya.
(technical stuff isn't glorious and funny to poke around with)

Not everything here will be posted on-site but most likely could wind up there someday.


Haven't decided how much I want to work further on Kirby's Adventure (meaning I haven't played the game much like mostly everything else I've touched). But the (flashing) hud line bothered me enough to give it a peek.'s%20Adventure%20%20---.7z
(Kirby's Adventure (USA) (Rev 1) + Japan)

(do the chr switching during blanking)

-- Not perfect! Can be better (double irq for timing glitches, faster h-blank writes)

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