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Hi guys again! I'm gonna show you guys an improvement on Aladdin (NES, Hummer Team) that I'm working on. This project is based off the hack by The Jabu and Gigasoft back in 2020, this hack should add everything from the original SNES version.

Here is the title screen that it is in work in progress.
Here is an Discord if you wanna talk about it:
Hummer Team Central:

Personal Projects / Super Mario World NES: Raffina's Voice Edition
« on: July 04, 2021, 01:05:14 am »
Hey guys. This is my first personal project. This one is planned by me to make the first SMW NES hack with voice lines. After PalaceSwitcher finishes the disassembly, this hack will start. Here is the copyright screen:

Also if you don't know about Raffina, is an character from the Puyo Puyo franchise.

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