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Newcomer's Board / Final Fantasy VI: Improvement or Relocalization?
« on: July 03, 2016, 08:00:57 pm »
Was thinking about playing the SNES version of the game recently, and knew about the Relocalization project here on RHDN

Did some googling, and came across the Improvement project as well - which doesn't appear to be listed on the site here

They look to have similar goals and approaches. I was curious if one is preferred over the other?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Trying to find a couple of hacks that once existed
« on: February 24, 2016, 11:31:17 pm »
I've been trying to locate the Super Mario Bros. 3 Restoration (or Extended Edition) patch by ShaneM. I've seen mentioned on a couple rom hacking forums, but they all link back to a suspended mediafire account.

Also, if any one has his Pokémon hacks as well, that'd be much appreciated. I had wanted to try out his Blue Version restoration. First read out about these all a year or so back, but didn't download them at the time.

Lastly, back on the SMB3 front, I recall an airship colour hack that was once submitted here by someone else. I no longer see it available. It would add some variety to the various airship levels in the NES game.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be great

Newcomer's Board / Repro Boxart Collection
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:49:37 pm »
Not really ROM hacking, so not sure if entirely appropriate.

I was wondering if anyone had scans of boxart from TimeWalk Games (or anyone else who does nice boxart work, like Bishop Bros.? Although I've only seen cartridges from them, not boxart).

Reason being I'd like to use the alternative boxart and boxart for unreleased games, translation projects, rom hacks, and such in my OpenEmu library. Therefore, I'm not asking for anything high-res as the end result will be thumbnails anyway and I don't mean to infringe on the works of those boxart creators.

If you could provide me with any images I could use in OpenEmu, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks

Personal Projects / Some Small Hacks I've Been Working On
« on: March 24, 2013, 12:41:41 pm »
A hack newbie here. Figured I should probably post these up somewhere, because with them just sitting on my computer I find myself returning to them and making unnecessary adjustments. All just some personal preference hacks, but I figure I'd share.

Super Mario All-Stars: Anniversary Edition
Back in 2010 when the Super Mario All-Stars re-release was first announced for the Wii, I was excited. I was thinking maybe Nintendo would improve the games a bit. At the very least, reflect any further graphic revisions that surfaced in the Super Mario Advance series. Maybe fix the brick physics for SMB/LL like BMF54123 did. Maybe add an overworld to SMB like in its GBC and BSX incarnations. Or the new modes from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Nope, it was just plain old All-Stars. Not even the "+ Super Mario World" version, which this hack is based on.

So, with this hack I tried to pretend that Nintendo actually did some of what I was hoping for. And by some, I mean just the graphics. First and foremost, this includes whatever further minor graphic revisions surfaced in the Super Mario Advance series. Like, Mario now wearing white gloves instead of having bare hand. The new Bowser's castle from SMB3 on the GBA. Or an alternate spot pattern for Toad. Or Bowser in Super Mario World now being orange. Yoshi's arms no longer are orange. Those kinds of fixes. I incorporated all the changes that I could spot (and could fit over the existing sprites. If new sprites were larger, they weren't incorporated. Or, I  tried to reflect the changes on a smaller scale using a modified design).

Also searched through the sprites on multiple SNES and GBA Mario games, and used any sprite that was derived from a sprite in the original All-Stars. This lead to things like an slightly improved SMB3 Bowser, based on revisions to the same sprite from Yoshi's Cookie on the SNES. Beyond that, I made some minor revisions in the same spirit. Tiny touch-ups here and there. Played around with the Koopalings hair in SMB3. Some changes to Peach's earrings; or she now has gloves when she didn't before. In SMB2, Mario and Luigi now have their overall/shirt colours reversed to match the official artwork from that era. Shy Guys look a bit closer to their Yoshi's Island appearance. The Mario Bros. mini game in SMB3 borrows some sprites from the WarioWare Mario Clash micogame. etc.

When it came to Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels, I didn't really have anything new to go by. They didn't see GBA remakes and their sprites haven't been reused anywhere else. So, I improvised. First, I tried to make the games look a little bit closer to their NES/Famicom versions. Surprisingly, to me, the two games in All-Stars+World have different sprite banks - they just happen to be the same sprites. I've made them different and now SMB looks different from LL (not much though. I think it's the bridge, the tree, floating platform, bush, grassy platform. Maybe something else). Whenever I found a sprite that to me didn't feel like it reflected the spirit of the old games or the art at the time, I changed it. The Koopa Troopa looks a bit more like the NES version. The Spiny I took from Mario Bros. on the GBA. The strange "Bonus" backgrounds with Mario's head are gone. Came up with a new Super Mushroom design, closer to how they look in NSMB, because it bugged me that it was clearly just pulled from SMB3. A few other minor changes here and there. Taking inspiration from the Super Smash Bros. games, the Super and Poison Mushrooms now look similar. Oh, and cloud-bush is back. Overall, should be a different experience than hiro1112's "NESised" hack.

Like the single review on hiro1112's hack mentioned, I also couldn't get BMF54123's hack to work with it after the fact. So, this has it pre-applied before hand. Hope BMF54123 doesn't mind. This did originally start off for my personal use, didn't intend on sharing it at first. I also spent a lot of time browsing through Mario Fan Games Galaxy for some inspiration at times, so thanks to them.

Oh, and All-Stars has a new title screen. The obnoxious "+ World" text is gone and the "Super Mario" part is in a new font a bit truer to the series.

So, in short. Just a graphics hack (plus BMF54123's physics). Can't even imagine how to add the other things I wished Nintendo would have added, but for me right now this is my preferred way to play these games. SMB/LL/SMB2/SMB3 have been tested in full. SMW was just tested using save state points. If anyone wants to test SMW in full, feel free.

Super Mario Bros. Special: Mario's Adventure
Another Mario graphics hack. This started off as a palette restoration of Messatu's X1 hack. I like the new minor features and the lovely title screen, but preferred that Levi “Karatorian” Aho and frantik's hack actually made it look like a NES game. Once the palettes were restored to that of their version, I started to restore the sprites and decided here to mix things up a bit. SMB Special should be... special. So, I took inspiration from All Night Nippon SMB. That game had a mix of tiles from SMB and SMB2j. So, I did the same here. There are some tiles here from SMB2j, but not all of them are. Was hoping it to make SMB Special feel like an inbetween-quel for SMB and SMB2j and this seemed like a solution.

I also edited the end-game text to remove the Hudson thanks Messatu added and make it seem more like a traditional Mario ending. Starman also smiles now like he does in the actual SMB Special game by Hudson. The "Mario's Adventure" subtitle isn't reflected anywhere in the game, just wanted a way to differentiate it from the other two. It comes from the original title for VS. SMB.

This one has been play-tested. Applies to a bare SMB rom.

Fix for Luigi-San's "Super Mario Kart Difficulty Curve Fix"
Luigi-San's track re-order wasn't reflected in the text for the time trial screen. At least when I applied the patch. There are screenshots on that hack's page showing that the Time Trial screen was correct, so I'm not sure what the issue was for me. This was purely cosmetic as you could select one course as listed in the original game and actually end up in the different course as reflected in Luigi-San's hack. If he used Epic Edit to make his hack, then the fault may be because of an older version of the program. The latest version of Epic Edit doesn't have the Time Trial bug, so I took his track order and did it again with the latest version. Time Trial text is now proper. Not really useful if you didn't experience the problem to begin with though.

Pokémon - Yellow Version - Special Catch 'em All Edition
Just a 151 hack. Looked at the locations in Red/Blue/Green and to an extent the anime since that seemed like it'd be Yellow-like, and added in the version exclusives. I've play tested this one.

Version-exclusive Pokémon
Weedle - Viridian Forest
Kakuna - Viridian Forest
Ekans - Route 4, Mt. Moon
Arbok - Cerulean Cave
Raichu - Power Plant
Meowth - Route 22, Route 23
Koffing - Pokémon Mansion
Weezing - Pokémon Mansion
Jynx - Seafoam Islands
Electabuzz - Power Plant
Magmar - Pokémon Mansion

Trade evolution Pokémon
Alazkazam - Cerulean Cave
Machamp - Victory Road
Golem - Victory Road, Cerulean Cave
Gengar - Pokémon Tower

Other (very rare)
Hitmonlee - Route 7 (even if you chose it before)
Hitmonchan - Route 8 (even if you chose it before)
Eevee - Route 16, Route 17 (because you need more than one if you want all the evolutions)
Omanyte - Seafoam Islands (surfing, even if you chose it before)
Kabuto - Seafoam Islands (surfing, even if you chose it before)
Mew - Pokémon Mansion, Cerulean Cave (basically, wherever you find Ditto :p)

Pokémon - Crystal Version - Special Catch 'em All Edition
Same idea here, but for Crystal Version. A 251 hack. The GS/Celebi event should be enabled because I used the Morfeo hack as a base. I have not played through this one yet. Hoping someone else may as it seems time-consuming.

Generation I
- Bulbasaur = Route 24
- Charmander = Route 7
- Squirtle = Vermillion City (surfing)
- Omanyte = Route 19
- Kabuto = Route 20
- Articuno = Ice Path (rare)
- Zapdos = Route 10 (rare)
- Moltres = Mt. Silver (exterior, rare)
- Mewtwo = Victory Road (rare)
- Mew = Route 25 (rare)

- Vulpix = Routes 8, 36, and 37
- Mankey = Routes 9 and 42
- Primeape = Route 9
- Mareep = Routes 32 and 43 (night-only)
- Flaaffy = Route 43
- Girafarig = Route 43
- Remoraid = Route 44 (surfing)

Chikorita = Ilex Forest
Cyndaquil = Burned Tower
Totodile = Route 34 (surfing)

Evolve When Traded
- Alakazam = Route 8 (night-only)
- Machamp = Mt. Mortar and Mt. Silver
- Golem = Mt. Mortar, Mt. Silver
- Gengar = Route 8 (night-only) and Rock Tunnel (night-only)
- Politoed = Route 44 (night-only)
- Slowking = Slowpoke Well and Tohjo Falls
- Steelix = Mt. Silver (night-only)
- Kingdra = Whirl Islands
- Scizor = Route 15
- Porygon2 = Route 17

Celebi = GS Ball Event

- Added Magmar to Burned Tower like in Gold and Silver. There should be a Fire-type here
- Eevee = Route 35. Not needed, but I forgot it could breed
- Tyrogue = Mt. Mortar (morning-only). Not needed, but I forgot it could breed

So, those are some things I've been working on, off and on, for the past year or so. Thought I'd share and get some feedback. Maybe someone might test what isn't yet tested. And then I might submit them to the actual site.


Newcomer's Board / A Link to the Past, GBA Script Hack
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:40:52 am »

I want to edit the text from the GBA version of ALttP (this doesn't have the same text limitations as the SuperNES version). Somewhat of a retranslation. How would I go about doing this?

I can't get it working with Hyrule Magic (I think that's SuperNES only) and I tried opening it in a hex editor and I just see garbage.


Newcomer's Board / Palette Editing (Switching, not Creation)
« on: April 26, 2011, 01:14:44 am »
I'm trying to edit the palette of the Super Mushroom sprite in "Super Mario All-Stars+World". I don't want to create a new palette, but just use an existing palette from the game (the mushroom platforms in particular). That way, I don't need to edit the palette and accidentally affect anything else that uses it. Just want that one sprite to use a different palette that's already in the game.

At the same time, that sprite has two states and corresponding palettes because it is both the sprite for the Super Mushroom and the 1UP Mushroom (which I don't want to change the colours for).

How can I achieve this?

EDIT: The sprite and palettes in question are from Super Mario Bros. / The Lost Levels. Basically, I want the Super Mushroom to use the palette of the mushroom platform so I can make it have similar colours to its NES counterpart. I'd also probably have to redraw a few parts so the right colour appears in the right area, but that might throw off the alternative 1UP Mushroom palette a big. Ideally, I'd also like to modify the 1UP State to use the same mushroom platform palette but so that it would have green spots instead of read. I've seen tutorials, and that seems doable. But it would have the side effect of changing the palette used by the Pipes as, which I'd like to avoid

Newcomer's Board / Some Questions on SMAS
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:31:09 pm »
I want to develop a hack for Super Mario All-Stars + World. The tools I'm looking at at the moment include Lunar Magic, yy-chr, and TileLayerPro.

The idea is to make a "Special Edition" of the game. Something more in line with what I was expecting from Nintendo for that Wii port last year.

Right now, given my current abilities/knowledge, I think all I would be able to do is implement some graphical revisions. Stuff like graphical changes from the Game Boy Advance releases or change other graphical aspects that bug me (the whole look and feel of the SMB port for instance, or incorrect palettes on the Koopalings in SMW, or give SMW's Luigi a whole new look).

And hopefully applying fixes like BMF54123's Brick Fix (if possible, I'd like to learn how to do that, rather than just apply his patch directly) and some SMW ones I found at SMWCentral (if they can be applied to the All-Stars version, not sure).

But, beyond that I'd like to:

1) Change some of the music from the SMB/LL ports. I'd like to take the NES mixes of the Overworld and Underworld songs, apply some stereo separation (by ear, I guess, to match how it is in SMAS), and then use SMAS's instruments. So.. the NES arrangement with SNES sound.
2) Possibly some slight textual revisions. Haven't looked too much into Lunar Magic yet, so hopefully I can change SMW's text with that. But for the other games... I've tried opening the ROM with a hex editor, wasn't really seeing much. So, there must be something I've missed.
3) Inspired by a NES SMB hack I found by YY, I'd like to replace the two player option in each game with a "Luigi Game" that allows you to play the one player game as Luigi, and also give Luigi some physics of his own. YY's NES hack added Luigi and his SMB2J physics, plus the character selection on the title screen. I'd like to do something like that. So, in SMB3, Luigi would have his physics from Super Mario Advance 4, and in SMW the physics from SMA2.

I don't know how to do any of those three things though. If anyone can can point me in the right direction, or give some tips or advice, that'd be great. Where should I look? How would I start?

All I've done so far are some sprite mockups. I want to get those out of the way first and implement those changes in succession. And after anything more intensive that may be required (adding music, physics, character select).

Any help would be appreciated.

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