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You might not know it if you haven’t been hanging around the PCEFX forums, but following our translation of the PC-FX's Zeroigar, elmer and I have been hard at work over the past year on simultaneously translating two PC Engine CD ARPGs by Nihon Falcom, The Legend of Xanadu and The Legend of Xanadu II.
Well, there is exciting news: we're essentially finished. All of the hacking, translating, editing and graphical work is done, and it looks great. There is one more big task that remains, however, and that’s making an English dub for the voiced parts (Japanese versions on youtube here and here).

Would you be interested in lending your voice to these fantastic games? Do you know anyone else who might be? Please have a look at our character list page, where you'll find everything you need to audition. There are roughly fifty parts to fill, some large, some small, and we’re going to need a broad cast of actors to pull this off. When we do, though, it’s going to be something really special.


The character list

An introduction to The Legend of Xanadu

Screenshots of the translations

A basic intro for non-gamers, to show to your Great Aunt Formaldehyde to convince her to audition

The dub-scripts are 100% finished, and the audio project files are completely set up with BGM, sound effects, and every clip-position marked. Literally the only thing left to do is copy and paste a few hundred clips after people get them recorded and sent to us.

The initial casting period will end May 19th. Feel free to ask any questions. We hope to hear from you soon!

(Oh, and subtitles are impossible due to hardware resource constraints, by the way. The tentative plan is to also release the scripts in case people don’t want to use the dub.)

Personal Projects / Zeroigar (PC-FX) - Complete English Translation
« on: July 10, 2015, 05:46:37 am »
Zeroigar is a 2D vertical shooting game released in August 1997 for the PC-FX. In addition to its unusual RPG-style level-up system, its most outstanding characteristic is its excellent story told through anime FMV cutscenes.

The cover:

My partner elmer and I (with thanks to Esperknight) have fully subtitled all of the FMVs with hardsubs that work on real hardware, and there is zero quality lost in the image. This was possible for several reasons. The original video had 16 pixel tall black borders at the top and bottom. We essentially cropped off the top border, doubled the bottom border, and stuck the subtitles down there. Because the PC-FX's playback chip is JPEG based and can essentially display two JPEGs at once, and because there was enough bandwidth, we simply appended the subs to the original video as a separate video that plays at the same time. It looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.


Also, there are many in-game dialogues that are voiced with text. These text segments have all been converted to English, with the text color changed to yellow and timings carefully adjusted to make them easily readable.


The "level-up" screen that appears after you die or complete a stage, which contains vital information and gets in the way of non-Japanese speakers understanding the game more than anything else, is also fully translated.


Certain Japanese kanji do remain, such as in the title. We left these because we thought they were beautiful, and because the game itself is so Japanese that it's best for it to retain that aesthetic.

The title screen menus and other secondary menus have been translated.


...and there are other things in English that I'll let you find yourself.

The translation is essentially finished. We are currently working on a recreation of the manual in English, and a handful of friends are playtesting the game for us. We hope to release this on August 8th, the game's original release day. Being a week before the 70th anniversary of WWII's end is also highly appropriate as well. Can you see the bombed out ruins of Tokyo in that screenshot above?

This is a very special game, and I love it to death. We hope you'll all enjoy it when it's released!

My partner and I are about to release a translation of Zeroigar on the PC-FX. I'll start a project thread about it soon, but I have a specific question first.

It appears that everyone is using xdelta or PPF for CD releases, but this is not easy for us. We have hardsubbed all of the FMV, and the changes to the ISO data structure are so extensive that an xdelta patch exceeds 130 megabytes.

On the other hand, believe it or not, the all-original insertion program we've got going, which essentially applies hardsubs to the FMVs itself (it's complicated), and all the script files and everything compress down to about 2 megabytes. Needless to say, this size is vastly preferable for distribution.

However, it doesn't look like people ever really release executables for their translations. I can understand that users wouldn't want to be downloading and running programs willy-nilly, but are executables something the community actually discourages? Is it because of operating system incompatibility? We were thinking about releasing an optional xdelta patch for non-Windows users.

What do you think?

Both the hacking and the translating are finished, by the way. While a few play-testers look over the game, we're making the readme.  This project is essentially done. 8)

I'm working on a translation of a CD game (Princess Crown), and due to the game storing the same line more than once on the disc (I think), the script dump has lots of duplicate lines. Until I realized how bad it was, I was just translating in wordpad, but now I can see that if I continue on like this, I'll have to spend enormous amounts of time copying and pasting stuff around. There should be a program that can take care of this for me.

There are a thousand search-and-replace tools out there, free and otherwise, but does anyone know of one that would be specifically good for translation and editing in this kind of circumstance? The dump is broken into several dozen files, and there is repetition across those files, so it would have to be able to deal with that.

I'm looking to be able to take a single Japanese line, write it in English, then change all instances of that Japanese line into the English line I wrote. Ideally, I'd be able to later edit a single instance of that English line and similarly replace all the lines again. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for reading, and for any help!

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