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It's from the same publisher like Pier Solar, but from a different programmer (should be easy to figure out who's behind this ;) )
I simply gonna leave this link here for you:

I was just thinking about this. Is the Battle Garegga demo on the Soukyugurentai rerelease on Saturn possibly the full game forced to stop after the first level? If yes, would it be possible to "unlock" the full game with some hacking or maybe even only a cheat-cartridge code?
Prices of Battle Garegga currently go around 130-150 Euro, so this would literally be worth looking into...

I plan on writing a article for hg101 about this unknown but awesome tactic game for Super Famicom to make it a little more well known. I almost played it to the end but I lack the advanced japanese skills to understand the story well.

The introduction story should be enough to write about the game since I don't wanna spoil the story anyway. A literal or full translation is not nessesary, a roundup would also do the job.

Any help would be greatly apprechiated!


Gaming Discussion / Arcana / Card Master (SNES) differences?
« on: August 19, 2013, 04:14:05 pm »
I've already tried my luck here and here, but I guess I'll have the biggest chance for the real facts in the romhacking community. So here's my problem:

I am not sure if I should get the japanese or english version of the game. And clear information are hard to find in the net, so after a lot of search I am at some point where I simply want to find out the truth and gonna ask for help on it.

I heard from right now untrackable places (forums and blogs, I think in connection with some reviews on the game) that the story of Arcana got simplified and some features of the fighting system were scrapped. I would like to have a confirmation on that...

Is somebody here who could tell me the facts straight or who played the game and could compare a little via this japanese playthrough?

Any help is really apprechiated.

I know, the quality is shit, but nope, I can't give you a better Version :(
I try to figure out a Satellaview schedule and this is the last broadcast which needs to be identified in this one.

I am playing this game (SFC Version, Aeon Genesis translation) with a flashcard (sd2snes) on real hardware (better listing all this stuff, maybe its important...) at them moment and I really enjoy it!

Anyway, I have issues with saving. Everytime I exit the game with the menu, it tells me that the progress will be saved for the next startup. Anyway, when I get to the file select screen, there will only be the option to start a new journey and restarting the console won't help either. The FAQ on gamefaqs indicates that the saving system works special but doesnt really explain it really well.

Can somebody explain how to save my progress?

Also, I am wondering if the music is the same like in Taloons game or is it only the sound engine? The music style is very similar to Dragon Quest and the soundeffects should be almost the same...

For bugs of the hack itself... all the text looks very beautiful, but after the "Eat" option you can still see the る of 食べる ^^"

ROM Hacking Discussion / CT titlescreen palette swap
« on: March 03, 2013, 08:17:39 pm »
I am working on a titlescreen replacement and would like to change the palette of the "Chrono" characters.

As you can see, the RO got an own palette and so does the NO, I want them to become the same palette like those first CH characters.

Does anybody know which pointers set the palette of those tiles?

So I am looking for a good anime series which is only about 12-14 Episodes long, esspeacialy newer series I might never have heard of. I dislike stuff which focusses on kawaiiness (Lucky Star being an example) or ecchi (place any half-porn here) or gore stuff (um... Highschool of the Death for example). Everything else is fine, doesnt matter if its a realistic story, action-oriented or fantasy-style just go for it, if you think the series is good!

Every help is greatly apprechiated, please share your anime knowledge with me  :woot!:

Gaming Discussion / Game Tengoku Anime Short
« on: February 25, 2013, 12:16:48 am »
Just felt like sharing it.
kiddo recently uploaded this anime short which came on a VHS in the special edition of the nice and crazy arcade port for Saturn of Game Tengoku.


It has lots of anime cliches and all kind of crazy characters (half naked villain and cute pig with very manly voice for example) and seriously needs to be subbed :)

Have fun while watching it!  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Project N
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:37:26 pm »
Project N is a Super Nintendo game under developement by the same studio which also released Pier Solar for MD.

I guess now that the first engine preview is up on youtube its time to finally spread the news about the project here too.
I always wondered why nobody opened a topic for this  :huh:


More info about Project N:

ROM Hacking Discussion / TerraCraft (Terranigma Editor) in the works
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:04:48 am »
I simply felt like sharing this:

A completely awesome project, I was waiting for something like this for ages! Terranigma has always been my alltime-fav.

Gaming Discussion / Digging in the graves: Super Famicom Wars translation
« on: January 31, 2013, 04:43:40 am »
I would really love to see this game translated, so I am curious.

I googled and found this:

Those screens look like the hacking was already pretty far and well done.
Are there any news on this? Was it passed on to somebody, was it leaked or is something else in the work after all those years?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Chrono Trigger priorities in Temporal Flux
« on: January 12, 2013, 04:14:28 pm »
I got some problems regarding the priorities in Chrono Trigger. Even though the tiles are listed as "true" (aka over the hero) or I create a bridge with 2 possible layers to walk over the hero randomly seems to appear over the sprites (completely or partwise).

I compared to the mapping of original maps and it seems like I am doing everything right. And yes, I know that some tiles can be found double in a mapping tileset, one with true and one with false priority. I always doublechecked carefully if I used the right ones and I did.

Please help me guys, I want to give my maps the last finish and this is really bugging me.

I  have a question regarding a mantra in the English translation. In the first dungeon of Sion there is a chest with the mantra that will increase the strength of a single character. It says MA?AS, ? must be replaced with a letter.

The best that I could get outof it was a "spirit up" targeting all party members. ("Mafas") But I really want the one which increases the power.

Can someone tell me the right matraword?

Newcomer's Board / CT Companion not working on Windows 7?
« on: December 02, 2012, 05:09:39 pm »
I just tried to use the tool but I keep on getting the error "Component comctl32.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered".
Is the tool incompatible to windows 7 or am I doing something wrong?

Can somebody tell me which ingredients are present as puzzle pieces of this game?
I can only identify those:
boiled egg - selfexplaining
chikuba  - the tube alike thing

Which are those:
the purple triangle with black dots (maybe konnyaku?)
the cheese-alike thingies
the bounded green rolls

Just curious, maybe somebody knows.

Does anybody else know this funny Pocky & Rocky Parody? I would really like to play it, but just using the standard moves all through the game feels kind of dumb.

Since there is not much information about this title in the english web, I searched up a movelist on japanese websites (http://blog.goo.ne.jp/aikamisakura/e/e1d21ece77620ecd0bf2e101c1d39e3b).
Can somebody please translate it for the sake of everybody who wants to play this little gem how it's meant to be played?

例・上に撃つ場合 ↑↓↑A(攻撃ボタン)
  右に撃つ場合 →←→A
  左に撃つ場合 ←→←A
  下に撃つ場合 ↓↑↓A












November 26, 2012, 10:49:30 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Problem solved, dont mind the posting above  ;)

...which is probably well known for its Hitler-picture on the cover art: Barbarossa.
Only to write a review about it, because there are not so much information on its gameplay in the net, even though its kind of infamous.

I already figured out the most important mechanics like moving troops, parting them, attacking, ending turns, speeding things a little bit up and such.
But is it for real? The enemy phase is completely in a boring menu. With fights popping up here and then. With loading times so long that it takes up to 15 minutes until your own phase begins again.
I already thought as much, but I cant believe its THAT crappy.

Can somebody please tell me that I am doing something wrong?

Gaming Discussion / Looking for a Oriental Blue walkthrough
« on: March 01, 2012, 11:25:31 am »
I just bough the game and I am pretty surprised that there is no FAQ on english yet.
Is there a video walkthrough or a translatable (with babelfish or google) japanese walkthrough in the wild?

Gaming Discussion / Recomment me some Japan-only GBA games
« on: January 22, 2012, 11:27:32 am »
I am living in Tokyo for a few months and Akihabaras shelves are full of GBA-titles I never heard of before.
Currently I am playing the Stafy-series and I simply love them for their catchy gameplay. Next I will pick up the Magical Starsign-prequel Magical Vacation... Nice stuff to fill my time in the metro.
Boxed GBA titles are all pretty cheap (¥500-2000) and I love them for being so similar to the Super Famicom library. So please, recomment me some must haves and hidden gems, genre doesnt matter. I would really appreachiate it. :beer:

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