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ROM Hacking Discussion / How to set an image as a Mega Drive rom?
« on: January 16, 2021, 04:50:22 pm »
Ok so the idea is I have an image (BMP file 320x224) that I want to set as a Mega Drive BIN file, so that I may use it with the "addintrogen" program here:

It says to edit the "Default_logo.bin" file with any graphic editing software. However there is no tutorial on how to do this (or recommended editor even) and I just want to be able to import my BMP file into the rom and save it for the updated "Default_logo.bin which would then have the image I added, so then I can use that new modified Default_logo.bin as an intro to a Mega Drive rom using the "addintrogen" program.

Does anyone have a guide on how to do this, or alternatively knows a different and/or easier method?

So the prototype of Ninja Gaiden for the Genesis/Mega Drive has unfinished controls. As a result when you walk forward on the game, the character will automatically move down.

This is a hinderance when playing the game as the level layout requires some precise control movement.

I came across a youtube video where someone seemingly fixed the controls for the game, here:

As you can see by the gameplay of the video, the controls of the game are much nicer!

However it seems that the person behind that video does not have the fix for the game.

So would it be possible for it to be re-created? Just a simple IPS patch for fixed controls and such so everything works properly.

So the game Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures has Mega Drive/Genesis versions of Pac-Man and Pac-Jr within the rom/game itself, and can be accessed with password codes.

What I was hoping for was to make 2 separate IPS Patches for this, both instantly loading one of the two games upon loading the ROM/game.

So one IPS patch would effectively remove Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures AND Pac-Jr, so only the original Pac-Man game plays on the rom/game.

The other IPS patch would effectively remove Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures AND Pac-Man, so only the original Pac-Jr game plays on the rom/game.

Is this possible and can I get help for these patches? Thanks!

I have these 3 games working on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, but all 3 games suffer from the same issues.

Issue 1 - The game emulation speed is slow. Running the games in Overclocked Gens R57Shell Mod 150Mhz emulator seems to run the games at a normal speed.

Issue 2 - The games' audio/sound effects do not play. The games are effectively silent.

Issue 3 - You cannot select other options the main menu. You can only select the first option (which is fine in the cases of these games).

I do not think I am allowed to share the roms, but I CAN tell you exactly how I made the roms.

How to make the roms:

Step 1: Download NeMul here:

Step 2: Download the NES roms for Donkey Kong, Mario Bros and Popeye (I know you will be tempted to try out other games, which you can feel free to do so but these are the only games besides Duck Hunt that I could find that ran almost flawlessly without glitches or visual issues).

Step 3: Create a folder, and place the NeMul BIN file into the folder as well as the NES roms.

Step 4: Hold shift and right click on the folder, and choose the option "Open command window here". (If you're a Windows 10 user you will have to follow this guide to add this option back onto your PC: ).

Step 5: Use this code on the command prompt, making sure that the first name is of the NeMul BIN file, the second name is the NES rom file, and the last name be the output filename.

Code: [Select]
copy /b emulator.bin + nesrom.nes convertednesrom.bin
Step 6: You can use a checksum fixer on the output ROM which should now load on Mega Drive emulators.

If anyone is able to make a fix for these issues then we should have 3 classic games running smoothly on the Mega Drive/Genesis!

So RoboCop 3 for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis has a game genie code to give the game a "GameBoy" look.

This is the code:


However, this is the result:

I was hoping maybe there could be some kind of IPS patch which can adjust the color palette, so it looks more like ACTUAL GameBoy colors, like this:

If anyone can adjust the color palette of the effects of this particular code to look more legitimate would be amazing! Thanks for any help.

So the Japanese version of OutRunners has a button cheat code that unlocks extra music tracks in the sound test menu and also unlocks the Virtua Formula car in Arcade Mode.

The button code requires you to enter this at the "Press Start Button" screen:

Left, Right, Left, Right, B, C, A.

Once that code is entered a jingle noise can be heard confirming the code was activated.

What I was wondering was if it would be possible to create an IPS patch for the Japanese ROM so that you do not have to enter this code at all, so that the music and car will already be unlocked automatically when you boot up the ROM without needing to input the button combination at the menu.

If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!

This is a similar problem to the issue with Spider-Man and Venom Separation Anxiety here:

The ROM for Ms Pac-Man works fine on PC emulators. For handheld devices however, the rom doesn't load at all. It stays stuck on a black screen (it doesn't load the red "TENGEN" logo at all or even get to the menu).

I did some research on this and I found out that Ms Pac-Man is notorious for having issues IF you use a 6 button controller, causing the controls in game to be buggy. I figured this wasn't the problem as that wouldn't cause the game to remain on a black screen.

I decided to turn on my brain, and realised that another game was released by TENGEN within a VERY short time of Ms Pac-Man, called Pac-Mania.

Pac-Mania runs and loads and plays fine on the handheld device, but Ms Pac-Man doesn't load at all!

Look how similar they are on the ROM headers:

Ms Pac-Man:

Firm: (C)T-48
Build Date: 1991.MAR
Program Type: GM
S/N: T-48036
V/N: -00


Firm: (C)T-48
Build Date: 1991.JUN
Program Type: GM
S/N: T-48056
V/N: -00

Maybe something could be used from the Pac-Mania rom that could be applied to the Ms Pac-Man rom which fixes Ms Pac-Man to load properly on the handheld device? After all both games seem very similar to each other, only one works and one doesn't.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated, thanks.

So I own a Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Portable, one of these:

I am trying to get the game Spider-Man and Venom Separation Anxiety working on this handheld but there is a problem.

The rom itself boots fine and loads up to the main menu.

However when you select 1 player or 2 player, the game just freezes forcing me to restart my handheld.

This is the screen I cannot get past since it crashes when selecting either option:

I have attempted to fix the issue myself to no avail.

What I've tried:

- Making sure the rom is a .bin file (which this handheld prefers).
- trying out different versions of the game rom.
- fixing the checksums and adjusting the rom headers and switching regions to test all kinds.

The game roms run completely fine on my Fusion emulator on my PC, and doesn't freeze up after selecting 1 player.

I have a feeling this might require something more drastic like modifying the rom somehow so that the emulator built into my handheld can run it smoothly. I am not skilled with any of that though, or have the faintest idea how to do that.

Is there anything else I can do to try and get this game working completely and smoothly on this handheld device?

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