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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Some romhacking questions...
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:37:01 pm »
Hey John, I think that's overkill. :)

I opened up VBA and looked at the GB Palette View option under tools. It gave me a printout of all the colors used onscreen and their hex value. Samus's palette is 7EF7 02F7 0017 080B.

The palette is stored using four bytes each, so if you reverse the hex pairs and search for the sequence (E.g.: F7 7E ** ** F7 02 ** **), you should find it at 0x40002 in the ROM. Change it as you see fit.

Hope that helps!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Some romhacking questions...
« on: June 27, 2016, 03:19:49 pm »
I don't really use BGB, but as long as it shows you the in-game palettes and what hex value is associated with them, you can't ask for more.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Some romhacking questions...
« on: June 26, 2016, 10:29:27 pm »
Regarding Lunar Patch, you choose the "Create Patch" option, then pick the source ROM (the untouched, original version you got). Next, choose the edited ROM (whatever you built your hack into), and finally, give it a name. That's all it is.

As for the color change, I imagine it'd work like anything else. Use your emulator to figure out the palette for Samus, then find that sequence in the GB Rom and make the appropriate edits. Keep in mind, other objects may use that particular palette too, so you'll either have to switch them to a different one or live with the changes. :)
This might be a helpful guide - it's for the NES, but it helped me when I did a GBC hack a few years back:

There's a tie-in to Mega Man II GB in the plotline, so that might have been the reasoning.

Front Page News / Re: ROM Hacks: Pokemon - Crystal (Emu Edition)
« on: June 21, 2016, 01:21:19 pm »
I was probably one of the few kids who went online back then, and there was site after site with doctored screenshots of upcoming Pokemon in the 2nd generation. I believed those pictures and would show them to friends.

Of course with all the Pokemon ROM-hacking nowadays, you could probably easily change those static Pokemon sprites and put whatever simple monochrome pixel-art you want.

...Oh my gosh. I could totally add Pikablu and Yoshi into the games. I could finally correct the lies that EGM told me when I was young. VINDICATION!

That matches the hexcode table of the game itself, so yeah, you've got it!
(Edit: Argh, didn't notice you'd written ツ not ッ. I'm sure you would have figured it out quickly though, haha).

treos: I will confess to muting the audio at certain points while working on it. :)
But I'm glad you enjoyed the game, reeefer!

Once again Raccoon Sam, that's AWESOME! Thank you so much.
I had to alter the tile map to fit it in (the far left corner isn't drawn in the original for some reason), but it's there now. Once I've run through the Japanese names version a couple times, I'll be posting the full update.
(By the way, how's your playthrough going? Pay attention to the Graphic Design section of the credits - you might see a name you recognize, haha).

Zynk Oxhyde: Eh, the way I see it, no one's going to see both title screens at the same time, so it's fine. :)

Hey everyone. Thanks again for the continued feedback and support.

Zynk Oxhyde: Thanks for pointing out the issue with the Rush Coil! Both that and the Weapon Charge artifact are fixed in the current version on the site, along with the other problems you've pointed out.
(Also, I have a rough shape of the Rockman & Forte title screen in the game now, based off Demi's fine work here. Still got a lot of clean up to do, but it's progress)

Synnae: Wow, that's awesome! I hope you enjoyed the game - it took me a little getting use to, but I eventually found my gameplay rhythm with Mega man and quite enjoyed it. The extra beeping that you and Zynk Oxhyde noticed as a stray control character I overwrote when moving the dialogue to another location in the ROM - it'll be fixed in the next (hopefully final) release. Thanks for letting me know!

azoreseuropa: Hey! I apologize, I'm not sure what you added to your quoted post.
Regarding "Exit Unit", unfortunately, I actually dislike the sound of "Exit Parts". :)

I did change it to that in the Japanese names version of the patch, but I prefer to keep the English localized name in the English names version. Thanks for your feedback!

Wow, that's bizarre. I will take care of that when I get back from the hospital today. Thanks for letting me know!

Hey everyone! Thanks again for your continued feedback and support of this translation.

Here's Version 1.1.
It includes all the fixes posted thus far, plus one or two additional ones I found. It also includes a 90% complete "Japanese names" version for Zynk Oxhyde. :)
(The only thing left, I think, is the title screen, which I'll do when my real life workload is gone down a bit)

Also, thanks to whoever added Raccoon Sam into the credits on the site! Much appreciated.

Yay, you found it Zynk Oxhyde! "From a Boss" and "Useless" were two separately listed lines that I couldn't find while playing the game, so I thought they might be unused (I could have sworn I used all the items, but I guess not). I figured if someone found them, they'd let me know I could put them in context correctly. Thanks!

Regarding the mirror bit, it's a spoiler, so...

Mega Man Shadow is like Quint, a future Mega Man that Wily kidnapped and reprogrammed (thus, Mega Man Shadow). Mega Man's story is about how he could fall and become like Mega Man Shadow, if he gives into his need to increase his power. I'm sure you can guess which path the Blue Bomber chooses.

For Bass however, Mega Man Shadow is a mirror of himself and his lust for power - both were modeled after Mega Man by Wily solely to fight and destroy. If Bass were more introspective, this might give him pause. But, you know Bass...

I went ahead and changed it to "Mega Man Shadow is a reflection of you" - I think that conveys the meaning better and more naturally.


Question: I've started creating a Japanese names version of the game (Mega Man -> Rockman, etc). Since you expressed interest, would it be better for the title screen to be changed back to the original Japanese one, or  altered to an English "Rockman & Forte"?

Thanks Truner! Funny you mention Klonoa... it's another one of my half-finished projects. I may start back on it soon - it was a fun little game!

KingMike: Yep, that was Digimon: Anode/Cathode Tamer. The Hong Kong release combined the two prior Japanese ones, kind of like putting Pokemon Red & Blue into one game.

Magma Dragoon: Haha, I actually have two Wonderswan Digimon games in my half-finished projects queue. :)

azoreseuropa: First, I hope you've made it further in the game than the character select. XD
While I think of Mega Man and Bass as different sides of the story (Good versus Anti-Hero), you've got a point. Unfortunately, the way that section is done (to the best of my understanding) is that the background is a solid color, then each tile is layered over it using four hex pairs (tile, palette, X & Y coordinates). There's only so many "drawing" pairs allocated, and I don't see any free space to add in more.

That leaves us a few tiles short of "Select a Character", and quite a few off from what we'd need for "Please Select a Character". I was able to change it to "Pick A Character", which I think conveys the meaning better like you were saying.

(Also, Bass's face here is amazing)

Thanks for the feedback!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Mobages/Other Mobile Gaming
« on: June 09, 2016, 09:45:33 pm »
That confused me too - apparently it's a game portal for mobile phones:

Kallisto: Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the heads up. Rockman Strategy looks pretty neat - I may give it a whirl at some point in the future (assuming someone else doesn't translate it first).

Thanks for accepting the submission, Zynk Oxhyde! And yes, I actually plan on having three patches in the end - English names, Japanese names, and the "Nintendo Censorship" version! (Basically just removing Dr. Light's pipe in his pictures, haha).
I've got a branch started for it already - the main holdup will be making the Rockman & Forte title screen.

Good catch azoreseuropa, thanks! I've fixed it on my end, and it'll be in the next release.

Glad to help John Enigma; looking forward to your feedback.


Totally unrelated to Mega Man, but I made progress on another project (which isn't anywhere near complete enough to deserve a thread yet) and wanted to share my joy. Feel free to read if you want:

Five or six years ago, I tried to translate Pocket King for the GameBoy. All I really knew how to do at the time was edit tiles in TLP and hex edit uncompressed text (if I could find it). I made progress on the game's dialogue, but hit a wall after I couldn't fix the the main menu:

All the tiles were unique - except for one, repeated twice. I couldn't find it in the ROM at all, and eventually gave up in despair.

Fast forward to this afternoon - I was cleaning up some old hard-drives and found the game in a folder of unfinished projects. I hesitantly decided to gave it another go... and thanks to being less of an idiot now, quickly figured out how to change the tile map:

Looking at this creates in me a sense of inner peace that only solving a years-old mystery can give. I've got a lot of clean up work to do before I can even move forward, but now I know it's do-able. Yay!

All I want is the same immigration policies that Mexico has.  I really like the wall that Mexico has on their southern border too.

Would you mind providing a source for Mexico's southern border fence? I've heard that several times, but I can't find any pictures of it. The ones that claim to be the Mexico-Guatemala border wall end up being photos of Israel's West Bank or the Mexico-Arizona fence instead. I'd really appreciate the help - thanks!

Thanks cccmar! I hope you enjoy the game!

azoreseuropa: Yes, Raccoon Sam's graphics skills saved me a lot of time and created a superior patch. I hacked his name into the game credits and will be submitting site credits soon, so they gets the recognition they deserves.

I used pretty standard stuff John Enigma. I did most of the editing in XVI Hex Editor and a custom script editor I built, used Cygnetrc for debugging and memory dumps (Oswan for actually playing though), and Tile Layer Pro for graphic editing and occasional data corruption to find things in the game.
(I would recommend using a tile editor that natively supports Wonder Swan games - I had to keep switching it to GB format every time I opened the game, because I was too lazy to switch. That'll probably change next time, haha).

No problem mz. Hope you enjoy the game as well!

Hey everyone! So, I was off by a couple months, but here's the first release!

Hope everyone who was interested in the game enjoys this.

General Discussion / Re: Do you use deodorant?
« on: May 30, 2016, 12:14:22 am »
A friend of mine swears by Estee Lauder's Pleasures for Men, for reasons unknown to me - it's an overpowering stench (I can always tell when he's been on a date, haha).

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