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I saw that for Lunar SSSC on PSX, there was a patch that adjusted MP Values for Jessica. I was wondering how this was done or what the offsets are for all character skill mp values. I am fairly well versed in HEX but cannot find much related to this game to edit it so I thought I would ask.

I want to adjust mp costs for spells and skills and if I knew the offsets for these that would help.

Any other information regarding offsets for characters stats would be helpful as well as I wanted to start a hack for this game and thought that would be good place to start. Thanks.


Well, it is in that i will not be making any updates to it for now. Alot of people have not been able to apply it on their ISO and so I have come to consider that it doesnt really work.

I made the patch using an ISO I found titled FF Tactics which is a disk image file. The patch works well with it. Unfortunately,  I believe most people can only find an ISO titled Final Fantasy Tactics.bin. The patch does not seem to work with it at all.

Thanks, I appreciate that. That's good to know because I was just about to upload my War of the Lions patch called the Zodiac age but I am no longer confident it will play consistently. It adds all the ff12 characters and a bunch of new abilitelies related to the zodiac. I'm going to hold off on that for now.

Yea I do still have all of the patcher and text files for this one too, plus all the sprites and such. I thought it was just a matter of reinputting the sprites into a new .BIN but shishi came up with a dialog to restructure. I dont know if I should or shouldnt but just looking into that a little, showed a bunch of other steps that I currently can't look into and fiddle with right now. Maybe I can do it soon.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia 013 (Tredecim)
« on: August 19, 2019, 01:07:51 pm »

PSX Final Fantasy Tactics Dissidia 013 (Tredecim)
Version 1.0
Download Patch
This FF Tactics PSX hack was my first undertaking where I wanted to add in as much new stuff as I could manage which turned into adding characters from different
Final Fantasies. The characters included were based on what sprites were available so I really had to look hard into what characters could be added easily
and which could not. Adding characters from other FF's and their unique skills was something I really enjoyed and this became Dissidia 013.

I wanted to make a really cool character based hack that utilized as many of their skills from their own games as possible. As such, this hack is not overly
difficult and may be even easier with some of the character's new abilities. However, I worked really hard to balance the characters to make them all unique
and provide a fun alternative to the main gameplay of FF Tactics. Each character has a new job that reflects their play style in their own individual game, and
I was surprised to see how easily most of the characters fit with the tactics play style. Squall for instance goes form a Cadet, to a SeeD, to a Griever. Lightning,
meanwhile is a Sanctum Knight as her guest, and a Knight of Etro when you gain her in your party.

In addition to the new skills and abilities, new weapons have been added as well. Squall and Lightning have their specific Gunblades, that now replace Knight Swords.
Wakka and Tidus can equip Blitzballs, that attack in a circular pattern. Even Firion has skills that are determined by what weapon he has equipped. There are also
Rapiers and Whips as well, with their own unique traits.

This was my first Hack of FF Tactics and I went really deep into what could be done. I never intended to share it but I decided why not, so let me know what you think. This is for the PSX patch and can be applied with


The main character is now Squall, since his character seemed to fit with Ramza the best. He can only equip Gunblades but he receives several throughout the game.
Squall has a unique ability to disrupt charging enemies with the Trigger skill. Alicia and Radd have been replaced by Celes and Locke respectively. I wanted to
replace Lavian with another character as well but the game does not seem to handle changing all three of the generic sprites. Similar to Squall, most of the main
guest allies you receive are replaced with others from across the Final Fantasy pantheon.

---Ramza > Squall
Squall replaces Ramza as the main character here since I wanted a relatively young character to take Ramza's place. This relates to the replacement
of Gafgarion with Seifer to complete the pairing of FF8 rival characters. Squall can equip Knight Swords which have been changed to Gunblades that
add +1 to attack range plus may Rend a piece of Equipment.

Squall's main ability with the Gunblade are his Trigger attack that allows him to disrupt a Charging enemy and cancel their attack. His Skill set is
Renzokuken that will expand as the story grows, with Lionheart being his final ability that can be learned, taking the place of Ultima. Squall's three
jobs are now Cadet, SeeD, and Griever. Each allows for a new tier of Renzokuken abilities in addition to his Trigger Ability. In addition to this,
he now has the inherent special ability JP Boost.

-Renzokuken (Complete)
Rough Divide
Fated Circle
Blasting Zone

Skills - Trigger cancels Charging and Defending for 5MP. Rough Divide has 3Range and 2 CT for 3MP and causes Darkness. Fated Circle is a 3Range area effect around
Squall with 2CT for 8MP. Blasting Zone is a 5Range linear attack with 3CT for 15MP. Lionheart has a 3Range, 1Area for 3CT for 20MP that causes Silence.

Seifer replaces Gafgarion as the Fell Knight job class. Seifer equips Gunblades but his starting weapon is the Hyperion Gunblade which can be stolen to be
used by Squall. The Fell Knight job utilizes Fire Cross that has skills related to fire and give slight variation to Gafgarions initially sparse moveset.

-Fire Cross
No Mercy

Skills -

---Agrias > Lightning
Lightning now replaces Agrias as the main magical swordsman. Her first Job is the Sanctum Knight and the second is the Etro Knight for the second half
of the story. She also is able to equip Gunblades, with her standard Gunblade being the Blazefire Saber and her upgraded weapon being the Blazefire Saber 2.0.

Her Job allows for her to inherently Absorb MP and makes her immune to Lightning attacks as well. Her skillset is called Paradigm Shift and allows for
Thunder abilities and a summon, as well as her special ability Army of One.

-Paradigm Shift
Thundara Strike
Arsenal of One
Army of One

---Orran > Wakka
Wakka replaces Orran and is one of the starting units along with Lulu. He can equip Blitzballs only which take the place of Bags. The Blitzballs attack
in the same way as Instruments though. Wakka's initial ball is the Official Ball.

Wakka's Job is Team Captain that has an inerent HP Boost. His Skillset is called Slots that deal various forms of Status effects and delays to the entire
field minus your own units.

Silence Buster
Dark Buster
Delay Buster
Magic Reels
Attack Reels
Status Reels

---Mustadio > Tidus
Tidus is very similar to Wakka in that he can use Blitzballs as his main weapon but he but he can also equip regular swords similar to his character in FFX.
Overdrive emphasizes speed and support with Haste and Cheer. Quick Hit and Jecht Shot are used to affect the CT of other units. Tidus also absorbs Water as
the Striker Job Class.

Quick Hit
Jecht Shot
Spiral Cut
Energy Rain
Blitz Ace

---Beowulf > Auron

Armor Break
Power Break
Shooting Star
Dragon Fang
Banishing Blade

Valmafra > Lulu
Black Witch

-Witch Magicks

---Orlandeau > Hero of Light
Hero of Light

-Master Blade
Speed Break
Mental Break
Magic Break
Aura of Light
Shield of Light
Day Flash

---Reis > Cecil
Cecil replaces Reis as the Dark Knight initially, which replaces the Holy Dragon unit. Getting Cecil to complete the Reis sidequest changes Cecil into the Paladin,
which replaces the Dragonkin unit. As the Dark Knight Class, Cecil uses his Darkside techniques that are similar to the generic Dark Knight attacks only boosted.
After Cecil becomes a Paladin, the Darkside skill changes to Chivalry that are used to buff and heal allies.

Recover Ally
Augment Ally
Encourage Ally
Sacred Cross

Dark Knight
Soul Eater
Dark Cannon
Abyssal Blade

--Alicia > Celes
Rune Knight
Blizzard Blade
Spinning Edge

--Radd > Locke
-Thief Skills
Mirage Dive

---Rapha > Terra
Terra replaces Rapha as the Esperkin, which is a versatile magic based unit, with both Non-Charge and Arcane Strength inherent. Like Celes, her main weapon is the
Rapier, which has replaced the Flail. She can also equip the Rod as well. Her Trance Skills Mimic, Celes's as well, with Fire and Fira Edge being her elemental attacks.
Silenstrike and Riot Blade are her high tier attacks and her summon is Maduin which replaces Cyclops.

Esperkin/High Summoner
Fira Edge
Riot Blade

---Marach > Zidane
Zidane replaces Marach and is one of the faster characters. He has inherent Dual Wield for his Knife equips. Zidane is also immune to Disable.
The Tantalus Thief utilizes his Dyne Skills in a similar way to Marach's original Nether attacks. However, most of them offer an enhancement
or elemental affinity.

Tantalus Thief
Free Energy
Tidal Flame
Scoop Art
Shift Break
Meo Twister
Grand Lethal

---Meliadoul > Firion
Firion in the most versatile character that replaces Meliadoul. He can equip most of the main weapons except for the Rod, Staff, Pole. Firion is
also unique in that his skills as the Rebel Martyr are dependant on which weapon is equipped. Rope Knife is only usable with a Knife equipped, as well as the
Axe, Lance and Arrow skills. The Wild Rose skillset also has the summon Silf and his ulitimate move the Lord of Arms.

Firion is also immune to Charm, Sleep and Darkness.

Rebel Martyr
-Wild Rose
Wind Thrust
Rope Knife
Reel Axe
Lance Rush
Straight Arrow
Lord of Arms

The Job system has been completely revamped, with almost every job getting some kind of change unique to Dissidia 013.

Job Requirements have been changed to distinguish physical or magical jobs even more than the Vanilla. Base Jobs are the
Fighter, Chemist and Adventurer. Fighter classes follow a physcial job path, while the Chemist follows the magical. Adventurer
is similar to the Thief job and is necessary to get up to the Fusilier and Ninja classes.

Primary Physical jobs will require a Primary Magic job to gain access to the Hybrid Jobs. An Example of this is that the Knight will require
the Black Mage job at LVl 2 to become the Mystic Knight. Similarly, the Primary Job combinations will yield Elementalist
and Samurai Jobs.

The Dragoon and Blue Mage classes will be unlocked by getting to level two with all of either the
Physical Primary Jobs or the Magical Primary Jobs. These are considered the Secondary Jobs. TO get to the Elite Magical jobs, one needs to get to Lvl 2 with all Primary Magic classes and also level 3 with a specific mage class. For example Lvl 3 Black Mage will acquire the Summoner class, Lvl 3 Red Mage will acquire the Oracle Class and Lvl 3 Green Mage will yield the Sorceress class.

Base Jobs
-Fighter - Unlocks> Knight, Hunter and Monk at Lvl 2.
-Chemist - Unlocks> Red, Black and Green Mage at Lvl 2.

Primary Jobs (Physical)

Secondary Jobs (Physical)
Dragoon = Knight Lvl 2, Hunter Lvl 2, Monk Lvl 2
Fusilier = Knight Lvl 2 + Hunter Lvl 2 + Monk Lvl 2 + Adventurer Lvl 3

Elite Jobs (Hybrid)
Mystic Knight = Knight Lvl 2 + Black Mage Lvl 2
Elementalist = Monk Lvl 2 + Green Mage Lvl 2
Samurai = Hunter Lvl 2 + Red Mage Lvl 2

Primary Jobs (Magical)
-Red Mage
-Black Mage
-Green Mage

Secondary Jobs (Magical)
Blue Mage = Red Mage Lvl 2 + Black Mage Lvl 2 + Green Mage at Lvl 2.
Ninja = Red Mage Lvl 2 + Black Mage Lvl 2 + Green Mage Lvl 2 + Adventurer Lvl 3

Elite Jobs (Magical)
Summoner = Red Mage Lvl 2, Black Mage Lvl 3, Green Mage Lvl 2
Oracle = Red Mage Lvl 3, Black Mage Lvl 2, Green Mage Lvl 2
Sorceress = Red Mage Lvl 2, Black Mage Lvl 2, Green Mage Lvl 3

Download Patch

Download Log File

August 22, 2019, 01:45:54 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Alot of people on another forum were having difficulty applying this patch and I was trying to figure out why. After some research I have come to the decision that this patch is dead in the water. I apologize if anyone tried it and cannot get it to work but it really does work on ePSXe if nothing else. After some research in Hacktics, it seems that it could even be the ISO that I used is not exactly what most people find on the internet. It is a disc image file and the new one I found is a .BIN. I am not even sure where I got it from since it was so long ago. The file I originally used was titled FF Tactics and the new one I found was named Final Fantasy Tactics.bin.

I was going to attempt to reinsert the sprites into the new .bin and it came up that it needed restructuring. This did not come up before so I figured that could be relevant to the issue. After looking on Hacktics it just seemed like way to much to redo since it now said that I have to first restructure, then hex edit the ISO to increase the byte size, then compare the two ISO's with  PPF Studio and it just all seemed like too much, on top of me reinserting the unit.bin and faces.bin sprites as well.

I don't have the time to completely remake the hack so this was the best I could do. Again, sorry about the issues, I did not realize it would be so difficult to actually get the patch going for other people. If I need to delete this thread let me know.

Newcomer's Board / Getting Hack onto the search database for Romhacking
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:15:38 pm »

I am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I really enjoy the Romhacking community and have found some great things on the site that I have tried for new experiences with old games.

I have uploaded a Hack of Final Fantasy 8 in the forum called Internation GF Job System and wanted to see how I could get the patch onto the Searchable database for Romhacking. There are very few hacks of FF8 and I wanted to be able to search for FF8 hacks on the site and see my hack there. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for this?


Hey so I used ppf studio to make the patch. You can apply the patch with ppf-omatic.

I really like the idea of having the game on the phone so I use the epsxe emulator with a ff 8 rom (Final Fantasy VIII [NTSC-U] [Disc1through4]). The rom I tested with was a .bin but the .img works too.

If you need more info the changes file is pretty extensive but if you have any questions about it I will be happy to answer. Check it out and let me know what you think.


International GF Job System

The Final Fantasy 8 International GF Job System is a hack of FF8 that overhauls the GF system, namely abilities, commands and junctions, as well as changing or slightly altering other gameplay elements to make for a new and varied experience. There are very few hacks for the PSX FF8 and I wanted to try and remedy that. This hack is specifically set up for those that want to play FF8 on the go through phone emulators and such.

The game is slightly more challenging as junctions have been significantly altered/reduced but this is not a difficulty hack. The hack is simply meant to streamline alot of the minor nitpicks that I have always had with the game. Things like which Junctions are attached to GF's, unused or broken abilities/mechanics, overly generous stat boosts from both abilities and magic, as well as limits that break the game are a few things that have been changed among many others.

Most of these changes come from my experiences playing the game but alot of them also come from various forums and sources on the internet that had improvements that could really help with the flow of the game. Sega Chief was also a great resource for improvements after the FF7 New Threat was finished and people were
speculating what an FF8 mod would entail.

This patch is used with the Final Fantasy VIII [NTSC-U] rom. The patch was created with the .bin but will work with a .img rom as well.
Included in the download is all 4 discs, use PPF Studio to apply the patch and enjoy.

Notable Changes
I really like FF8 but always had some issues with it, even unrelated to the Draw system. The draw system
was never as bad as some people think even if I never liked it back in the day, but there are alot of
things that could be changed to make the game more fun and interesting. Below are a few of the most notable

Character Stats- Character Stats have been changed to reflect a character role and make them more you unique.
This is gone into much greater detail below.

GF's - The main focus of the hack, the GF's have been almost completely overhauled to better reflect a typical
FF Job so equipping them would be similar to choosing a class in other FF's. The GF's now specialize in certain
stat junctions and skills to complement a role. This is why the hack is named as such since it takes alot of
cues from the original Japanese version of the Zodiac Age (International Zodiac Job System).
Much more info below.

Abilities - The AP required for skills have been changed and some unique commands have replaced older ones.
% boost abilities like STR +60% was overkill and have been altered to only go up to 30% for most stats
and I believe up to 40% for HP.

Junctions - The second complete overhaul. Junctions have been reallocated with their boosts and almost all have
been changed in some way. Ultima is no longer the strongest magic junction across all stats, as it is mainly
focused toward the Magical stats. Apocalypse is obtainable at several points in the game and is the strongest
magic for STR. Even with this, the highest junction only goes up to 75 for Mag and Str instead of 100 and HP
will not easily hit 9999 without additional % boost abilities.
Much more info below.

Magic - These have been changed greatly as well. Pain now inflicts damage and Meltdown has been significantly
reduced. Meteor is not overly viable to spam on an Angel Winged Rinoa either as it doesn't do nearly as much
damage as the main game, but would still do adequate damage. There are various other changes to and alterations
to magic that are highlighted below.

Limits-Limits have been reduced in damage output and/or been given boosts or qualities that make them less
redundant. Because of the changes in junctions (especially STR), Limits will not be able to one shot enemies.
Overuse of limits is not encouraged or discouraged since it is a viable way to do damage especially with
the new Aura Command. Alot of people seem to want to "limit" the use of Limits but since the damage output in
general is somewhat reduced, it would not necessitate limiting players of the characters most unique skills.

Enemies - Have not been significantly changed but the biggest is that flying enemies now have high Eva
and therefore cannot reliably be hit by all characters. Squall and Irvine have the highest Hit % followed
by Rinoa so they will be the main physical attacker for flying types for the majority of the game. Other
enemy changes are below.

------------CHARACTER Adjustments
Character Stats have been changed to reflect a character role and make them
more you unique. All characters have a stat that they excell in more noticeably
(except for Quistis who is the All Rounder) and can be tailored to suit their role
better. Hit % has been changed drastically with Irvine now having the
highest Hit outside of Squall with the lowest Hit belonging to Zell. This is to take into
account the gameplay element of Flying enemies now having higher Eva and cannot
be hit by the likes of Zell easily, to make it more like FFX and XII.

-Squall is the best physical attacker but has trouble taking damage.
-Zell is fast and can take physical attacks but has poor magic across the board.
-Irvine has the highest HP and Luck  but is fairly poor outside of high Hit.
-Quistis excells at nothing but she is not terrible either. She is supposed to
be geared more toward her Blue Magic which have been given minor alterations.
-Selphie is the fastest and has high Magic but is poor with physical attacks in general.
Her weapons now use Mag instead of Str to calculate damage. Her best weapon no longer
has perfect accuracy though.
-Rinoa has now been geared more toward Magic (she had the highest Str in the main game)
and also has better Hit percentages than most others.

  Irvine ---Highest | Lowest-- Rinoa
  Squall ---Highest | Lowest-- Selphie
  Zell -----Highest | Lowest-- Selphie
  Rinoa ----Highest | Lowest-- Zell
  Selphie --Highest | Lowest-- Zell
  Selphie --Highest | Lowest-- Irvine
  Irvine ---Highest | Lowest-- Squall

-----------GF CHANGES
The GF's have been almost completely overhauled to better reflect a typical FF Job so equipping
them would be similar to choosing a class in other FF's. The GF's now specialize in certain
stat junctions and skills to complement a role.

For instance, Ifrit is the Warrior and starts with Str and Vit (instead of HP). His Mad Rush
skill has also been changed to Bravery (more on that below), to better enhance that role of
Warrior as well as not completely inhibit the party.
Similarly, Shiva is now the Monk and emphasizes defense and speed. She also no longer carries
Doom but now has the Aura command that grants Aura on self (Shiva's character only).

More GF's carry new junctions and certain combinations will allow for all characters to
access all junctions without the need for items. Items that grant Junctions are solely for
customization and are not required to get all junctions on all characters. An example would be, only
Ifrit has the STR-J early on but his defeat at the Fire Cave yields a STR-J scroll to use
how you see fit. Other GF's yield certain junction scrolls as well. For quick reference of
the GF Job System changes, consult the following table:

Quetzequatl - Wizard                - (HP-J | MAG-J | SPR-J)
Shiva - Monk                            - (VIT-J | SPR-J | SPD-J)
Ifrit - Warrior                            - (STR-J | VIT-J)
Siren - Oracle                           - (MAG-J | SPR-J | EVA-J)
Brothers - Knight                      - (HP-J | STR-J | VIT-J | HIT-J)
Diablos - Thief (Time Mage)       - (HP-J | MAG-J | SPD-J | HIT-J)
Carbuncle - Summoner              - (VIT-J | MAG-J | SPD-J | LUCK-J )
Leviathan - Geomancer              - (STR-J | VIT-J | MAG-J | SPR-J)
Pandemona - Mystic Knight        - (STR-J | EVA-J | HIT-J | LUCK-J)
Cerberus - Dark Knight              - (STR-J | SPD-J | HIT-J | LUCK-J)
Alexander - Priest                      - (HP-J | STR-J | MAG-J | SPR-J)
Doomtrain - Bard (Green Mage)  - (MAG-J | SPR-J | SPD-J | EVA-J | LUCK-J)
Bahamut - Dragoon                   - (HP-J | STR-J | MAG-J | SPR-J | EVA-J)
Cactuar - Devout (White Mage)   - (SPD-J | EVA-J | HIT-J | LUCK-J)
Tonberry - Magus (Black Mage)   - (HP-J | STR-J | HIT-J | LUCK-J)
Eden - Sage (Red Mage)             - (VIT-J | SPD-J | EVA-J | HIT-J | LUCK-J)

Tier 1 - Wizard | Monk | Warrior | Oracle | Priest
Tier 2 - Summoner | Thief | Knight | Dark Knight |  Geomancer
Tier 3 - Magus | Mystic Knight | Dragoon | Devout | Bard | Sage

Tiers 1 and 2 have more common Junctions + SPD and EVA is more prevalent now.
Tier 3 GF's now have more spread out junctions for HIT and LUCK as well. All Tier 3 GF's now
have Abilityx4.

Certain GF's unlock Elem Attack only after with Elem Def is learned. Same with Status Def.
In addition to this, certain abilities only unlock after GF is leveled up to 5, 10, 15, 20,
25, 30, 35, with higher Tier GF's unlocking skills at the higher levels.

The new GF's are not limited to their Junctions either, the roles they have are also based
on the commands they use both from the normal game and new ones.

------------NEW COMMANDS
Doom >> Aura
Never used Doom so created the Aura command. Aura command casts Aura on self but also Slow.
Shiva makes use of this as the Monk Class. Limits are a pretty viable means of damage now
since Str has been reduced and Slow makes this command not overpowered.

Mad Rush >> Bravery
Mad Rush has been changed to Bravery which casts Haste and Berserk on self.
Ifrit makes use of this command as the Warrior Class. Eden also gets this command.

LVDown >> Shield
Shield replaces LvDown which allows the free casting of Protect on one ally.
Doomtrain receives this command as the Green Mage. Tonberry the Magus also gets it.

LVUp >> Wall
Wall replaces LvUp which allows the free casting of Shell on one ally.
Leviathan the Geomancer receives Wall. Tonberry the Magus also gets it.

Kamikaze >> Infuse
Infuse replaces Kamikaze since killing an ally for damage seems like such a cheap move.
Infuse still removes ally but instead of damage, grants Shell, Protect, Haste and Regen on
remaining allies. I thought of adding invincible instead of the two barriers but it seemed
like a bit much.

Devour >> Faith
Devour has been removed and changed to Faith which is the magical version of Bravery.
It is similar to Angel Wing in that the character casts random magic for free but Haste
is also added. Eden obtains the Faith command.

----------Junction Changes
Junctions have been reallocated with their boosts and almost all have been changed in some way.
Ultima is no longer the strongest magic junction across all stats, as it is mainly focused toward
the Magical stats. Apocalypse is now obtainable at several points in the game and is the strongest
magic for STR. Str and Mag junctions are reduced overall but some are now stronger than they were
in the main game. This was to create balance and not make the timed stuff at the beginning of the
game overly difficult. Over the course of the game Magic will scale gradually and only offer slight
variations, meaning the STR and MAG will not increase drastically once Ultima (or Apocalypse) is obtained.

With this in mind, the highest junction only goes up to 75 for Mag and Str instead of 100 and HP
will not easily hit 9999 without additional % boost abilities.

Magic in general has been altered with Pain and Meltdown doing around mid tier damage now. Meteor damage
has been reduced and does earth elemental damage. Cure and Float now have an element to be junction to and
Scan is a viable option early game since it has not much use anyway.

There are others that may simply need to be discovered (in that I don't remember all of them).

Weapons have been changed to better suit a type of role. The biggest changes are that Hit for
all characters have been changed with Squall, Irvine and Rinoa now having the highest.
Selphie's weapons now all factor in Mag to the damage calculation and her best weapon no
longer has perfect acc.

The STR Bonus of all weapons have been reduced except for the Ultimate Weapons.
Revolver and Shear Trigger unlock Rough Divide
Cutting Trigger and Flame Saber unlock Fated Circle
Twin Lance and Punishment unlock Blasting Zone
Lionhear unlocks Lionheart

Edea's attack is also Magical as opposed to physical now.

Flying Enemies: Now have the highest Eva and cannot be hit physically by anyone, save for Squall or
Irvine, without some kind of Junction Boost. By end game even Zell should be able to
handle flying foes but early on only Squall and Irvine have the Hit necessary to land
a regular attack. This was done to create a sense of purpose and differentiate the weapons
a bit more like in FFX where Wakka specialized in flying foes for the first half of the

Large Enemies: Armored enemies and larger foes have had their Vit increased and should be
dealt with through magic if possible.

Smaller enemies: Small enemies have high Spr and Mag and physical attacks should be used
against them.

Serpentine enemies are much faster now and will attack accordingly. Various other enemies have
had their stats tweaked as well as offer slightly altered items upon defeat.

International GF Job System

Full Change Log File

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