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Reasons why we need a PCE Parasol Stars Level Editor.
1. PC Engine Mini is Releasing in March 19, 2020
2. PCE Parasol Stars is on Recommended Games List

We need Level Editors of PCE Parasol Stars Programmed.

Optional: Maybe Program a NES Parasol Stars Level Editor as well mainly for Noobs who don’t know how to use a PCE Emulator (Due to there be no Good Casual Style PCE Emulator outside of Mednafen)

[Deleted post]

First off it needs to use arsenal_51’s Good Ending Bug Fix patch as base because World 8 & The Ending are broken in the European Version.

I feel like this game needs more people trying to hack it, because I’ve played the game so many times, that I almost feel like it’s becoming repetitive, and I need a fresh experience with it, as is generally the purpose of ROM hacks. I want someone to make a level editor for the game, and a ROM hack WILL be made, even if I have to do it myself. We need a full level hack of SMS Rainbow Islands!

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