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Spawn (SNES) hacks:
*Easy moves (did you know that some of Spawn's moves in the game are very complicated?)
*Spawn's moves cost less Necroplasm
*Comic-accurate sprite colors
*New villains based on later issues
*An MSU-1 hack featuring the cartoon opening and the movie soundtrack
*(Optional) Spawn's sprite based on the movie Spawn

Spawn (GBC) Hacks:
*Final level playable in Easy Mode

The Immortal (NES/Genesis) hacks:

NES version:
*Lower the difficulty in battle, so overworld enemies damages you one life point.
*Restore the fatalities in the battle screen.
*Remove some of the traps in the whole game.
*Also, because of the game's punishing nature of making the player "Dunric" die a lot, similar to Dark Souls, how about turning it into a Dark Souls prequel game set between DS1 and DS2 but on the 8-bit NES hardware?

Genesis version:
*Add the battle theme from the NES version. The Genesis version (or the MS-DOS version) never had any music in battles.

A hack of Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (SNES) that uses the SNES mouse for the cursor movement and the buttons for selecting characters on the field and zooming the map - as well as onscreen icons for menus, such as panning the map, zooming the camera and unit lists.
Additionally, restore the removed text on the intro in the US version (it was on the Japanese version), since it was English on the PS1 version.

Hydlide (NES) Hacks:
*SRAM Saving
*Zelda-style (faster) transitions
*Remove the annoying Indiana Jones theme rip off and replace it with the song from the PC remake

Gungage (PS1) Hack ideas:
*Add analog support in the PAL version
*All four playable characters unlocked from the start

Restore the Japanese soundtrack of Gran Turismo 1 and 2 to the US AND European versions. The licenced soundtrack choice in the western versions is okay but I like the Japanese soundtrack better. This worked for the Need for Speed (and Forza Horizon) games but I wonder why Polyphony Digital did it for Gran Turismo.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Underrated Games
« on: August 23, 2019, 05:33:50 am »
*The Twisted Metal Franchise (1995-2009)
The games are car combat games, about the Twisted Metal Tournament.
The first game is the one that started the franchise, but the second game is where the franchise started to get more violent. The third game continues the story from the second game and added new vehicles. The fourth game however changed the story from a tournament to a wandering circus battlefield. Small Brawl is a Twisted Metal game made for children while TM Black is a darker take on the series and adds online play as well (and Sweet Tooth as a Transformer). Head-On is the PSP iteration and features some of the series levels - and the PS2 version added more battlefields as well (including the Transylvania level).

*Rogue Trip Vacation 2012 (PS1)
Another car combat game by the former Twisted Metal developers. Despite the similarities from Twisted Metal, it is more original, and the game even predicted the supposed 2012 apocalypse.

*Assault Retribution (PS1)
A Contra clone released in 1999 by Midway.
Unlike the Contra games released on PS1 before it, it is more of a Contra game than those games.
and has more power ups and weapons too - and even an abundant supply of health and 1ups in some stages.

*Omega Boost (PS1)
A shooter made by the Gran Turismo people, the game lets you play as the titular Omega Boost robot and time travel back to 1946 to stop ENIAC (really?). Its a good shooter with dodging, lasers and a good soundtrack - in fact, in a similar way to Gran Turismo, every regional release of the game has specific songs on the intro, title screen, the final boss, and the ending movie. I remember this game very well.

Mischief Makers (N64) Hacks:
*Restore the Japanese opening theme Troublemaker
*Restore the dialog boxes in the first stage
Both were removed in the US/EU releases for no reason.

Assault Retribution PS1 Hacks:
*Autoaim without pressing the R1/R2 shoulder buttons
*Keep the powerups after continuing the game from death

A hack of Grudge Warriors (PS1) featuring Vigilante 8 or Twisted Metal vehicles.

Personal Projects / Re: Princess Crown (Saturn) English Translation
« on: August 14, 2019, 06:23:15 am »
I hope this translation gets finished in time, also I hope the PSP version gets translated too. I can't wait for it to come out. I have played the other Vanillaware games but not this one, although I played a bit of the PSP version though.

A hack of Twisted Metal Black for PS2 to include (and connect) the four levels of the supposed sequel Twisted Metal Black Harbor City, found in Twisted Metal Head-On - Extra Twisted Edition for PS2. The levels were used to be from the game in development, but due to several six development members died in an plane crash (not sure if this happened), the levels were included in the PS2 port of the PSP game. Too bad this game could've been made instead of the PS3 reboot from 2012 (at least some mechanics were in the reboot).
Also, a hack of Rogue Trip Vacation 2012 (PS1) to include Twisted Metal vehicles and a fix for the gas button not working in analog mode.

They came out before the PS1 was released??
I meant to say that SingleTrac (the developers) did not implement any memory card saving in the first three games, because at the time of the first game's development they didn't opted to use memory cards despite the memory card already came out at the time (same with WarHawk), and most people didn't have any PS1 memory card either, so they opted to use passwords. SingleTrac's later game Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 has memory card saving.

Hey guys, Anais/Laris here and I have two hack ideas regarding the first Twisted Metal and a crossover hack with Vigilante 8 in Twisted Metal 4.
When was playing Twisted Metal 1 recently, and I realised, that the lost endings (the cutscenes) that were removed from the original game and replaced with text scroll, but they were in Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition for PS2, should be restored. Also include Memory card saving in the first 3 games, since the games has passwords (it came out before the PS1 memory card, and also TM4 has memory card saving.)
Also what if the Vigilantes, the Coyotes and Groove Champion got into the Twisted Metal tournament? That's what the crossover hack is about - playable Vigilante 8 and Interstate 76/82 vehicles as well (Twisted Metal 4 only, since that game out after the original Vigilante 8 game).

Finally the Majin Tensei has been translated, great work to the people.
By the way, there is a alternate 1.1 revision of the game, will there be a patch for that also?

Nice, can't wait for the translation to come out. I played the original back in the day. I hope there will be progress soon.

Why is the hero leader named Leif? When I first played this game (before the translation patch was named) his name is Leaf.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: May 08, 2019, 09:53:43 am »
Yo Romhackers and Hackerettes!
My name is Anais but call me Laris. a 39 year old who wants to learn to hack.
I'm a newbie who doesnt know about romhacking, but I am going to learn them.
As anyone might suggest Laris Borromeo is actually a nickname. I wanted to translated all those obscure Japanese PS1 games because of the Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd, I recently watched his videos about those games and think "what if I get these games translated", that's is my duty to do those. I hope my future in Romhacking becomes bright and become popular someday. Thank you.

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