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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES Baseball Stars Question
« on: October 28, 2020, 10:28:07 am »
These are the offsets for all the teams, including the custom teams:

3B010 = AD
3B050 = JR
3B090 = WP
3B0D0 = NB
3B110 = GM
3B150 = WP
3B190 = LL
3B1D0 = SC

3B250 = Custom6
3B290 = Custom1
3B2D0 = Custom7

3B3D0 = Custom3

3B610 = Custom2
3B650 = Custom4
3B690 = Custom11

3B8F0 = Custom13
3B930 = Custom8
3B970 = Custom9
3B9B0 = Custom10
3B9F0 = Custom5
3BA30 = Custom12

I recently started watching the Classic Tetris World Championships on YouTube, and it gave me a few ideas for a "Tetris Pro" hack [..] an infinite score counter (where after breaking 999,999 the score goes to A00,000 indicating a million and keeps counting from there).

What about some kind of post-fix notation... Something like...
Code: [Select]
999,999.e+FFMIt's kinda similar to scientific notation except for some subtle differences. 
First, and most obvious is that the FF part would be a one byte hex value (so that we can count up to 255 instead of merely 99). 
Next, instead of declaring how many times you move the decimal point (like in scientific notation),
you denote how many times you move the decimal point SIX TIMES (hence the M suffix for mega or millions).

999,999.e+FFM translated would mean that you'd move the decimal point 1530 times (255*6).
It's not an "infinite score," but it is an obscenely large number.
The world record holder can hit max score in about 8 minutes...
So, it'd take him 204 hours (8.5 days) to reach the max score of 999,999.e+FFM.

Of course, what I am suggesting here is just a simple "infinite score" implementation.
If you add a second byte, then it'd take 5 years to complete !!!
I'm sure there are other creative solutions too.

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