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Already doable with the MSU-1 hack which allowed users to insert the original music (obtained by their own means for copyright reasons)?

I see, thanks.  :beer:

Look up the Nintendo Super System (NSS) version of ActRaiser. It's literally what you're describing, and it's an official version of the game! The Nintendo Super System was an arcade cabinet that used SNES hardware and ran modified versions of commercial SNES games. Most of the games are basically the same as commercial versions, but ActRaiser was reworked into a pure action game to be more arcade friendly. Because of how the cabinets were designed, you can actually boot the ROM up in an emulator or even on a regular SNES using a flash cart and play it without any issues (you don't have to worry about the game demanding quarters or anything like that). I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think it's based on the harder Japanese difficulty.

Very interesting, never heard of that. I'll check it out, thanks!  :thumbsup:

ActRaiser (SNES) without the simulation mode, just the action scenes.

Rock and Roll Racing (SNES) with more/different classic rock/metal songs, like:

Led Zeppelin-Communication Breakdown
Metallica-The Four Horsemen
Booker T-Green Onions
Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell
Dio-Holy Diver get the idea. Or if it's too hard to make new tracks, take some rocking tunes from other SNES games like Doom, Battletoads/Double Dragon, Maximum Carnage, etc.

Perhaps this for the final races:

Hot damn, you registered just to tell me that. :D Thanks, I suppose I should've checked the Translations section instead of just the Hacks section. It's a little different to what I have planned though: I was more focused on modifying the US version to make it fair like the Japanese version, rather than just translating the Japanese version (though that has merit, too). I still think it'd be worthwhile.

haha yeah. Just wanted to let you know, I was sure it existed because I have it on a cartridge. And sorry for the late reply, too.  :thumbsup:

Gonna turn the thread on its head because I actually do have "the skill" but I'm just thinking out loud about a possible hack, and figured this is the ideal place to do so.

I just watched Game Sack's playthrough of Mad City, i.e. the Japanese version of The Adventures of Bayou Billy. TCRF makes it clear that there are many differences between the versions, and the US version has many detractors because it's insanely hard. So I figured it's about time I made a patch combining the two together to make a new option. It'd be the Japanese version with the US graphics and text. Or the US version with the difficulty toned down. Bayou Billy in Mad City, if you like. :D

I'm just thinking what the easiest approach is. Replacing graphics is usually much easier than replacing programming, which means hacking the Japanese version sounds best. But then, the US title screen is quite different, and there's speech samples and so on. Oh, but then the Japanese version has different endings... you see what I mean. It's hard to decide which version to use as a base.

I might have a go at this, or I might not. But I think the US version is clearly the later, superior version, like they cleaned up the graphics, maybe fixed a few bugs and whatnot. But it's so unnecessarily hard. Any thoughts, suggestions etc, always welcome. :)

That already exists.

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