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I went with upset:

According to the description, it's pretty much the evolution of Tsukuyomi.

hey! thanks for everything!
I'll go with your suggestion because it seems to be the easiest to use

um....i seem to have a problem.
since the lunar ips patching program doesn't work with this, the readme tell to use an UPS and provide a link.

but the link doesn't work!

what do i do now?

thank you
i didn't know that some emulator didn't support soft patching nor that it was called that.

too bad for gens

I registered myself just so you could help me.

Well, when i boot the game, it is shown untranslated even though the ips file is just beside it with the same name as the game file. thats how you apply a patch right? it always worked for me before on super nintendo roms.

Im obiviously doing something wrong here :-\

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