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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Tecmo Secret of the Stars. :< -> :>?
« on: March 08, 2014, 11:06:05 am »
Homncruise's Japanese name was ホムンクルス or Homunculus.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: need help translating kanji
« on: February 07, 2014, 10:31:36 am »
Also the currency symbol for Macca is the symbol for Saturn ( ♄ ).

Thank you, neige, that exactly was the Kanji we're looking for!

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Help understanding a phrase
« on: January 26, 2014, 03:58:46 pm »
@pmt7ar: Thank you, that exactly helps us out with understanding the context!

EDIT 01/18/14:

We're having trouble identifying the second Kanji in this playtester's name:

亜● 様

We can only find close approximations like 蓮 or 近.

It looks good to me, BRPXQZME. Thank you so much!

EDIT 01/25/14:
I have a new question. We're currently translating a game and this is one part that got my translator stumped on how to approach the translation for this issue because it does not fit the context of the scene.

This is what happened, to give you guys a gist of what is happening:
- Two students are trapped in a school after hours.
- They figured out that the doors leading to the first floor, that could get them both out of the school entirely, has been locked down by shutters.
- The school is entirely empty, or so they thought...

In this scene, they heard a noise and both hid as a dark shadowy figure walked by them, then one of the students said this:

1.) 参ったな・・・。先生が残ってたなんて。
2.) これで家に帰れるけどただじゃ帰れないな。

The first part (#1), we both understand. The student is saying that this is bad because there should be no teachers here this late at night. However, the second part (#2) is leaving my translator stumped. He doesn't understand how this fit into the context given. I was wondering if someone can help provide an alternate translation or help us understand that sentence better.

If anyone needs more context, please let me know. Thank you.

I'm trying to transcribe these lyrics, but due to the only scan I can find -- I am only able to find some of them. I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out the rest and also if I have some Kanji incorrect, please let me know.

ヵス??? 0/1 = カスタイムポイント
AT ????? - ATTACK = AT (こうげき)
DF ????? - DEFENSE = DF (ぼうぎょ)
AG ????? - AGILITY = AG (すばやさ)

Belongings  (Is that right ??)

What does it do when you press the "R" button? If I were to take a guess, I would think it could either mean to "Sort Inventory."

Does SP stand for SPECIAL ??

According to this site, SP stands for ひっさつ, so like "Special Attack."

I was able to translate most of them:

コンガ - Bongos
スマブラ - Smash Bros.
アヒル - Duck
機関車 - Locomotive
恐竜 - Dinosaur
柱時計 - Grandfather Clock
スタフィー - Starfy
殺陣(たて) - Sword Fight
たそがれ - Twilight
ぴょ~ん - Pyon
かけ声 - Rally Cry
飲み屋 - Bar
ゲーム場 - Game Parlor
ファミコン - Famicom (NES)
雷 - Thunder
クイズ - Quiz
声援 - Cheer
カラオケ屋 - Karaoke-ya
エレキドラム - Electric Drums
タンバリン - Tambourine
トランス - Trance
3つのコンガ - 3 Bongos
マリオ - Mario
クラリネット - Clarinet
マラカス - Maracas
タップダンス - Tap Dancing
民族楽器 - Folk Instrument
電話 - Telephone
わんわん - Woof Woof
コングクルー - DK Crew
マーチ - March
WooHa! - Woo Ha!
おもちゃ - Toy
ピクミン - Pikmin
アルプス - Alps
スーパーカー - Supercar
ジャングル - Jungle
SF - Sci-Fi
ラテン - Latin
ゼルダ - Zelda
サイレン - Siren
オーシャン - Ocean
木魚 - Wooden Fish
音符の色 - Colored Music Notations
チャイナ - China
じゃんけん - Rock-Paper-Scissors
純正ドラム - Genuine Drums
カルメン - Carmen
いたずら - Hoax (You could also use a similar synonym that means joke or prank)
DJ -  Disc Jockey
パンポンチャ! - Pan Pon Cha!
春 - Spring
夏 - Summer
秋 - Autumn
冬 - Winter
ウエスタン - Western
ラテン - Latin
魔法 - Magic
食べ放題 - All-You-Can-Eat
バ・ナ・ナ - Ba-Na-Na
サンバ - Samba
ロボット - Robot
ファミスタ - Famista
パックマン - Pac-Man
STARFOX - Star Fox
JBコンガ - JB Bongos (JB = Jungle Beat?)
JB小猿 - JB Small Monkey
JBボクサー - JB Boxer

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Need help translating this slang
« on: November 23, 2013, 02:36:15 am »
Yeah, we were initially thinking it's a bastardization of カモンカモン as well, so we're glad to know that we're not off mark. Thanks, geishaboy.

EDIT: Also we have one thing we would like to clear up about this common slang: オワタ.

We know it's from 終わった. The most common translation online is "it's over", however we are confused about the expression behind it. Does it mean a good/happy feeling like (For example: "Whew, that's over! Finally finished with all that work!") or is it in a moment of frustration (For example: "I can't do this project in time! It's over for me!") Or can it be used for both? We have seen it used both ways which is why I'm asking for clarification.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Need help translating this slang
« on: November 22, 2013, 04:59:22 pm »
I am currently translating this game and I came across one slang that I do not understand: 「こっちだ、カマカマ!!」 I understand the first part, but what left me confused is the latter (カマカマ) part. If anyone can help me out understand this slang, it would be greatly appreciated.

@BRPXQZME: Thank you for your insight. We decided that since the best disease we can come up with, especially when only search engines gives us Sir Cosmo, a race horse. I'd imagine that the man is probably addicted to derbies or horses in general, we decided to go with Horse Addiction Disorder. It's enough tongue-in-cheek to match the Japanese instead of us coming up with a completely fictional disease that doesn't match with the other patients.

Thank you so much, Tomato, that helps us out a lot! Never thought this monologue could be... poetic.

September 15, 2013, 09:52:40 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I have one terminology that I am currently racking my brain over.

In this game there are people who have their illnesses listed, all of them are real such as leukemia, asthma, heart attacks, etc. However there is one disease called 「サーコスモ症候群」 (___ Syndrome). Personally it sounds fictional because search engines 「サーコスモ」 brings up "Sir Cosmo" (I believe the name of a racing horse) and if I try to reverse the lettering to 「モスコーサ」, it brings up the species "muscosa."

On one Chinese forum, they were also stumped with the meaning of this disease. One suggested that maybe it is SARS, but they use 「重症急性呼吸器症候群」 for that. So I would appreciate if anyone can bring any insight on what 「サーコスモ症候群」 could mean.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Unsure how to translate this slang
« on: September 13, 2013, 12:59:55 pm »
We're currently stuck on transcribing what this woman is saying. Here is a sound clip of her monologue.

So far our translator was able to transcribe this thus far:


(There may be more missing, as he wasn't able to get everything.)

We would appreciate any help we can get.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: What does this Japanese line mean?
« on: September 10, 2013, 03:52:42 pm »
Yeah, even this tweet confirms that as well.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Trails in the Sky SC Finally Localized
« on: September 09, 2013, 12:05:54 am »
@Azkadellia: Actually, the XSEED forums have been hacked. I've been there when it all happened and here's also a tweet stating it. They're now rectifying it.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Strange line (may not be Japanese)
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:02:09 pm »
It probably won't help much, but I do see some English in the second part. Such as 「エヤァ」 = "Air" and 「ミェーン」 = "Men".

@RomanWarrior: This link would help you browse the Necromancer tags on that blog.

How big is the exe file?
The game's executable file is 661 KB large.

@Paul Jensen:
Just to bring out more context: Basically, Girl A gave Girl B a roll of toilet paper to which Girl B describes it as being "roundy-ish." So Girl A doesn't understand why would she call it "roundy-ish" and ponders over it for a while, but doesn't want to ask because Girl B might tease her about it. While we could go with the original "round" meaning, we're unsure if an English audience would understand why Girl A would be too embarrassed to ask.

In this case, we decide to localize it, and play upon Girl B's usage of pop culture and net slang. Therefore we made her describe the brand of toilet paper, which would be understandable by Girl A would be confused with a sudden out-of-nowhere reference.

This isn't set in stone yet, so we may fall back on the original translation and decide how to make a toilet paper being "round" sound embarrassing.

Thank you, BRPXQZME!

My friend thought it was a variant of まるっぽい, but we wanted to make sure of it.

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