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Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario All-Stars, Artwork Faithful Edition
« on: January 26, 2020, 04:50:25 am »
I don't think that's going to be technically possible, but since there are two different Bowser fights in the SMB3 final level it would be cool if you could fight caped and uncaped Bowser depending on which room you fight him.
The shuffling around of kings to different worlds is something I really don't like at all and think that's going to far and has no basis in artworks as far as I know. 

Personal Projects / Re: Mystical Ninja Goemon Hack
« on: January 26, 2020, 04:13:34 am »
How is the sram supposed to work? I'm playing on the SNES mini and either it doesn't work there or I'm just to dumb to figure out how to use it. And it seems I can't use passwords either. (might be removed?)
Otherwise this patch is great and the best way to use this game together with the new translations of Geomon 2 and 3.

EDIT: Yes I'm dumb. There are places where I can make diary entries which act as a save.
But the game gives passwords at the Game Over screen anyway. Is this a leftover of the original system or are they also usable?

Canoe might be too inaccurate (strict) to emulate blending. But try some more.

Dragon Knight 4 (1016 or 1068) -- menu cursor

Lufia II (1016 or 1068) -- rally, zap

I checked Lufia II with 1016 and 1068:
The issues still persist. (Checked Rally spell and Sinistral battles)
Actually now when the Sinistrals use there wave attacks the color change of te player character sprites when they are hit by the attack is also missing. (the character sprites should Change color when they are hit by the attack)
The zap spell looks correctly, but that has never looked wrong anyway.

For Lufia 2 I can add that the healing spell "Rally" is also affected by the visual error. This can be used for easy testing of patches because you simply can go into any battle and cast the spell to look if it got fixed.

EDIT: I tried the DQ5 overscan fix and it's like SupaSAIAN said. With patch issue doesn't happen any more when resuming game. (tested on english byuu translation)

I'm not sure if I remember my testing correctly here but I think with A210 Kirby didn't save to SRAM at all even using a soft reset. But I'm not sure with this and someone might check it again.

Since that phantom line was also a problem during the testing of the older 2 series of Rudra patches I looked where it got fixed back then. Only the 2d patch (had black menus) the 2e (had discoloration issues during battles however) and the final 2f patch had this phantom line completedly fixed back then. So whatever fixed it got introduced in the 2d patch. Don't know if this is compatible with the new boss dying effect fix though.

Fixing shaking would auto-fix bubble glitch. Fixing shaking isn't working and there's nearly no alternates other than mode4 pid.

Rudra no Hihou (Japan) (1016)

1) battle line glitch (spells, items)
2) dying boss

Fixing gradient would require converting menus to mode1-512 (Kirby 3 hires). Canoe is too stubborn about mode5 problems.

With this patch the Boss dying effect displays correctly using 1016.
However the textboxes are too bright (high gamma), in menus the text is black. The small glitchy line in battles is still there.
If the gradient is too much work to fix/ unfixable, I would just keep everything else like it was in the 2f patch. (no Gradient, nice and clean readable menu also text boxes gamma was correct there too)

It's actually amazing how many supposedly unfixable games are now running compared to only a few months back. There were people that thaught Uniracers or Rudra where lost causes back then and now even ToP is running. Really a great achievenment.

Here's the Rudra save Zimgief posted last page:

"here is a savefile : (load the second slot).
You just have to go up. During the boss fight, cast WEAK on the boss, POWERUP two times, then CRITICAL on Riza, then put Riza on the front row (Y button) and attack. (Heal if necessary.) The boss should die in no time."

I checked this out and can tell it's only fixed by using preset ID 0111 (hakchi) the same ID that also removes the small glitchy line in battle. With 1610 or 0000 the red dying effect is missing and the boss vanishes instantly. So no clue if it can be fixed with the hires enabling ID 1610.

EDIT: Using 6810 the dying effect also displays correctly.

EDIT2: I checked if 0111 would fix the attacks in Lufia, but it does nothing here.

EDIT3: In the sheet for Tales of Phantasia it say "part of the intro voice missing". This is not exactly correct. It only happens when listening to the intro song in the soundtest. In the actual intro however no voice is missing. (used latest patch beta3 on DeJap lower case translation)

Is it possible to check if in Boss Butch with 9C10 the final Boss also freezes like fighting him normally? Could probably be helpful information for sluffy.

Doesn't 109C for Kirby also have the best results for slowdowns? i.e. no slowdowns without the need for -no-lowlatency? With PID 0000 and extra Byte 07 I think I saw some slight slowdowns somewhere. (SA-1 related gameplay slowdowns) Do higher SA-1 clockspeeds like 08 already need -no-lowlatency to run fine?

I'm currently playing Rockman & Forte without a translation patch via Canoe there's some noticeable slowdown in Ground Man's stage right at the beginning it also might be in the rest of the stage since it's some sand waterfall things are in the stage that are causing the slowdown.

I've already confirmed this doesn't happen with the 3DS VC with an inject

Did you try using -no-lowlatency in the command line? If it's a Canoe related slowdown this could make it go away or at least better. If the slowdown is game related there won't be any difference.

I mentioned this up above but that's the way Canoe works, every game with an ingame save will get overwritten if you load a savestate.

Yes I know, I'm just trying to figure out what his actual issue is, because he says it doesn't happen on the stock game.

EDIT: What does this "slowromcheckfix" actually do? I know most Quintet games and Star Ocean need it to run, and it seems to be a really small change in the ROM. (it was something figured out very early after the SNES classic release)

Just a curiosity. I uploaded a Mario RPG rom with a patch (pal button colors hack) and the game was overwritten the savestates every time I loaded one of them, even if I didn’t save the game previously. Then, I tried to upload a Mario RPG rom without the patch and the save issue was there still (so the patch wasn’t the problem). Even if you started a gameplay save ingame, the save was overwritten. I didn’t know if this was a ingame save or a suspended point problem. I tried different roms of the same game and the problem persisted. I used a sfrom to sfc tool converter (I wanted to apply the patch to the stock game but I first needed convert this one to sfc) and the problem was there yet. Finally, I applied the patch to the original Mario RPG game (the stock one, with sfrom extension) using the darkakuma’s sfrom tool and… surprise!! The strange savestate issue was solved and the patch worked fine. I reversed the process, using the sfrom tool to convert sfc to sfrom and the problem came back. With hakchi2? The same bad result. In summary, the saves only work properly in the original stock game of Mario RPG, while a Mario RPG rom converted to sfrom through hakchi2 or darkakuma’s sfrom tool has save issues ever. Im not a hacker, just a gamer, I comment this case if may be help you to fix other games with save issues. If you want to test it, get a Mario RPG rom and create a suspended point even before an in game save (you can do that before the first battle against Bowser). In the main menu, you’ll see the messege “If you continue from this suspended point, your game’s save data will be overwritten” again, again and again.

*By the way, any progress with games like Lufia 2, Eartworm Jim 2 or ActRaiser 2? I’m testing Lufia 2 to find some more battle graphics issues. I’ll notify you if I find them.

If I understand you correctly the game autosaves to sram if you load a savestate?
Does this happen with all Mario RPG IDs (in hakchi 9C10, 9D10 and 9E10)
And did you apply the VC patch from here?
this might turn Super Mario RPG into the ROM that is preinstalled on the SNES mini.

Does the messy sound with sluffy's ToP patch only happen in Canoe or also in other emulators?
At least in Star Ocean that seems to use a similiar audio technolgy everything including the voice acting runs well in Canoe (using the DarkAkuma Patch).

I think sluffy did choose to work with this ID because the sram works here. So I guess if there is no other ID where the sram works and the game does not crash we have to wait if sluffy finds a way to fix the crash with 9C10.

I think the sram issue was fixed by switching from ID A410 to 9C10, wasn't it?

Yes, Kirby sram works fine with 9C10, but with 0000 the sram results are like with A410. So it seems the game needs 9C10 to make the sram work correctly.

Yeah, 07 should be totally fine.

The SRAM issue was fixed by switching IDs, so that's also fixed with 0000.

Oh yeah, the list still says that Crimson Echoes has issues, but Sluffy's latest patch is working great.
I have not encountered any issues.

So for Kirby 3 ID 0000 with extra Byte 7 should be used together with sluffy's latest patch then all previously reported issues are gone, as I understand correctly? (i.e. sram saving works, Transparency works including Final Boss, Game does not Crash at final Boss, the world 2 flicker issues at Boss and with invincibility item are fixed...)
For Crimson Echoes sluffy said game needs a full playthrough first to check for crashes, same for DQIII.

EDIT: I tried Kirby with 0000 and extra Byte 07 and the game does not sram save with that. Started new game, finished first Level, hit reset, started game, no sram. Tried this twice.

EDIT2: Saving by soft reset works so it seems the saving results with this one are the same as with ID 10A4.

Tried the Tales of Phantasia patch on the DeJap lower case translation and it runs. I'm however not familiar with this game at all so I'm not the right person to check for tiny errors. Gameplay seems to work fine. Battles also. Sound is distorted. I tried 0000 with extra Byte 03, also 123F (3F12 in hakchi) without an extra Byte and 10EF (EF10 in hakchi) with 03 and tried -no-lowlatency to see if anything is different but game ran always the same it seems to me. I hope the people familar with this game will soon test and report.

I tested the -no-cpurender command a while ago on some RPG (either Rudra or SD3 not sure any more) and the game became really sluggish.
And I don't think putting -no-lowlatency in the global command line would be useful. Why use it on games that run perfectly fine without it? (i.e. the vast majority of games)

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