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Hi Cargodin, I made a dump of the 1st string of text in SLPS_250.94 for Reveal Fantasia. Try to see if everything is related to the game. I did this dump with windhex and wxmedit (used both programs for different things).

This first part has more or less 33 KB of data. Here are the files, one in word .docx format (for better viewing) and another in .txt:

If I can get everything out of the file in this manner, all that would be left are the pointers and translation character count.

Cool, thanks! I checked it out and since I played some of the game, it seems pretty much to be in game sentences for when you do certain things. The mirror and orb mentioned certainly look very familiar. I was trying to mess with the files, trying to find those  sentences you mentioned earlier. I found わかるか alone in 3 files but not with the rest of the phrase... There must be something missing. A different character for the space or a character that tells the game to change font which we are not seeing...

Very nice translation, Cargodin. It really helps as a sample reference.

November 22, 2018, 02:50:35 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I just found the sentence ここが どう言う場所か わかるか…? by using a hex editor on the pack.dat file itself. I will try the other lines you gave me before now and see what I get.

November 22, 2018, 02:57:28 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Found this other one この川がは 死者達の渡る川… and all the other lines too.

All of that scene's dialog is on offset 0E3E33A0 0E3E3420

Try opening the pack.dat I included ( and using a program like wxMEdit for big files (download here:

November 22, 2018, 09:38:32 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Hi again Cargodin and everyone. I have some great some news and update regarding the project. I found the sub-file from the pack.dat dump which has those lines. It is one that I accidentally put on the "ITEM AND AREA NAME TEXT, CODE OR BOTH-SJIS" folder. The name of the file, for reference, is 199.564.0E361080.bin.SJIS and the lines from the intro which were "missing" are found beginning on line 131 (change the encoding to japanese>SJIS on np++ to view on JP character format).

We were having difficulty finding it because we did the search on all files in SJIS format (JP characters) and not in ANSI code format, which was the original format of all files extracted from pack.dat before I changed their encoding (turned out I "discarded" some files on the code folder before changing their encoding). So, I dug up the sentences in the pack.dat hex both in ANSI and JP. Then I opened all files from my old dump (all 3 folders) on np++ and did a search on all files for ‚±‚±‚ª@‚Ç‚¤Œ¾‚¤êŠ‚©@‚í‚©‚é‚©cH (ANSI code of the first "missing" sentence) and found it on the file mentioned above. Then, I went to the encoding tab, changed to SJIS and the same sentence from the hex was there: ここが どう言う場所か わかるか…?

This was a very good conclusion to further ascertain that all files pertinent to the translation are within the dump. And again, the dump only needs some cleansing. I will dedicate the next week to find if there is any more stray text on the "ITEM AND AREA NAME TEXT, CODE OR BOTH-SJIS" folder.

And Cargodin, could you please give me the jap text from the demo-intro that plays before the first menu selection (the one with red blood background) and its subsequent cut-scene? It would help me even more because I am still not very able to reproduce JP text symbols (also don't have a keyboard enabled for that). Also, if you could, provide the text from the menus over here too. All the experiments I did were by coming here Ctrl+c on the sentences you said were missing and searching, lol.
Your written reference (not just a screenshot) really was a life saver and very accurate too.

Thanks again!

November 25, 2018, 05:25:29 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I did this little experiment to test a simple in-game translation. I used a hex editor to modify the JP text string without exceeding the original character number. Of course, I found out that not exceeding character count is a very poor option since a lot of meaning would be lost. But even so, this is a good hint as concerns pointer locations. I can safely assume that the offset of the text I changed controls the trigger for displaying that text. Of course, modifying that trigger for all strings would be the optimal solution for allowing a far greater number of characters to be displayed. Here is a screenshot of the experiment, for reference:

November 25, 2018, 09:17:29 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
A summarized and updated list of links to this project's files:

Here is a link to all of the game's files:

(the file which contains all of the text is called pack.dat, it is in the "data" folder-data>pack.dat)

A link to my partial text dump:

The folder contains the .bin files extracted from pack.dat using a pack.dat (file that contains all of the game's text) extractor tool separated in 3 folders:

1-NO TEXT-(Files with 0 bytes)2-ITEM AND AREA NAME TEXT, CODE OR BOTH-(Files that still need to be parsed for text)3-FILES WITH MOST TEXT-(Files separated as definitely containing text)

Link to the extractor tool used:

Link to the sub files you get after extracting pack.dat with the custom extractor:

November 25, 2018, 09:01:15 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
As an update: Am currently looking for someone with programming knowledge to help make a tool to rebuild the pack.dat file and for easier text/pointer editing/reinsertion. To make the rebuilder, the extractor previously linked can serve as template.

I was just about to say that because I just run the game quickly to see the lines you mentioned and the "reaper"/old man's lines are embedded in yellow. These are the files in which it appears:


I did the search on the older dump and the first line (背後に気配を感じる…) showed up multiple times. Try searching on the older dump (the older one will have all words with more than 2 characters so for these phrases there is no compromise).

Hi, I checked the dump and sadly SJIS dump is seriously flawed regarding its parameters. This new dump I did using 1 0 parameters is very flawed because text that was previously present in certain files was actually not dumped... Found it out when searching for the phrases you mentioned. Still, using text search program astro grep with the default settings yielded me results for the first line (背後に気配を感じる…) in many files. I reckon that the other lines might be in another file maybe or part of the video. Or maybe the program is for some reason not detecting them... I will run some more tests

November 21, 2018, 11:59:05 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Also, Are you sure the letters are exactly those and are they separated/spaced somehow? Maybe in the files they are separated by line or something...

OK, I appreciate it. Try to see if the missing words from the intro are still missing, etc. Things like that would help to confirm if SJIS dump is extracting every word, despite having false positives. And, of course, use notepad++ as before.

Hi, I did find it now but had to use another program (wxMEdit). I can see that the text is there now and I tried to extract the file but was not able to. Maybe there is a way to extract the text directly from the hex, translate it and reinsert it? I think if you use the same numbers of characters as the jap text there would be no issue...

I used a hex editor too (windhex)... Did not find any jap inside it... I will try to look into it again.

I had not thought of looking into SLPS_250.94. My bad, lol.

I wanted to get the big files out of the way and forgot about the smaller ones. I will try to see if I can get a dump of it seeing that it is a PS2 proprietary file that is included in all games.

November 20, 2018, 10:02:00 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Well I just looked into it and it does not seem to have any Japanese text in it. And from what I know, that file does not have anything aside from the game's launch codes and error/crash commands. And it is contained in all ps2 games. I don't any text there at all and it does not make sense the text would be there too...

My bet is still on one of these: fairy.ps2, movie.pac, sound.vox, sound.pac

The thing is, SJIS Dump cannot extract any real JAP word from them because they are compressed. The only file I found with real jp words (but only had 2 or 3 of them with no real sense sandwiched between text)is LIBSD.IRX.

But it cannot contain the bulk of the text since it only has a few KBs of size.

The only next step to take is  extracting these bigger files like I did with  pack.dat in hungry ghosts. Thing is I had help and .dat files are way more common than the above mentioned filetypes...

Hi, Cargodin. Tom also is not proficient at hacking per se. His stuff is mostly translation, which is fine. But yes, I really need someone like Gemini to help me out with this more technical bit regarding tuning a program for processing the files through an assembly/disassembly tool and finding pointers for the text. I can dig through my "new" dump and make it more decent manually even if it would take time since using "1 0" parameter on SJIS Dump creates too many false positives. That is why I mentioned that using the auto ASM maker would save me time, because allegedly, the tool would also dump the text along with the pointers and other stuff (I never really did it successfully but weissvulf told me it would work this way some time ago).

But well, since no one is involved that has the expertise to do it, I did this new dump:
--edit: this is a mostly useless dump just here to show newcomers the bugs of sjis dump at parameter 1 0, lol. But seriously, there is no use for this file the "old dump" (the .bin files in the folder "actual files") are all that is needed. Sjis dump was used mostly for reference to sort which files have text.

The game's files in their raw format are here:
(pack.dat, main file needed for the translation, is in data>

It is structured the same way as the other dump, only difference is that the files are now riddled with various MBs of false positives and it has more text. Also the "no bytes txt" files now have some code or txt (probably only code from what I saw) in them too.

But again, 95%+ of the useful stuff will be in the "pack.dat dump-sjis 1 0" folder.

This dump can be cleaned to be a definitive one but what I meant before was that I would still need to run ASM tools on it anyway or the other to ensure I have the pointers' locations, to understand how the pointers behave when text limit is exceeded and to see if the pointers are stable and contained within specific files or scattered around randomly. And also that since I will have to do it anyway and it is said to dump the text along with the pointers for me, it might be the more economical way.
-- edit: now I know this dump is actually broken and missing important text bits and CANNOT be cleaned or whatever... Just have to stick to the .bin files and play with the hex to find pointer/text combos and make a tool to easily reinsert them on every individual .bin file and then repack - sjis dump is only for reference (and only at 3 0 parameter at that!). It is not difficult for someone with the right skills to make a tool to rebuild pack.dat/reinsert text and pointers, since all the .bin files are tagged with their native offsets from pack.dat

Anyhow, in short, I am not sure if auto asm maker dumps the text too in its original format but I do know that cleaning this new dump is a viable alternative albeit a more demanding one.

Also, I do not know what you mean by antsy in this case but I said on the first post in this thread that this a project in which everyone who really wants to help is welcome to. And I tried to contribute some to your project too because you helped me realize something I was not seeing about mine.

Hello, DarknessSavior. I could take a look at the files for the game and see what I come up with. I started a translation project myself for the PS2 game Hungry Ghosts(check it out later on the help wanted section) but am stuck because I lack a hacker that at least a little more skillful than me and a jap translator (such as yourself.

I will find a copy for the game, run some tests and get back to you.

Hi again, cargodin. I was looking over at this game while waiting for a follow up in my post. I extracted the iso and tried running SJIS dump on the individual files. I did it on all the files that could possibly have any text, which are fairy.ps2, movie.pac, sound.vox, sound.pac.

It extracted a fair amount of lines and yielded a fair amount of MBs but I believe it was all code. You can repeat the experiment for yourself though, and for your convenience I have the SJIS files dumped from these here:

In my view, the bulk of the text should be in fairy.ps2 but I could not extract it further like like I did with Hungry Ghosts' PACK.DAT.
Do you have any idea how to extract these other file types (.ps2, .vox, .pac)? I think to proceed, you should find a suitable way to extract these files. Then apply SJIS dump again and an ASM tool tuned for the game's file structure, actions which should finalize a near perfect dump. Then, you can proceed to translate and reinsert the files according their pointers.

Also, quickbms ( might be a clue on what to do. There is a prototype script there on this link: (just search the earlier page for "QuickBMS comtype scanner 2"). Download quickbms, open the exe, choose the script comtype scan and choose the file you want to extract. You might need to tweak it in order for it to work for you, though. I will try it later myself.

There is a tutorial that explains how to extract unknown/rare file types using quickbms and cmd here:

Hope this helps.



Cargodin, I did contact him last year, a few months ago, and last week. Never had a reply. It says his last sign in date on SoM was in August 2016 (same as his last post). Could you explain more about the apparent issues you think you found? I can get these out of the way probably but help me recreate the steps you took. Did you use a debugger and played it on emulator?

Tom, thanks for the reply. I understand, the game may take some weeks or months depending on availability to translate. I have almost full availability for some months now and could dedicate lots of time to it. If you could help me with getting this dump cleaner and more useful at first, it would already be a great help (you can guide me to an issue you find and I can do the part that takes more time. When do you expect to finish your other projects? Could you take a look at least, run the usual quick tests if you may?

Many thanks and good luck on your other projects.

P.S.: Zill O'll seems like an amazing game. Hope you can get it done! I may play it one day.

November 10, 2018, 12:01:09 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Also, Cargodin, there are only two other big files on the game, apart from PACK.DAT, which are DUMMY.BIN with 0.97 GB, STREAM.DAT with roughly 273.5 MB, SCPS_150.46 with nearly 3 MB. The other files are all less than 400 KB. DUMMY.BIN is probably just dummy data, a STREAM.DAT dump is here (It does not seem to have any actual in-game text but it wielded a small number of text/code related files after extracting, so it is quick to search) and SCPS_150.46 is basically the game loader/ executable file, so it cannot contain it, I think.

I can test the other smaller files to see if I find anything. The folder "ITEM AND AREA NAME TEXT, CODE OR BOTH-.BIN" (in the original post)in my package probably has one or another line that was meant to be translated too, maybe you could search for a bit of the intro there? What program are you using to search? Can you provide a screenshot of the text that does not show up so I can look for it?

November 16, 2018, 04:30:02 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
An update... basically the "missing text" cargodin pointed out was actually due to the the fact that the txt dump was done on SJIS dumper set to "3 0" at the end on the CMD (meaning ignore lines smaller than 3 characters) I just ran SJIS dumper set to "1 0" and found an average of 50-100 more lines of text (1 or 2 characters long though) per file. Which means there is no problem with my dump itself since the "ACTUAL FILES" folder linked on first post contains all of the txt inside them, just not completely extracted (if any movie/fmv files are discovered to have embedded txt, which at this point seems unlikely, we will cover this later).

This is easily solvable by running a batch file for SJIS dumping all the files within that folder. I already have it made but I know of a small bug on this utility which would duplicate or ignore certain entries if set for less than 2 characters. Knowing this, using the autoasm maker tool would make it all much cleaner and easier.

Now I really need someone to help with the assembly/disassembly of the selected files, with tuning auto asm maker ( specifically for hungry ghosts, as it would be the most economical option producing very accurate results and, of course, the actual translation.

The other option, which would be to dump all files as txt again with sjis dump set to "1 0" would still require the asm tool to be used (or some other assembler/disassembler tool). The SJIS dumps were only done to check which files had real jap txt on them and now that these files are identified, we can run a tuned asm tool on them (but I cannot tune the dang thing by myself :o).

Thank you Cargodin for pointing out the missing txt! Your info really helped me identify the problem :thumbsup:!

Cardogin, the videos are also from 4 years ago and there is no reply from the project starter after August 2016.

This was his last reply:

He never provided any files for his supposed partial translation, so I had to start my own project from scratch.

Cardogin, I am pretty sure it was abandoned but this is an entirely different project anyway.

Gemini, what is Tom's profile ID? Just so I can PM him. If you can direct him to this post, as you seen like you've been here for quite a while.

Thanks for the replies

Did you check all folders? Apparently, it is all there because I checked all other files and there is no actual text. Also, the first part of the game was translated once (there is a youtube video HERE:, and it all came from this pack.dat file allegedly.

Download the game here (my GD, so it is safe): [links to ROMs and ISOs are not allowed]

And CDmage to extract it here:

You may understand the full picture better if you see the file structure. You can also try using the modified SJIS tool in the original post ( on other files of the games to see if you find what you believe is missing.

Play the game a little if you can (emulator on lower settings will work on many computers nowadays)so understand better how it uses the files. I played about 5 hours of it... Most of it are text prompts on-screen (like those on jrpgs) and text heavy files that you pick up giving background to the story. The subtitles are not all hardcoded on fmvs (some might be but you can add text over a fmv if needed) because I played it and most of the game's cutscenes are in real time.

I also saw you have another translation project going... I could help you with that after making some progress with this.

Thanks again

Hi Cargodin, thanks for the reply. Download the SJIS format files here ( then open them with notepad++ (.SJIS can be opened with this program and with it you can see the Jap text properly because it automatically changes the encoding for you). You can edit pretty well in this program too.

Here is a link:

Download the portable AKA "minimalist" version so that you don't need to install.

Any more questions, please ask. Are you interested in translating?

Hi everyone,
Current status of the project:
I have a pack.dat file from the game, which I extracted into 2541 bin files. I used SJIS dump to dump JP text out of these files and see which ones of the .bin files contain text. I sorted through most of the files already.

Link to the modified file extractor for pack.dat (credits to weissvulf):

I separated most unrelated code and blank (0 bytes) files from actual text files reducing the file total from 2541 to 1281 (it is actually more, I have not finished identifying all of it but nearly finished).

I needed help with creating a file rebuilder/repacker to merge the .bin files back into the pack.dat, accounting for the size change and making another tool to help with text reinsertion and editing based on the files' pointer locations pattern (which I can help provide).

The translation has a volunteer for a later date but any applicants who are committed are welcome to contact me with what they offer and may be accepted.

Any help is appreciated :thumbsup:.

Here is a link to the dump of the .bin and sjis files:

The folder "actual files" contains the .bin files extracted using a pack.dat (pack.dat is the file that contains all of the game's text) extractor tool separeted in 3 folders:


1-Files with 0 bytes.
2-Files that may or may not contain some text.
3-The files with text that I separated.

The folder "SJIS Dump" contains the same as above, but is in SJIS text format (just included for quick reference).

This a free project and everyone involved will be adequately credited.

For more context please check the following posts. Will make a full overhaul of this main post once I update the dump and get some help to create a file repacker/rebuilder at least.

A link to an early experiment image:

Best regards to everyone of this great community!

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