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hey thanks for the links they were and will be useful going forward. With bgb debugger I could see Shantae's sprite alone is made up of 6 8x16 tiles.  Seems the gbc was capable of way more than most games made use of...

Newcomer's Board / GBC graphics basics and sprites with a bigger pallate
« on: December 30, 2017, 07:38:47 am »
Hi folks

I made a goal of making a gbc homebrew as a motivator to start touching up on many things I haven't even thought of before (coding, art, music). I'm trying to grasp the game boy; how it works and its limitations. It's all very interesting, but I have some questions.

What can make some gbc games incompatable with gb besides color puzzles?

Are only tiles of the same size allowed on each tile map/layer?

Some games, such as Shantae, have objects (Shantae herself) that use 7 different colors and an unconventional tile size. How is this done?

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