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Sorry Jorpho for the new topic, didn't searched before post.... :banghead: I've thought it was so amazing, that run to post here... lol

Admins, may merge or delete this one.



Sorry Jorpho for the new topic, didn't searched before post....  :banghead:

As people commented here , this new retroarch translation it´s not as perfect as a proper translation of an inhabitant of some country.

And now in the very beginning is intended to only japanese translation...


  :o :o :o

And our translations?

Transcribed from YT Retroarch video:

Welcome to the future! Sometime ago, a RetroArch bounty got posted proposing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Text To Speech services being added to RetroArch.

Some months later, and here we are - a bounty hunter valiantly took on the challenge and there is now a fully fledged AI Service up and running that works seamlessly with RetroArch!

You use the AI Service like this - you enable the AI Service (should be enabled by default), you then setup the server URL (could be a local network address if you have the server up and running in your own network, or a public IP/URL in case you're going through a service). After that, you only need to bind a button or key to the so-called "AI Service" action. You can bind this key by going to Settings - Input - Hotkeys.

In this video, you can see each of the two modes that the AI Service currently is capable of doing -

Speech Mode - Upon pressing the AI Service button, a quick scan is done of the text, and the recognized text is then translated to speech. You can press the AI Service button at any time and it will try to process the current snapshot of the screen it made. This mode is non-interruptable, meaning the game will continue running when you hit this button, and the output speech will take as long as it takes for the server to respond to your query and pipe the sound to RetroArch.

Image Mode - In image mode, it tries to replace the text onscreen with the output text. For instance, in the video you see above, the game is played in Japanese, so when we hit the AI Service button, it tries to replace the Japanese text with English translated text. This mode is interruptable - this means that when you hit the AI Service button, it pauses the game and shows you an image with the replacement text UNTIL you hit either the AI Service hotkey or the Pause hotkey again, then it will continue playing.

We encourage everybody that wants to submit feedback to us on this amazing revolutionary feature to go to our Discord channel and in specific the retroarch-ai channel. We'd love to hear your feedback and we'd like to develop this feature further, so your input and feedback is not only appreciated but necessary!

Personal Projects / Re: Sailormoon megadrive Enhanced color
« on: August 04, 2019, 05:34:01 pm »
Hi Chevraken, good job!

I don't know if you use HivePal, but is the best tool to change colors direct to rom on MD.

This tool is on romhacking and there are tutorials on YT


      Hi there!

      First of all, I know is a prehistoric topic, but just recovered it to tell all people that helped me in some way, that the "job" has been done!!!! And 1 year before 2020, when Super Monaco GP (Sega Genesis - Mega Drive) will complete 30 years!!!

      I have quoted all guys that have posted here

To Pyron, Stef, sics (that have helped me with a Gens version that save the palette to YY-CHR)

          Only to say, thank you very much!!!

          At first when I opened this topic , I was a really newbie with hexadecimal, palettes and graphic tiles. I have did the real color changes on the game, after this, I have found the yellow letters and all text. But as you can see in this old topic, my goal will be only completed with the driver's pic changed... Discovered with FlashPV that the compression was Nemesis, found all offsets with valuable tool. Suceeded to open drivers images on Tile Editor (Tile Molester or TLP) but, still didn't know how to work with and when tried to paste a image over driver's imagem, it get messed or a black screen crashed the game.

         But..with a special help from Spain, the other guy Super Monaco fanatic, T.A. Marcos;u=76633

          I was with all the tools needed to do the job, but i hadn't the idea to change, so as I see his passion to understand my hacks , I have provided him a real Sega MD Studio to try and create.

          So talented, a Hex master, and a genius, T.A. Marcos drawed new pics for the driver's, my error before was trying to put a pic above other,without respect the game patterns. He do this tile per tile!!!! 
          See for yourself on the hack below

          And some pics are better than Sega did !!!OMG

          After this, we discovered together a lot of things, I will try to put below:

- Extend the names with pointers
- Change team positions
- Change driver/team
- Change daytime or weather with color correction
- Change 2nd Arcade race to Night Race (on screen)
- Change team to begin championship
- Change tracks order
- Change background (we can put track 2 + background 16 - e.g.Tunnels where don't have it)
- Change arcade mode, with championship tracks for example, or even put Arcade tracks on
- Change music order
- Change voice order
             About voice, that horrible , "Donald Duck style" voice, T.A. Marcos has fixed the pitch , so it gets lower , but without noise.  This after another marble I´ve found on internet with tons of games and their music offsets...
- Change programming of results (yes, the results was programmed to some car ending in 1st to 6th)
- Change first driver name YOU to whatever we Want!
- Change story of the game (the script)
- About a week , after I've learned finally how to use, I changed all Ads (Signboards) of the track with real ones.

           We are 90% of the game done!  But we want more!

- Put our, or some other voices on the game (change)
- Some new music too
- Find how to design new tracks

         And we are preparing a new Super Monaco GP 3 with new history, characters, tracks and a lot more...

Thank you again,

Newcomer's Board / Re: Nes Volleyball games - How change old rules?
« on: June 29, 2019, 04:45:29 pm »
On Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive/Sega Genesis) a simple hex search 09 06 04 03 02 01, and you find the older 80's F1 points rule.  So you can simply put 0A instead of 09 to be 10 as in old 90/2000 F1 points rule.   

But now that the 10th place get 1 point, we can't change this , of course, but if you want to change only 1st to 6th is ok...


Newcomer's Board / Re: How to create a PS1 ISO after changing music
« on: December 20, 2018, 04:53:38 am »
It's in 1 big xa file and when I extract and replace them, they're in .wav format.

Did you reconvert the wav files to this single .xa?

Must be the same extension

Personal Projects / Re: SonicNes ♦ Improvement Next ♦
« on: November 25, 2018, 10:03:30 pm »
It simply don`t look anymore as a hack for the Nes.... But a "solid" Sonic game!


Programming / Re: How to learn Assembly?
« on: September 14, 2018, 02:34:41 pm »
There is a big difference between knowing the instruction set and being able to program in assembly. I'm not sure where you are starting from; there is a lot of background knowledge to build up before you'll be able to look at a block of assembly code and understand what it's trying to do. In broad strokes:

Great post (edited to avoid quote everything)!!

When you see an *.asm of a game and try to search for numbers that are in the game, like I did in SMGP (even as binary), you won`t find anything, it`s pure machine language .

So...better back to Hex, Tiles,


Personal Projects / Re: SonicNes ♦ Improvement Next ♦
« on: August 26, 2018, 02:03:23 pm »
Thank you very much!
I have YY-CHR ,and use Gens as emulator, but not this version that export palettes...


Personal Projects / Re: SonicNes ♦ Improvement Next ♦
« on: August 25, 2018, 10:24:07 am »
Whoaaa! You`ve found my little hex secret, lol  :laugh:

If you can put that intro on finished game will be perfect.

Don`t know if you already used Tile Molester. I`m in trouble with palettes, it`s in the last updated post here

But if you don`t know how, thank you anyway...


Use this program it'll find the offsets for you.
FlashPV, I`ve found the images and was Enigma compression, the app extract them as SMD, ok...
But when i load on Tile Molester or Tyle Layer Pro, I can`t see normal Genesis palettes, so if anybody may help how to load palettes in TM, because I can`t found how to save as *.pal or TM don`t load Gens savestates... :(

Update !!

I`ve found the yellow letters (which are images in Super Monaco)

I've been seeing old hacking forums and gathering information for a hexadecimal editor search.

The tiles of these letters should not use compression, as I could change them in the Hex Editor.

At the address of the rom I found, it has a sequence in Hex so on the line:
F2 12 D0 18 10 1a 00 22 00 08

Looking, from the exact location that the address indicated D0, I was analyzing and noticed a suspicious sequence, two "00" between a "22", as well as ARA

Then suspecting myself to be MINARAE I noted below:

M18 I10 N1a A00 R22 A00 E08

So I went there to dig and change to see what it gave ...

Look at the first attempt below.

As we know, the name was Minarae.

I then changed the order so M18 I10 N1a E08 R22 E08 E08 (switching A00 for E08) to get MINEREE, see below ...

It was strange because I did not have the bottom part, but I was already expecting it, because by moving with graphics, I had already seen that letters have the top and bottom

So knowing this, I followed the Hex sequence and found the bottom, after a D1-type interval just after the top sequence ...
 * AND .... BINGO !!!! *

It was there underneath
Where it was A00 at the top, at the bottom it was A01
E08 is E09
R 22 is R 23

And so on...

So I will show the second attempt with MINEREA written

As i`ve suceeded below it`s oficial team names.



Zackspeed (Zeroforce)

Next steps, see other possible letters-images like this ...

Thank you,

PS: I hope my posts help also those who adventure in these hacks

Personal Projects / Re: SonicNes ♦ Improvement Next ♦
« on: August 14, 2018, 06:04:38 pm »
What a hack lesson!
Great job updating Sonic for Nes! Like a pro!

Wonderful intro!

Waiting to play...

See ya,

As a soccer fan, thank you for sharing this useful info! ISS will be my next choice for a hack.

May you`ll be interested with some information about Fifa 95
Here :

This combined  with Salvador`s Scenario Editor will be great.

My only attempt with ISS was with a sound extractor/injector that i`ve changed with some success voices on the game.


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: A good game to hack after years of SMW?
« on: July 04, 2018, 07:22:02 am »
Searching only for a Super Nes Game to hack? ::)

I had a job to offer, no money, but pleasure guaranteed fot a Mega Drive/Genesis Game...

Forget to say! It`s the classic Super Monaco GP! We want to change driver`s pictures as the user Tag_2015 have done with the sequel ASMGP2 , but i can` contact him...

It`s a hack, if we have success, will be recognized by the (big) people fans of this one.

As you can see in this topic below, i`d corrected all team colors and now all guardrails of the tracks with colors of the countries, and i can correct 80% of the texts, except the ones based on image.

Thank you,

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: My lists of SNES Romhacks
« on: June 17, 2018, 11:58:58 am »
Thanks for your reply!!!


ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: My lists of SNES Romhacks
« on: June 16, 2018, 07:24:24 pm »
Hi Marcelo!

Interesting you knows how to change parameters in assembler?

Want to know if you can help with some other game, in fact is Super Monaco GP for Genesis and we want to find the assembler section of the team parameters, as maximum and minimum speed, Tire duration, et cetera

I`ve searched in hexadecimal and have found something I suppose to be this, but no, was only the bars graphic at the Team menu, lol

And used too, IDA Pro to disassemble, but as I don`t have any knowledge :shame: on assembler , my search for specific speeds didn`t found any results. I suppose that have to use emulator trace to look for the asm code before, but don`t know how to.

I don`t know if my IDA method to get the asm of the game was the correct, though....
Entire history here

Thank you,

PS: My new Fifa 95 hack here

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Sharing hack finds with you
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:18:16 pm »
Thanks for your answer about what game was...

But, I think my text is confused

The question was:
So, how this "game code implant" could be done?
By assembly? Or copying a portion of some hexadecimal an putting in front of Fifa 95 beginning???


And as you said, it's a Nes game ,how could fit this intro on a Genesis game? Wow!

Thank you,

Ps: Edited some minor ortographical
Typed when was almost sleeping

June 16, 2018, 06:38:32 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Sorry to insist, but no one knows about this question? :-\

Learning how, we could do like this one, merging game openings, if possible...

Thank you,

Ps: Hope EA finding was interesting

ROM Hacking Discussion / Sharing hack finds with you
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:40:20 pm »
It`a nice to see you reading my topic ;) , hope you find interesting...and may help with EA (Electronic Arts) games hack..
So... let`s go...

I`m doing a Fifa 95 hack to became Fifa 2018 Russia World Cup, but it`s not completed, maybe by the end of the year with a help from some Whatsapp friends...
It`s like 50% player names, 80% team shirts corrected, 90% graphics and translation

But over the time I know this great site and forum, I know you don`t care so much about soccer games, so this talk will be about my knowledge with this one, but if you ask, I can provide an .ips patch of it...

One of the biggest discoveries in Hack and  lollable was also that I noticed in the Hexadecimal Editor after the name of the Team / Selection and before the players name had an exclamation and 3 letters (double), example:
!A0B !B0B ... So, I started to see a certain pattern in that ... I noticed better and discovered that selections / teams with the same color had these same letters.

Then this example, was !A0B first(home) white and green uniform, and second(away) green and white uniform !!!!
I was able to make a table with all these combinations and the corresponding colors.

Two teams, however, I found it strange, because River Plate (A3P B3P) and Boca Juniors (A3L B3L), had the perfect shirts, so going to Hive Pal (color editor), I noticed that these two teams had a fourth possible color !!! : shock: And the others, 3 (of 4 possible) ...but I will not mess with it now, maybe after this hack to improve it even more !!!

Hope it can help you.... :)

Please, may I ask you something that bothers me. Help me understand how this can be done...

This above, it`s an animated intro of this hack (Fifa 2003 Road to World cup), I`m re-hacking... lol
But Fifa 95 the original game don`t have this!!!! :shock:
Don`t know what`s the name of the game of this intro, though...

With tiles of Supersoccer from Super Nes ,I `ve copied and pasted to became my character known in Brazil rom hacking scene and an awful writed

So, how this "game code implant" could be done?
By assembly? Or copyiing a portion of some hexadecimal an putting in front of Fifa 95 beginning???

Thank you,

Super Monaco GP Brunette Edition, now with countries colors in their races

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