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Just submitted a "somewhat" overdue update that fixes:
 - The weird ! mark when fighting necrophobe
 - "Mithril" dragon (used for the squish tiles. It's now Mythril like everything else)
 - MgicShell changed to Mag.Shell.

I just kinda moved on from this and forgot about it, but now I've gone back and fixed those issues. All in all, I think it was a pretty cool project.

Hey 121J since this project correlate with a project that I'm doing, may I ask few questions:
- if this mod require Japan ROM, does that mean you have coded all the routines?

No, I'm not that skilled. I think the only real hex editing work I did was pointer editing for battle messages and a search and replace for changing e.g. Butz to Bartz. I used this utility, which modifies the RPGe patch. I just chose to create the IPS file from the japanese ROM for simplicity's sake.

- Are you familiar with internals - what format are fonts, font characteristics, widths for VWF and where I can find them in the ROM.
- Do you have full TBL of each font, I'm especially interested in command entries like New Page, Wait for Input, ...

Not really. Again I used the previously mentioned utility for this - it allowed me to insert images and widths for the fonts. This also came with .tbl files for the RPGe patch - by default it will generate new .tbl files upon first launch if none are detected. I was able to find a ROM map on the slickproductions wiki (I think) but the site seems to be down (i.e. I can't access it). Bear in mind the utility I mentioned is also hosted on slickproductions.

New version (v1.14) has been submitted. Stalker is now Wendigo, and I tried to tidy up the ending poem a bit. However, the transparency issue(?) is still present in Snes9X (haven't tested in other emulators)

From the readme, it looks like one of the things it does is allow for more letters in ability and item names? That could be handy.
From what I can gather, it says that it allows a max length of 6 and 9 characters for spell and item names respectively... which is also the length that's used in RPGe's translation and therefore this hack (the white/black/time icon counts as a character, some spells don't use it)

I find a text problem, see bottom, spells.

Should be fixed and submitted. Download v1.13a when it's avaliable at the download page.

December 11, 2017, 01:15:52 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Does anyone know how to extract text from the PS1 version? I thought an interesting idea for a project would be to take that version and give it a considerable brush-up (obvously removing its more infamous aspects), creating something (hopefully) close to what an official translation could have been.

The English translation is awesome! And I changed font to Mega Man Font except lower case chars, I love this.

I edited it to make them flat.

But these has a problem: Where is the clothes icon??

I saw it in tiles between Thund and eg, but is it never used in translated text?
I tried replace space tile that between ilit and lill to clothes icon, it works, but some space of monster name are changed to clothes icon too.
So I think that is a problem...
That's fixed in the latest version. I reccomend you download it as it also has some other minor changes and fixes.

Just submitted v1.13. This fixes the issue with the cloak sprite that was noticed before and fixes some other oversights as well as changing some formatting. I also gave item names and the like a once-over. Space limitations forced me to abbreviate in the first place, I just tried to make said abbreviations more pleasing to the eye. If you notice anything that you have suggestions for then please feel free to post them in this thread.

How difficult, out of curiosity, would it be to separate the Sprint and Learning functionality into two patches?  (I don't want to go and just request stuff willy-nilly that could be a lot of work, but I'm wagering a guess some people might want the Sprint functionality by itself)

They're already split into two patches, just all under one download.

Going through this mod, I've probably felt the happiest I've ever felt with a version of FFV. Tremendous work! I do have one minor issue that I haven't seen anyone point out: robes need to have an icon to match the other gear on the equip screen. Ideally, there would be a specific robe icon but if that were an issue I'd prefer seeing the generic armor icon on the robe instead of nothing at all. Again, thank you for your great work!

That's an oversight that I need to fix when I have time (read: when I can be bothered).

Hmm, I'm getting SHA-1: 135020E0E25E38C7231D014FDF8F18E879C6DE6F
not SHA-1: 24326228224C1492E2E80859ACC9016CF8BE1B95
Error on my end?

No, it's just that I was lazy and forgot to update it. The latest checksum has just been submitted.

Also, in case you haven't heard, this hack was just released by Tzepish, which enables sprinting and Blue Magic learning without the relevant abilities equipped, fixing one of the major disadvantages of the SNES version.

November 24, 2017, 09:22:40 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
The only way to discern the nature of the error is by using real emulator - higan (aka bsnes).
If you see error then it is a problem of the hack, if not then its emulation error  :laugh:

Bear in mind this error was also present in RPGe's translation, of which this was based on.

Honestly, the better solution to lack of room for spell names is reducing the spell display to two columns and adding scrolling.

I'm not very well versed in ASM hacking, and I'm not even sure if that's possible without extensive modifications. Blue magic uses longer spell names, so a possible solution could be to use its code for the other spells... except I have no idea how to do that.


Oh yeah, this looks wonderful. I haven't really been keeping up with it, and fonts don't really bother me personally, but I like the way it looks, you did a great job.

Is this project finished? Are all the softlocks worked out? Was there a softlock bug? I traipse around these forums too much, I'm losing track of which hack is doing what.

All the main porting work is done, it's just fine-tuning from here. As far as bugs go, I've included an optional add-on patch with fixes from Slickproductions, however there are some other bugs that have been discovered, such as the buggy Poem of Light text. I may post on Slick about it as my hacking knowledge is rather limited.

v1.12 has just been submitted. This adds the font changes suggested by Rodimus Primal among the usual minor changes.

I've also tried to edit the Blizzard and Thunder tiles. They're still squished, but hopefully easier to read now:

EDIT: I couldn't use that empty blue tile as it's used for spacing with the monster names. Exile is really the only spell name that hasn't been changed to its GBA counterpart, but I kinda like it.

So I've been looking over the font used for the menus and I noticed a few things that could be done for space saving AND  to make the overall font look better. If you want to try this out it might be helpful.

First of all, move most of the letters so they are centered. This will make the squish tiles you use touch LESS of the letters. Currently they are touching the left side of the space they use. Second, remove the extra bit on the lowercase L so that it is just a vertical bar. Also do this for your squish tiles using the lowercase l. You will find that you might have more room after you do this with some letters.

If you'd like, I can give a hand maybe further optimizing the space you are using with all of the squish tiles. It's up to you.

I tried what you said about shifting the characters along and removing the extra bit on the L. Here are the spell names as of now:

Some of the long names (eg. Thundaga) are still squished considerably, but note that aga and ara etc. are shared between spell names.
I seem to have exhausted my space. The font is below, and if you have any other ideas then let me know.

At some point I'll also review Blue Magic and see if I can port over a few more names. I'm not as bothered with abbreviations here as I can show the full names in the VWF anyway.

I'm considering creating an optional patch renaming Exdeath to Exodus, anyone think this is a good idea?

I found a glitch and I don't know what is causing it.

At the very end after ExDeath is defeated and the Epilogue is scrolling up.
The text jumps around causing repeats of text to show up at the bottom of the screen that is at the top.
And it keeps doing it until the screen fades out before returning to the characters in she stars.
I don't know how to explain it exactly except its like having some of the text switch to other text while scrolling up then appearing again where it should be blank.  :-\

I don't know either. I checked and that glitch is in the RPGe fan translation as well.

Totally agree - it looks very irritating. My suggestion is to use numbers not -ra -ga. And what -ra -ga mean for any English speaking? Nothing. It's far more convenient to use numbers (and I bet you will not have the problem with squishing, the need to make custom symbols,...)

As this is a port of the GBA script I've tried to keep things mostly consistent to how they are in that version and the series currently, as well as having a personal preference for the new spell names. I had to use squish tiles to accomplish this as I do not know how to extend the length for spell names. I could create two seperate versions, but it would be more of a hassle to maintain. And if I chose between the two systems, then either way there's going to be people left dissapointed. Should I start a poll on this issue?

New patch is awesome! It's amazing that you got the full names of most spells in there. One that might be diffcult to do elegantly is the one that sticks out to me the most, though: Blowfish should be 1000 Needles. I suppose 1kNeedls would fit, though it'd be uglier than the current name. It would be in good company with Chocob and GblnPnch, at least.

Yeah, I didn't really mind abbreviations with these spells as, for example with Blue Magic, it'd show "GblnPnch" in the menu, and then show "Goblin Punch" in the VWF. However with the other spells, it'd show something like "Bersk" in both the VWF and the menu, which was especially jarring for me. I could shorten 1000 Needles in the menu in this way (as 1kNeedls or simply Needles) but Blowfish still works well.

Just glad I could help, one other thing I noticed and may have been fixed already (which I forgot to take a screen of) was while controlling a Mini Dragon 'Blaze' in the missing the 'a'

Thought I fixed that - I'll have to check. RPGe uses two squish tiles for "Bla", and the table file with the text editor I use doesn't work with this very well and displays it as "Bl". This should already be fixed but I'll check.

October 26, 2017, 06:26:00 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Can't die happy yet - we still need the Chrono Trigger DS script port.  :)

For this hack, I was able to use this to rip the GBA text - I'm unsure as to whether something like this exists for the DS Chrono Trigger. Something similar to the Woosley Uncensored patch would be pretty good as I especially remember a lot of the battle captions being awkward in the SNES version. Unless someone would be willing to play both games side - by - side and manually copy every single item of text in the game?

October 26, 2017, 06:33:22 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
EDIT: My internet was being horrendously laggy, so I ended up posting the same thing twice.

Submitted v1.11 - This version changes some monster/item names and restores some icons from the Japanese version (RPGe replaced some). The oversight Raijinken spotted has been fixed as well.

The update which adds the new squish tiles has just been submitted.

While I'm here, I might as well shamelessy promote my other minor hack - a hack that changes Galuf's in-battle hair to ginger for consistency's sake. It's currently included as an extra optional patch with this hack.

EDIT: The galuf hair hack was flagged as noncompliant, for some reason.
EDIT 2: Seems as though it was considered redundant as I included it with this hack.

An suggestion : Levia to Leviat.

And this bug found in the final boss screen:

Don't know what that is - it's there in the RPGe fan translation (of which this hack is based on) as well. Leviat I can do.
First wanted to say THANK YOU because the SNES version of this game is finally getting the refresh treatment it deserves just like the other 5 Nintendo Final Fantasy games have gotten. Wanted to know are you planning to add the ability to be able to dash without a having to have a thief in the party or using up an ability slot? Kinda how like they added it to the PS1 and GBA versions of the game?
I'd like to add that, but my hacking knowledge is quite limited. If there's a way to edit jobs then maybe making Sprint an innate ability of all jobs is a possibility?

October 22, 2017, 05:27:39 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So I tried to make more efficient use of squish tiles and this is the result:

I've tried to port as many spell names as I can. A few item icons have been sacrificed but nothing too drastic I think.

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