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Personal Projects / Re: Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:32:40 pm »
More great progress on this I see! :thumbsup: I really like the new end-of-level scoreboard.

I had a question about Eggman's first appearance.  The wrecking ball under the Eggmobile is only shown a quarter at a time, which I'm guessing may have been done in the original to keep the number of sprites-per-scanline (or some other similar technical limit) down to what can be shown on the NES?  If that's right, could the different quarters be made to rotate more quickly to create the illusion of a single, flickering ball?  (Apologies if this is a stupid question - I don't know much about the constraints!)

Personal Projects / Re: Ghostbusters Remastered (GB1, NES)
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:36:19 pm »
Great to see work resume on this, the work you've done to enhance the graphics is amazing, it's like a totally different game!  The blue/purple mix of buildings works well, too.

I agree with changing the requirement to enter 'the Zuul building' - having it based on money doesn't make sense from a story perspective, and creates gameplay flaws as you said.  Having the ghost suit purchase as a gatekeeper to allow access would make more sense logically, and helps make the stairwell more survivable when you get there.  Is there a way to tip off the player before the final stages so they know to save money for it?

As for other things to refine the gameplay, it would be nice to be able to repel the ghosts on the stairs with your proton pack, as it's odd this is the only place in the game they don't work.  I agree a health meter of some kind on this section would be very useful, and I heard the controls in the stairwell make it a lot more difficult?  You said a while back about exploring ways to add an element of risk to the ghost catching sections - other versions include the 'sliming' mechanic if time runs out/your trap misses too much, or limits the amount of charge your packs have to encourage quick captures (packs can only be recharged at GBHQ), but I don't know if either is workable.

Do the 'marshmallow man alerts' happen in the NES version?

Personal Projects / Re: Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2 (Nes)
« on: January 10, 2019, 03:12:50 am »
Great to see so much progress has been made on this, I've been keeping an eye on this for a while...

Regarding the clouds, is there a different type of weather effect - rain, wind, etc - that might achieve the desired dynamic/animated look while being a little more subtle?  (To continue the Megaman theme, Toad Man's stage uses what looks like a fairly simple rain animation in the background (Around ~2:40), but I'm no expert on how this would be done?)

Incidentally, the subject line changed at some point to 'Sonic 5 - Improvement Vol.2', is that the planned name for the hack?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda - Link's Awakening Hack WIP (update thread)
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:52:02 am »
Personally I like option 3 better, with the rupee counter nearer the heart counter.

The only time I can think of a need for a rupee counter to be available at all times would be if you're grinding to save up for an expensive item.  (I remember doing it for the bow in original LA way back when.)  I wouldn't want to keep popping back to a town to visit a shop to see how far I've got to go.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX [Released!]
« on: December 27, 2017, 02:48:59 pm »
Congratulations Toruzz on an amazing finished product!  All the hard work you've put into this over the last few months really shows, it's given the game a new lease of life...  (Wish someone could say the same about me - I did feel pretty old playing it on Christmas Day, exactly 24 years after I got the original! ;) )  I've played at least a portion of each zone, but I haven't had a chance to get into Wario's castle yet!

On the topic of someone doing something similar with SML/WL in future, I'd enjoy seeing Wario Land in full colour.  I never enjoyed it as much as SML2 - I was always disappointed we never got a 'true' SML3 - but I found Wario fun in its own right.  It might just be because I played SML2 first and went backwards, but the graphics/physics of SML always felt too compromised, and it hasn't aged well either.  I did once try using an editor to turn an SML2 ROM into a rough remake of SML, but the results weren't great.

I feel like both Kirby games on the GB are in dire need of a DX version.

My thoughts exactly!  I think both Kirby GB games would benefit hugely from a similar colourisation/enhancement treatment to what Toruzz has done with SML2. 

Another GB game I'd like to see get the 'DX' treatment is the 1994 version of Donkey Kong - the game has some SGB enhancements, but from what I remember mostly in borders/static screens rather than the game itself.  Seeing the different environments from the expanded game and all the various animations in a 'full-colour' version would be awesome.

Personal Projects / Re: Ghostbusters Remastered (GB1, NES)
« on: December 10, 2017, 06:35:13 pm »
Really glad to see some new updates on this, and very impressed with the new screenshots!

I do think there's the potential for a good (or at least decent) game in there, and I enjoyed the version I played back in the day, but with more experienced eyes I can see there's some poor design choices.  The 'entrance fee' mechanic for getting to Zuul is a good example, which doesn't fit in-story any better than it does in-game.  I liked the idea of a 'reputation' meter to work alongside the PKE meter, showing the city's faith in your franchise.  (Most actions in the game would then have an impact on either reputation or money, or both.)  If you don't meet a certain trust threshold by the endgame, City Hall won't know who they gonna call.

I wouldn't know where to start with adding such a thing though, and I do realise that eking out the amount of unused bytes needed for this number of graphical improvements must already be hugely challenging.  I'll just look forward to re-visiting the game with it's enhanced graphics once it's complete!

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX (WIP)
« on: July 09, 2017, 07:47:18 pm »
I wanted to see what Sephirous' suggestion of a yellow-ish ground colour would look like, since the moon is a similar colour on the world map, so I've had a go at mocking this up too...  I've uploaded a cropped sample as my avatar temporarily, although I do have a more complete version of the whole screen.  (I don't have anywhere else to load it.)  I like the contrast and added colour, but possibly it looks too close to sand?

Of the two shades of grey, I prefer the darker one.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man 4 Voyage (MM4 hack)
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:22:02 pm »
This looks like great work - both visually and on the soundtrack you've assembled - and I like the dedication to keeping the game close to the originals in terms of difficulty and spirit.  (Much as I like innovative hacks adding new gameplay elements, sometimes you just want one more sequel than your childhood provided!) The attention to detail in the subtle additions/bugfixes is also impressive.  Anyway, onto the opinions you asked for (and one you didn't, admittedly):

Stage Length: For me, MM9/10 length or a little more is fine, though I haven't played MM Unlimited so I'm not sure how that compares.  I think the steps you've mentioned to keep potential frustrations to a minimum - from unfair level design or checkpoints forcing repetition - are more important than the number of screens the level covers, though.
Master Weapon Effectiveness: Having some Master Weapons be ineffective against certain enemy types serves as a useful balancing tool (like energy efficiency), so I have nothing against it.  The Metal Blade is versatile, powerful and drains virtually no energy, so having it deflect off certain enemy types helps keep it from being too overpowered.  On the other hand, Rain Flush hits everything on screen but has quite a weak blow, so further weakening through enemy immunity is less necessary.  It's important that any ineffectiveness has some internal logic to it though - like the visual cues mentioned above, or an obvious reasoning to underpin it.  (An ice weapon melting harmlessly off a fire-based enemy, etc.) 
MM4 Robot Masters: I'd agree with Zynk's point about new Robot Masters - you've put a huge amount of work into new AI and new levels, and adding some new 'personalities' would enhance that.  Even if you replaced four of the less memorable Robot Masters with new ones that fit the existing power/level, it would freshen up the lineup.  (Much like the GB games used Robot Masters from two different NES games?)  I understand that's easier to say than do though, and you've worked long and hard already!

Personal Projects / Re: Captain N - The Game Master (SMB2 Hack)
« on: July 04, 2017, 06:24:01 pm »
Fun idea for an SMB2 hack - and you seem to have plenty on the go at the minute!  I hope you're able to incorporate some of the ideas above, especially adding a ranged weapon to make the characters more like their counterparts from the show.  (Sadly, I don't have the skills to offer any help...)

Will the worlds be themed after different parts of Videoland?  Do you have any plans to include other characters from the show (Lana, Duke, Gameboy, or even recurring ones like Link) as characters or NPCs?

Personal Projects / Re: Ghostbusters Remastered (GB1, NES)
« on: June 26, 2017, 06:18:12 pm »
I suspect the ghostbusters famicom manual has the information telling us what all these graphics are suppose to be.

I tried looking up the NES manual, but no luck - it barely even mentioned that you could open the doors.  My only other theory was similar to Tomato - I thought it might be some kind of on-screen icon to show if the sound generator was activated or not (with the top half flipped to show two different positions), but the sound generator doesn't need to be turned on.  Not a single clue about the robot/workbench/thing behind the door.

While I'm posting - I'd agree with what others were saying about it not being the end of the world to lose the 'ghurstbursters' speech at the beginning, if it meant more sound variety elsewhere.  (A version of the 'Arrival at the Library' song might work well for the shop/calmer moments?) 

Mildly off-topic, there's one thing about the game that never did make sense to me - why do you need $10,000 to enter the presence of Zuul?  Is Gozer standing in front of the building in a ticket booth?  :laugh:

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX (WIP)
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:08:20 pm »
Another very impressed voice to add to the list - I think you're doing a great job adding colour to the monochrome graphics, and the extra touches (like Luigi) really add something to the old game.  The colour version of the map is impressive, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the other worlds other than the Tree Zone.

Are you considering adding additional levels/worlds to the 'enhanced' patch for the game?  (Much like Link's Awakening DX added an extra dungeon?)

So, think about this: CD-i Zelda could be proper remade in things like the GB ones, ALTTP, Zelda Classic or Battle of Olympus.

I had a similar idea a while back - I started a hack (using ZOLE) to turn Oracle of Ages into a game inspired by Wand of Gamelon, but it's in a very early stage.  If/when I get to a point where the overworld reflects the Gamelon map, I'll start a project thread.

Personal Projects / Re: Ghostbusters Remastered (GB1, NES)
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:13:24 pm »
I have (surprisingly) fond memories of the ZX Spectrum version of this game, so I'll be watching this with interest - you're doing an awesome job of improving the graphics, and I'm curious to see what further enhancements you can achieve while working within the limits of the ROM.  (I also wonder what you'll do with the famous end screen...)

On the subject of sliming, here's a video of someone getting slimed:

If I remember rightly, you lost one of your team of three ghostbusters every time you got slimed - if your team drops down to one, you can't go to ghost call-outs anymore, as you need two ghostbusters to pin the ghosts down.  You can replenish your team to full strength at any time by returning to GBHQ.  (In my head, I always imagined Winston was waiting at GBHQ and got swapped in for the 'slimed' team member, but the same three identical sprites kept walking out...  ;) )

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