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Finally, after all this time, I finished making what seems to be the perfect overworld for this hack!  ;D

To balance the overworld as much as I could I hid about the same amount of hidden rupees, shops, door repairs (way less than the original actually), and gambling games as there are in the original. Often when hacks stray from the original balance it can get/seem uninspired at times. For instance, in The Legend of Link ROM hack, since the overworld was just a mirrored Link's Awakening map, all shops and places from Link's awakening that were originally unique, were replaced with an excessive amount of duplicate shops. That made me just assume every new building I saw was a shop, and I was right. :laugh:

Back to the point though, I wrote down a huge docs file with rules I followed when making the world, and I think it turned out well :D!
All I'm trying to say is that you won't get bored in this overworld. :laugh:

ABOUT HEART PIECES, I hid exactly 20 in the overworld, 3 are hidden in each dungeon, with the 4th dungeon piece always being gotten after defeating the dungeon boss.
So you start with 3 heart containers, every dungeon has 4 pieces total (except Lv9) and the overworld has 20 pieces making 5 more heart containers in total. Exactly enough heart pieces to get 16 containers.

Don't worry... if you're vigilant you will spot the cracked walls and the slightly different trees. :thumbsup:
There are also many spots that utilize the bracelet and ladder for secrets, even the ocarina so you can walk on water..... I added a couple extra raft spots too, because let's face it the raft is underused.

There are enemies unique to certain areas, such as whirlwind enemies. They are only on the Ice mountain, if you get caught in one you'll be blown back to the bottom of the mountain. (Can come in handy though!)

In the Lava area, there are red bubbles, so if you touch one you'll be forced to visit a fairy. Adds more dodging to that area. That's the thing, you can explore any part of this world first. Any dungeon you find early you can beat if you wan't but it will be difficult if you explore a more dangerous area first, You can play any style, hard areas first for the challenge, or slowly build up strength to take on the more difficult dungeons.

Oh yeah in the underwater area there are armos that are already awakened that chase you at fast speeds, every other underwater enemy is a slow type because they are underwater.

I even am trying to change the music currently too, it's very tedious. :banghead: :-[

Let me know what you guys think, please give me more ideas! All I gotta do left is create the rest of quest 1 dungeons then I'll need some beta testers! It's happening soon guys, thank the Coronavirus for this opportunity of so much free time. Can't work or go to high school... (Hope Covid ends soon... :o)

Seems like good ideas.

An anonymous hacker already knocked at my door tonite and we kept discussing for like 12 hours. Gave him my blessing, all the tools (including stuff not present on Github), instructions to setup the environment, and some hacking directions. I'll also be assisting him whenever he needs a hand with technicalities. So yeah, a trustworthy person has been finally found. Don't know how long it will take him to fix the remaining issues, but I'm sure he's capable.

Is it him? :

Or there is still another one who is working on the english version?

Edit : He replied on Twitter, it's not him, he's someone else.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda - Link's Awakening Hack WIP (update thread)
« on: January 30, 2020, 10:36:39 am »
Looks pretty nice.

That's a really nice idea for a hack, looking forward to it!

Nope, same thing happened with Surging Aura for the Mega Drive, but this one is likely number two on the list. Though I think some Famicom RPGs (Hokuto no Ken 3?) got translated into Spanish too, as of late.

Either way, good to see it done, I'll probably give this one a go! Been interested in this game for a while, and my Spanish is better than my Japanese. Thanks for your hard work guys!

Old bump but it happened more than twice.

- Bahamut Lagoon for example. Oldest english version seems to be from May 31, 2002 (according to
the readme file) when the first french version (with a fully translated script) was released during 2000 summer.

- Surging Aura (like said by someone else), which doesn't seem to be available in english yet.

- Star Ocean : Blue Sphere (now in spanish, and available since several years in french).

- Phantasy Star Generation 2, released before the english version.

- Rudora no Hihou (in the english readme, it's written the patch is based on the french one. And November 30, 2002 for the french patch, July 4, 2003 for the english one).

- Romancing SaGa 3 in spanish (it doesn't seem there a complete english translation yet).

And probably some others I forgot/I don't know about.

Personal Projects / Re: Mizzurna Falls Translation
« on: July 31, 2019, 04:08:09 pm »
Thanks for the patch!

I think you forgot to credits the guys who did the original boss hack.

I would hardly believe the boss hack have been done from scratch when I send you our modifications for analyzing (not to mention the hack is not just a paste of data, it require a complete analyze of the boss IA and implementation of this IA in the western version) and you said at that time that the guy was analyzing the modifications with a debugger (copy-pasting is a bit different from doing a whole hack).

Same for the intro hack. At first, you credited it but the credit has dissapeared (it still in the readme but it's credited with my nickname, when the real credit should goes to BahaBulle).

BahaBulle is the one who made the intro hack, as well as the boss hack implementation (and in the boss hack, I did all the debugging of the IA with the explanations he gave me)

I just saw this credit on the page:

Bahabulle: Created the tools used to edit the text crawl.

Which doesn't really make sense as he only worked on the intro. Other texts of my hack were done by another guy and you didn't use any of my other texts.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana: Relocalized
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:09:08 pm »

I did like this, personally. Before, I was using "LC" in the menus and "lucs" in the texts.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana: Relocalized
« on: January 27, 2019, 09:45:47 pm »
To date, Hiei- is the only person who has actually succeeded in editing the title tiles and he doesn't remember how he did it. If I could edit the tiles, I would turn them white and I would create a proper "2" tile. If anyone can point me in the right direction for getting in there and editing any/all of this, I would be happy to make new tiles. Possibly an entirely new logo out of them.

From what I said in PM :

For example, I found in my log the title has been moved in the expanded part of the rom (0x230000), so near the intro (which has also been moved in the expanded part of the rom (0x251000).

I guess we modified a pointer somewhere to redirect it to 0x230000.

We also found the tilemap and palette of the title screen, I'll have to dig my logs about that too.

I can confirm I used LunarCompress/Decompress as I double checked and I listed them on the translation staff.


(But only for the title screen, the intro was decompressed/recompressed with a LUA script made by BahaBulle).

You might want to contact him, he's also the one who did the modifications to reinsert the censored boss (he explained me how to do the search/tests, I did them and he made the modifications), but not sure if he still has the sources.

You just had to check this adress in the rom with a Tile Editor and you would have known easily if it was compressed or not. Then, you had to calculate the pointer of the adress 0x230000 and search where the pointer is in the rom and it would have gave you the original title screen adress.

To summary:

Compressed intro is at 0x251000 in my rom (I think I said it in PM). Original intro adresss seems to be x07B480 (from my logs)

Title screen is at 0x230000 in my rom. For the original adress, you can just search the pointer adress in my rom and you'll know where it is, but seems FuSoYa already gave the adress, 0x1CEA00.

Personal Projects / Re: Asuncia (PS1) project
« on: January 24, 2019, 03:36:35 pm »
(bumping an old thread but I didn't feel the necessity to create one just for one message).

I won't promise anything but I'm actually looking at Mizzurna Falls, as the translator seems to think the actual romhack project is dead because she didn't had much contact with the hacker during the last year, and as she authorized anyone to use her scripts anyway.

I got some contacts with a russian guy who kindly shared everything he did on the game (source and binaries), though he encountered some ram size problems (it seems the actual translated text is too big to be inserted with his actual tools, even after be recompressed), which make the game crash.

I'm actually making some tests to see if shorten the texts a bit would fix this crash. If yes, it would mean to have shortened texts, remove some less important dialogs, but at least, it would be playable in english which is better than nothing.

I'll give some news when my tests on the game will be done, if yes, it'll be in a new thread of course.

This game have great graphics, atmosphere and nice big sprites. In the past I've already finished it in japanese (using some faqs) because of the better gameplay balance than the us (early harder boss fight -> easier after 3/4 game)

however I think the author is wrong when changing names of 'red arremer' and 'demon village'  with the fake names of the western editions..somehow miss the point of translate this version:\

Would you have a link where all the differences of balance are listed?

Newcomer's Board / Re: Secret of Mana's intro?
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:18:08 pm »
Ah, yeah, that makes more sense. It appears I misinterpreted your comments in that thread Hiei-, you were saying that you had translated a patch that you had done for a French version of the game into English, NOT that you had translated the entire Japanese script of the game into English like I thought. Makes more sense in retrospect because according to your profile you know French and English but not Japanese, and also, that would have been very fast to translate an entire JRPG from Japanese into English. Although admittedly Ted Woolsey translated it very fast originally so it is definitely possible to do.

I know Japanese, I'm not the one who created my profile so maybe the guy who created it just didn't know. If not, I would not have been able to translate "Phantasy Star Generation 2" (french version was released a lot of time ahead the english release), same for "Crystal Beans : From Dungeon Explorer" (SNES) and the last scripts of "Dragon Ball Z Gokuuden". All the games I translated or anime episodes I translate are done from japanese (in France, I'm known as a guy who subtitle Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters episodes in french since 2005, far before Crunchyroll start to translate them in english).

But yeah, I don't translate games with big scripts in english as it's not my native language. There are already lots of good english translators here.

As I said, I can offer a full hack of the game (the hack is already done) so it just require someone to translate the script (or maybe the Steam version has a faithful translation, did someone checked it?). That's how I did for the french version. First, we wanted to retranslate the game then we saw the french script of the iPhone version was pretty well translated (translated from japanese when the original french version was translated from the english version) so we just used the script of the iPhone version (it would have been pretty useless to translate it again as it was already translated pretty well).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Phantasy Star Generation 2 Venting Thread
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:30:01 pm »
We worked again on the project the last few days and the real hardware crash should now be fixed. It was because of the item drop function, the hacking broke it. As PCSX2 is more permissive than real hardware, it would give no items but do not crash.

On the real hardware, it crash the game after the battle (results screen).

Still, those crashs should have been pretty rare as the item drom rate is pretty low (I would say the rate is ~1%).

Now, the item drop works fine on PCSX2 (the item is given) so it should also work fine on real hardware (unfortunately, I don't have a working PS2 anymore to test it myself but it should be okay anyway).

About the english versions, some other things have been fixed/tweaked, you can get more informations here :

I guess both versions (english and french versions) will soon be updated on the website (those versions should be the final versions, previous ones were beta versions).

Looking for some news of the project, I saw this message I missed.

If it's still useful, here's the translation :

"Bat, answer to Lyn's love and live on together!"

(It's a dialog line displayed during the ending scene of the game).

There is also a "graphical text" at the end of the game, after the staff credits.


It would translate to something like : "Farewell, my rival..." (literally, "強敵" means "strong enemy").

Newcomer's Board / Re: Secret of Mana's intro?
« on: October 07, 2018, 02:00:17 pm »
Death Machine in japanese, if I remember right.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Secret of Mana's intro?
« on: October 07, 2018, 11:00:00 am »
Since that is how I play the game, with those 2 patches, that is a very good base to start out with, I agree 100% with that decision. Very smart, you start out with a variable-width font and everything in the correct case, but without any hacks that change things from the way the game originally was designed.

Your idea sounds pretty good. I would refer you to this unfinished project attempting a retranslation: Some of the people who worked on that project might the text of their unfinished retranslation or some tools to recommend that they used, and they might be able to help you out. Apparently RedScorpion and Thanatos-Zero worked on this. Also Hiei- worked on it too but it seems his/her work was separate and not really coordinated with RedScorpion and Thanatos-Zero, from that thread. It seems RedScorpion and Thanatos-Zero never finished their project but Hiei- DID pretty much finish an English translation but never put it out because Hiei-’s work got dismissed by Thanatos-Zero because Thanatos-Zero and RedScorpion were doing their own translation, look at as well as the comment immediately following it.

My point is that Hiei- already retranslated this entire game but it kinda got discarded since it was submitted to another project that didn’t really accept it and was trying to do things differently, but you could totally use Hiei-’s work, Hiei-’s profile is here: Maybe Hiei- still has their translation of this on their computer. My point with mentioning this is, after I discovered this while reading through the forums, I thought, well, this unreleased retranslation would be very very useful especially since its creator says it is 100% complete. Too bad it never got released as a patch.

You aren’t actually planning on doing a retranslation from what you said, only uncensoring and updating and relocalizing it, but, Hiei-’s unreleased work translates everything including the parts that were censored or left out of Ted Woolsey’s version, so if you are reinserting those parts it would come in handy.

As far as names I think generally the 3D Remake versions released earlier in 2018 for PS4, PS Vita, and MS Windows of Secret of Mana would generally have the best names for most things although I agree, you might want to keep older names for other things, I trust your judgment on this. You don’t really need a copy of the game to find names of things, you can find things like lists of weapons, armor, accessories, characters, game locations, etc. online and see what has changed between the SNES release in English and the 3D Remake in English.

There is a Secret of Mana Editor by Moppy you can use. Unfortunately Romhacking dot net doesn’t have the latest version 0213 which is at, instead they have the older version 0204, so since I just noticed this I submitted an update to Romhacking dot net’s currently outdated page about that editor here: That page should be updated to the latest version in a few days assuming my submission is approved. Anyway this editor may be helpful to you although from what I have read it does still have some bugs and is not entirely perfect so I would be careful with it.

No, I never retranslated the game in english. The best I did in english was just to make an uncensored version (restored the boss with the chainsaw and some other stuffs) with the original english translation, that I never published because it required some polishing (basically, to redo the line-break as the actual hack use a VWF (not FuSoYa one, Magno's) and as you said, someone else was planning to retranslate it so it seemed useless to publish it.

Secret of Mana (Uncensored+VWF-USA-100%)_banks_fixed_Misc_inserted_Battle_inserted_splash_screen_disabled.sfc

DarknessSavior had offered to translate the game from scratch, so I sent him the japanese dump and planned to take care of the hack (already done for the french retranslation) but I never heard about him since then, so he probably just gave up.

Edit : If it can help you, Timbo : (if you modify those scripts, I'll be able to reinsert them back in a rom with a VWF and all the uncensored stuffs. Note that you won't have any length limitations for the main script, you can make it twice bigger if you want).

Here's how look the actual hack (IPS Patch) :

The IPS patch has to be applied on the "Secret of Mana (USA).sfc" rom (from no-intro set).*

Note that the intro, the title screen, the entry-name screen and some menus are still in french because I was lazy to modify them as the hack was never released (but I can modify them pretty easily). And you can sometimes see some texts overlay (because of the length of the characters name. In my french hack, I made a test with long names for all characters to fix the line-breaks to avoid that).

Modifications are explained here (too bad, the images links are dead) :

Edit 2 : (modifications can be found here, for the boss and the earthquake graphic)

Basically, the modifications are :

- Reinserted an unused text in the rom.
- Reinserted the original boss with chainsaws.
- Reinserted the original earthquake graphic.

Batmen : Return of the Joker doesn't work on the Nes Mini (but the two othes Batman games does), at least not with the official emulator.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Translating Zelda II NES to Japanese
« on: March 24, 2018, 05:39:26 am »
I haven't checked it but it seems like there should be a download link for all patches at the bottom of the page.
A line of large Japanese text.

Yeah, you're right, a .lzh archive. I missed it the first time I looked at the page.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Translating Zelda II NES to Japanese
« on: March 19, 2018, 11:35:44 am »
Is it considered "translating" when you would probably just gonna port JP texts from the FDS version into the NES version?  :huh:

You should translate the non-Japanese texts in the game, like the opening texts.
EDIT: Uhh... you may want to drop this project, because someone already beat you to it and its from 2006  :P

Are you sure ? Because I searched a bit on the website and it seems there is no patch so it seems to just be some graphical title screens modifications and not an actual romhack.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Landstalker Censorship Patch in English
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:29:11 pm »
I guess you can hardcode the action replay game to the rom.

It would just require to know how action replay deals with memory adresses and then convert it.

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