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I don't know if you have started on any SMB3 sheets, but I have done a World Map Mario and Luigi concept. Feel free to use, that is, if you'd like to
Those actually are really nice. And coincidentally I haven't done the overworld map stuff yet. I may just use these, Thanks. I will still be using the default colors for the game though, most I'd be changing for default SMB3 is maybe making the blue in the overalls more vibrant.

Sorry for not being as active here as I was. As of right now, I'm working on unused SMB1 sprites. I love the sprites that were done so far. Can't wait for the final release.

November 19, 2020, 08:10:29 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
And... here they are. After hearing you were done with the Super Mario and Luigi sprites, I ended up editing them to make them unused (for Small Mario, I ended up redrawing from scratch)
I don't recall saying I was done, just that I nearly am. You can see what's left to be done on my mockups with the NES colors ( but in case you don't feel like scrolling back up, it's Mario's death sprite, his small swimming sprites, Luigi's death sprite, and all of small Luigi except for idle. And I'm not sure I like how the small sprites look. ) In any case those are still just my Lost Levels sprites, Metal Wario 64 is doing the SMB1 sprites, I believe he was trying to capture the walk cycle from the NES more accurately.

As for the unused sprites, that's a nice effort but if they're unused, what can I do with them exactly? I'm not sure how they would have been used in the original game, and I'm not really sure how to do anything other than edit existing sprites and the occasional color pallet.

Have you condisered the posibility of use the Luigi's sprite of Super Mario Bros DX version of Game Boy Color? I think that the original color of Luigi in the Nes version was a mistake of design or programming; so then Nintendo fixed this in the original planning of colors in the Game Boy Color version.

Here one pic of Luigi color:

PD: Excuse mi english

I don't think there is much nostalgia for Green and Brown Luigi, even if it is a mistake, and Nintendo seem to be sticking with their guns on Green and White Luigi as the default for SMB1 if the Game & Watch and merchandise depictions are anything to go by. Also the Wii Shop Channel download screen ( if anyone remembers that ), I am interested in hearing if there's a source to the original Luigi colors being a mistake though. I always thought something was fishy. But even if true, I'll be sticking with NES colors for that optional patch.

No, I'm still active. My time is just very limited now due to worsening, long-term health issues. Romhacking is one of my few pleasures in life, so I just have to take things slower these days.

Take all the time you need, no pressure, and I hope things start looking better. I greatly appreciate everything you've contributed already, I probably would have given up on this if you didn't teach me how to edit color pallets so I owe it to you that i've even made it this far.

Sorry for the long silence, i'm still trying to avoid bumping this thread when I've got nothing to update. I'm still waiting on Darksamus99's build script and MetalWario's SMB1 sprites so I've still nothing to share. But I did want to talk about something. As you know, this project was originally conceived with the goal simply to make the game more accurate to the artwork.
Well, some brand new artwork for SMB1 was recently made for the new Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch, and rather than being the usual red overalls with a blue shirt, Mario and Luigi's color pallets were actually based on their sprites in the game.

Obviously this is a retcon or just a nod to the sprite's color scheme, but it did remind me of something I had been thinking about even before these new images came to light.

The secondary goal of this hack was also to make things a bit closer to the NES game, at least in ways that I don't personally find to be a downgrade like the flat color backgrounds of SMB3 just for the sake of adding the shadows. So, while I want to avoid making too many "alternate" versions of this hack, I did consider an alt using the colors based on the art. This is just a mockup, but Mario and Luigi in SMB1 would look something like this:

I suppose NES color pallet for Luigi is basically this game's "Fire Luigi", so the solution there would be to just make both Fire Mario and Fire Luigi both red and white... or if we're going with NES color scheme, that super pale orange color.   
If I do this, I don't think i'd be satisfied just stopping at Mario and Luigi, I'd make Peach a Brunette again, give the Bros. their Black overalls in SMB3, make Bowser bald again in SMB1+TLL, and revert Koopaling colors back to the default.  This is, of course, just a theoretical alternate version of the hack that I wouldn't even think of working on until the regular version is finished.

On a side note, this post gives away just what's left to do on my Lost Levels sprites for the Bros. Super Mario and Super Luigi are finished. But there's still some small sprites that I need to work on, and i'm really not sure if i'm satisfied with the direction i've taken them. They look so much like Super Mario World sprites and I've always hated SMW's sprites.

I'd probably have better luck pitching this to Sonic Retro but i'm not going back to a Sonic centric community any time soon lol... but the Sonic Forces Avatar character in the Genesis games would be neat.  Forces was such a disappointment of a game but the Avatar was actually pretty fun to play as. The game was like 90% 2D anyway so it's not a stretch to put them in a 2D setting.

I suppose the logical choice would be to use the red wolf with the glasses from the box art and promo material, but customization of the character and the wispon would be amazing.. that's a tall order, but the wizardry I've seen from the Sonic hacking community leads me to believe it's not impossible, even if the customization options were in the patch itself like Sonic 3 complete's optional patches.

Also replace Tails with Sonic since Sonic and the player Avatar actually worked together in the game.

Yo! I so happened to stumble upon this while searching for the other patches that are already on the site! Very well done!
Do you have a Twitter account so people can follow the project, and get an idea when a release will come? I will GLADLY play this!

I almost never talk about the hack on Twitter so unless you're interested in my dumb opinions on video games and movies or pictures of collectible nerd crap there's really no incentive to follow my Twitter. All my progress updates are posted here almost exclusively.

I actually did post two short videos on Twitter though... using my phone camera...

But as I said anything about the hack almost never appears on my Twitter.

I was mostly going to change the sky color and the color of the hills on the ground level.  But you do raise a good point.  There's really no point in altering just one of the background tilesets to help differentiate it from Lost Levels if I don't do the same for all the other background tilesets... so maybe i'll just scrap the whole idea and leave the backgrounds the way they are, but I'd still like to make the skies more purple-ish like the NES game.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: October 16, 2020, 07:19:11 am »
It was years ago, but I once used a program called Zelda Classic to play a complete remake of The Legend of Zelda using the BS Zelda graphics.

I played that too! It was pretty cool... very strange choice of music at times though, like Sonic Adventure 2's "live and learn" but like a crusty MIDI version of it was the song for the final dungeon.

I'd still love to see a version of Zelda 1 I could play on an SNES tho.

I thought trying to look more like the NES version of SMB1 would go over well but I'm meeting more resistance than I expected so it looks like it's poll time.

Although even if the lighter colors win i'm still going to want to find a way to make some of the background elements in SMB1 and Lost Levels to look different. In the Famicom version they added a bunch of fruzzy parts, I guess to make the hills look more grassy?  But it looked pretty bad and idk how to translate that to the SNES version.

I can only work with the shades of green within the existing color pallet for the time being, as I said, DarkSamus99 has been working on that build script again and I've put off color pallet work until it's done. Even so, i'm wary of changing the pallet of background elements. I really don't want to mess anything up.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: October 14, 2020, 01:53:40 am »
The full remake of LOZ1 with ZeldaBS as a base would be badass!
I would kill for that.

A fix for Punch-Out!! so that Little Mac's shorts and gloves didn't turn white when he's not in the center of the ring would be nice.


Reverted the bushes back to how they were before I darkened them. Hopefully it looks better. Ignore the funky Mario, I had starman invincibility at the time.  I think the lightest shade of green should be tweaked but that will require altering the pallet. Waiting to do any further pallet editing till the build script is done.

I don't remember if this was brought up before, but I was wondering if you were planning to make the world 8 part of mario 3 closer to how it was originally. With it's mostly black and white backgrounds. I was always dissapointed they changed that in the snes version.

I would like to but I sounds like it may be beyond my abilities to do so.  I've always struggled with backgrounds, even when I have tools as simple as Lunar Magic to help me.  So if I was to attempt to restore or change backgrounds, I would likely need a lot of help and it would be one of the last changes made before the hack is ready for publishing.

But there were mountains in the background of the original game, they were just a lot smaller, see?

Funny you mention the bushes, because I recently darkened them. Felt like they didn't stand out enough. But now that I've dark into the mountains they kind of blend in. So I'll probably just go back to making them a lighter color.

Anyway, if you like the lighter color mountains, they will still exist in Lost Levels.

Well, don't worry. All I had to do was press the + button a couple of times, a solution that Justamariofan suggested. Mario sprites are done. I tried to do Luigi but he just looks worse than your sprites, so I've kept them as is.
Thanks for that, i've put them into the game. I notice you also made Mario a bit rounder. I always felt like he was rounder on the box art but I wasn't sure how far to push it.

So I may have edited this off-hand, but I edited unused sprites for SMB2.
-Mario, Luigi, and Toad (ALL Super) may look like the used versions with a slight bit of changes, but for small and Peach, I may have also referenced the NES.
-The blue on Peach is somewhat different from what is planned... I think.
-There are a few flaws, example: the shading in Mario's gloves for character select is red.
-This isn't mandatory to use, but if you like to, and maybe fix a few flaws.
WARNING: This image is 4x the actual height.

And about the Mouser options... I edited the pink and bluish-green palettes
Pink Mouser: R:31 G:22 B:25    R:30 G:10 B:16    R:26 G:2 B:9
Bluish-Green Mouser: R:22 G:31 B:28    R:10 G:30 B:24    R:2 G:22 B:16
-This isn't mandatory to use, but if you like to, go ahead
WARNING: This image is 4x the actual height.

My eye for subtle changes isn't really great so you'll have to let me know exactly what is different here...
The obvious ones are that you opted for giant headed small Mario, Luigi, and Toadstool.. though Toad is kept the same.  I know that was a thing in the original NES game, but I feel like it looks a bit ridiculous so idk if I want to revert back to that change.

As for Mouser, I've talked to DarkSamus99 so it seems "Mecha Mouser" for the 2nd encounter might be back on the table. But just in case, I wouldn't mind having the pallet for the 2nd Mouser encounter.  If we can't do mecha mouser, then I'd still like to incorporate the green into the 2nd Mouser.. although I'd kinda like to keep the inside of his mouth pink, so I might just make his fur green instead.

Hi! I've been watching from the shadows for a long time, and as a fellow person who loves the manual/character art, I'm very excited for this project! You've done an excellent job and are a great artist.

I have a question, though - I was wondering why for the Ninji enemy, you went with the buttony artwork that was used for later iterations of the character (starting with SMW) versus the original Doki Doki Panic / SMB2 manual art that gives them teeth/claws.
(Looks like Supper Mario Broth has done an article on the Ninji evolution too: )

I tried searching the thread again to see if it's been brought up before, but I couldn't find anything.

I'm just curious - I personally enjoy the original teeth interpretation more than the buttons, but that might just be because I grew up with the SMB2 manual :>

EDIT: I just found your mention of the Ninji at the very end of the OP, but I can't seem to figure out how to delete this... perhaps I have to wait for moderator approval :/ I guess you can still comment on your reasoning if you wish!

Yeah, as you saw on the OP, I think the original Ninji look pretty bad and would rather base it on how they looked in SMW, Paper Mario, and Mario Advance. The way it looks like they're wearing a purple suit with just their eyes showing is more in line with being little walking "Ninja Stars". It's a personal preference thing.  Although since Ninji only have two sprites, it should be super easy to make a corrected version that restores the mouth.  I wouldn't be offended if people iterated on what I've done to suit their taste.  YYCHR is really easy to make small edits like that.

On a side note, there's been this "Where it started, how it's going" meme spreading around twitter, and I think it paints a pretty nice picture of the progress made since this project began.

To think I was actually going to leave this at just changing Mario's idle pose in SMB1 and flipping the shirt and overalls colors in SMB2.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda: Remastered (Mesen HD Pack)
« on: October 11, 2020, 01:20:17 am »
Good lord almighty this is amazing.
I don't really mess around with MESEN but Zelda 1 is so dear to me and this is so polished that I might have to finally make an exception.

Rom Hack idea for Star Fox Adventures
-Restore characters and Story from the original game Dinosaur Planet 64

That sounds like such a cool idea but I feel like the gamecube game modding scene is practically non-existant and what you're asking would require a lot of programming wizardry that would take decades for one person or even a small team.  You'd have to remove all references to Star Fox, which is harder than you might think, re-do or remove the voice acting, develop new cut scenes and replace the old ones, ect.

I think we'll have better luck waiting for the N64 version of the game to leak someday... and I hope it does.

On a different note... speaking of "Game with Zelda characters", I just started playing Neutopia today, the most shameless Zelda 1 clone ever, and I am loving it, but I still feel like i'm playing a bootleg version of Zelda, idk if hacking Turbografx 16 is that tough but making a Zelda version of that would be pretty sweet.  At the very least the main character should be Link.

EDIT: Also, Bonk's Revenge sprites to replace Bonk's Adventure sprites. I can't stand how he looks in the original Bonk's Adventure. I was going to do it myself, but it seems the game doesn't play well with YYCHR which is all I know how to use.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario 64 Redux
« on: October 06, 2020, 05:57:23 am »
If all this could be made compatible with real hardware via an EverDrive, it would be spectacular.

A lot of Mario 64 hacks are only compatible with emulators, which is cool, but limits the user base.
A lot of people prefer playing on real hardware, so compatibility with real hardware would be prime.

Seconding this,N64 emulation is still so imperfect so I've just stuck with an everdrive. It's frustrating that so few hacks are supported, and some that appear to be supported at first will suddenly become unplayable half way through.  Mario 64 seems tricky in particular since even the ones that do work on real hardware are extremely prone to slowdown.

As for changes I might suggest, the modern version of wall jump where you slide down a wall until you press B. I think that may have been done for a hack already. And maybe fixing the smoke graphic. Other than that, I wouldn't change too much, I think redux hacks should just add very sensible quality of life improvements and small fixes and not much else or it ends up being more than just an improvement of the original game.

I would suggest using the Super Mario Brothers 3 Sprite for Mario as it's clashing stylistically with the toads and the environment due to the lack of an outline.

Well, I opened the rom using YY-CHR, loaded the pallete, but uh.. Mario and the others seem to be horribly transfigured in pieces and scattered around. The other sprites are fine though. There's also a copy of the original SMB2 players.

Huh... that's strange, but then I actually never looked at the sprites in the Demo since Yoshifanatic's hack just assembles the fully hacked rom right then and there. But that did make me realize I actually have a sprite sheet for everything in the Demo in a .bin format, they're still a bit disassembled but not to the degree that they are in my demo.  I threw them into the MEGA so you can get them from there.  Sorry about making you jump through the hoops.

I have mostly complete sheets for SMB1 and Lost Levels as well actually. I was getting everything organized by copy pasting my sprites into the folders of Yoshi Fanatic's hack when DarkSamus99 contacted me so SMB3 is the only one that I've not got sheets for yet.

Afraid I don't have those, I don't know how you even obtain those. What I do have is the ZSNES save states which YYCHR uses to get all the loaded pallets at once. I'll toss those in the Mega temporarily.

So, last time I provided sprites for someone to edit there was a lot of confusion because I sent them the raw .bin files to edit when they were expecting like a PNG to edit in MS paint. I want to make sure that's not what's going on here because I can't simply copy and paste images into YYCHR and it works fine, it completely messes up the colors in the process, it would actually be more work for me to do it that way...   If you actually know how to use YYCHR or some other graphic editing program, you can just directly edit the sprites from the demo provided in the OP and then DM them to me when they're finished.

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