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Gaming Discussion / Re: Bad News for Fans of the Ys Series
« on: March 07, 2017, 01:26:51 pm »
They did translate those, but they translated them too long and it ended up overflowing to other regions of the ROM and softlocking the game. What's interesting about that glitch is that it combines both disliked aspects about their approach: fluffed translation with bloated dialogue having little to do with the context because localisation, AND poor testing (they finished the game almost certainly with cheats, considering that crash happens at the third turn of that boss fight).

Actually, these aren't the causes: the attack in question had its whole data block zeroed out, and the skill type it was supposed to reference, which is unique to it, was deleted too. So in summary, the game tries to call up an attack that doesn't exist anymore and crashes due to it.

Is skipping the first game a problem? Or is this assuming I've played that game?

It's not strictly necessary, but it's advised that you play the first game to gain a firm grasp of the world setting and hear the songs from it in-context, not to mention Ar tonelico 2 also spoils significantly the events of its predecessor with the characters that return from it.

That said, there are a few references you won't get even after that, as one of the characters also mentions events from the drama CDs that served as interquels between both games.

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