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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 1 Redux / The Legend of Zelda Redux
« on: November 13, 2019, 04:17:10 pm »
Oh! Sorry I put the wrong image, I meant this.

Also, my ASM knowledge is extremely limited :laugh:.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 1 Redux / The Legend of Zelda Redux
« on: November 13, 2019, 03:58:12 pm »
Shadow, in regards to changing how the hearts line up in the file select screen. I did line them up in the modern style for my Trial of Courage hack. The thing is though, the death counter is on top of your file name, not on the bottom.

and this right?

I'd have to find where I did that in code though, I haven't hacked Z1 since June-ish.

No, you should never have to buy any keys. I've beaten it many times while testing. No buying required :thumbsup:

Yes, you should never have to buy any keys, also try exploring past the map. Lv5 has a few off map rooms. Check every wall.

Alright, thanks for letting me know! :thumbsup:

I'll be sure to fix that too (uploading new update today) I’ll pm you details about the lv5 room tho.

And thanks for the feedback!

a review wouldn’t hurt ;) :laugh:

I will gladly test it. PM me with details, I've beaten the game many times, and have released 3 hacks of the game.

- A hint in dungeon 2 says "Go behind tear in Map3.". Is it intended or you just lacked space to write the text? Because, you can make a line break without any trouble. The hint text that costs 30 rupees has glitches in it. The second line of text goes beyond the right side of the cave. You can add a third line to solve the problem.

I found those two bugs already, I've been working on v1.7 :laugh: ;).
- A shop (can't remember where) has bombs, red lamp and key. The bombs are free, no text for cost. Is that intended?
Yes, it's intended for the bombs to be free.

Other than that, a question. Do enemies get random HP (on Veteran)? Or is there another mechanism at work? Whatever the answer, I think it's an interesting twist to the game. :laugh: :laugh:
No, enemies don't have random HP, but I can see why you'd think that.

(From Section 5 in my included manual) "The Boomerang can now kill enemies by repeated throws, throwing it at close proximity does more damage AND when it is returning it also does more damage."

But you do ASM? Would you be interested in making a team Zelda 1 hack? :D :D :-\ :-\ ;D ;D :D :D

Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out. :thumbsup:

But yeah, I created a big DOCX file for how everything would play out in the hack, even the smallest details and the orders you'd be able to do things. Once I finished the doc, that's when I started really hacking. The overworld was the worst part, because I drew so many maps on a paper grid, but ended up trashing 5 of them. So I tried one more time, and finally got an overworld that had secrets but didn't feel like one big pathway. :laugh:

Dungeons and the title screen were the most enjoyable parts to make in the hack though. The graphics were tedious, especially the overworld graphics! So for now I feel like I did enough hacking... :-X  :laugh:
If anything I'll just keep improving Trial of Courage and help any others if they need help with their hacks. After at least a few months of a break, I'll finish my Shiek's Quest Zelda II hack that is currently in development.

So, if anyone needs hacking help, with graphics or with Zelda 1 or 2, I'm glad to help. :D

You try Casual mode yet? :D

New update released!


Many fixes and touchups! More enemy variety in areas. Changed Pols voice’s colors to the red palette. Fixed text glitches. Fixed a wrong tile combo placement in the NE part of the world. Fixed all Q2 Dungeon bugs that “erpster2″ brought to my attention. Thanks again! Fixed Link’s hair shrinking when he walks. Colored in the bubble enemies nose so it’s not transparent. Got rid of pushable blocks that don’t trigger anything.

It's beatable, don't worry ;)

V1.4 -

Added a compass to Lv5 in all Quest 2s from all versions.
Made compass reachable in Lv7 of all versions Quest 2.
(Thanks to erpster2!)

Increased the overworld's breathing room in the casual and newbie patches, it is now easier to explore.
(Thanks to ifightdragons' updated review.)

You know veteran, that is basically the original. Master is WAY worse than the original's difficulty. :laugh:

By the way ultima! You know there are 4 difficulty versions now right? :D  Most of those are ancient reviews, well now they are at least. ;D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: What happened to ROMhacking culture?
« on: June 01, 2019, 09:42:06 pm »
I don't feel like it has to do with tastes honestly. :laugh:

I think it's because people have been getting more advanced at ROM hacking.

Back then there weren't as many tools and resources as there are now. And there are lots of people who really want to create their own version of their favorite game! :D And they are available to now, with the current knowledge and resources provided on this site.

The more time passes, it'll only get even more advanced. 8)

Though those types of simple hacks from simpler times are fun and nostalgic every once and a while. :laugh:

Oh, oops :o!

Wow, you're like a beta tester :D :laugh:

Thanks again!

I'll have the update up in under 2 hours.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Zelda - Trial of Courage (Update)
« on: May 31, 2019, 11:32:58 am »
Crap I just checked too, it is nowhere. Gotta update again.

I agree with you too, no one stands a chance in Master mode unless they have lots of experience :laugh:


V1.3 submitted

More Improvements!

Added a missing map to the Lv9's of Quest 1 to all version modes. (Thanks to erpster2 for the heads up!)

In Master mode the death theme is different now. ;)

Touched up this manual, it now gives better hints!

Edited Master mode a little more to make it slightly harder.

Edited Newbie mode to make it slightly easier.

Is it suspicious that someone who created their RHDN account TODAY, has just submitted a noncompliant of my hack?

 :huh: I would think so. 8)

And I googled his name, the only thing that comes up is Korean letters :laugh:, and a post on reddit with a reply that says this.

"quote from reddit: Okay /u/Alan7047 this is now the second post you've made with a very click-bait-y heading.
I'm locking this thread because this post is pure hyperbole, nothing more.
If you have issues, you're welcome to talk about them and we're happy to help where we can but making bold claims that you are not able to substantiate is pointless and posting your questions with a "sky is falling" clause at the end of them is not okay.

I sense drama heading my way. ::)
LOLOLOL. Like I wanted more. :laugh:

Holy! I just realized! I got a comment on one of my YT vids by the same Korean guy.
From my notifications

alan 7047
Highlighted comment
alan 7047
2 hours ago
Excuse me.  I will return it to Google Translator. 

I am doing a good link shadows.  I have a question.  There seems to be an error in the game.  According to version 1.5, you have to ramp the way through the lost forests, but if you do not meet five hearts you will not get a lamp.  If you choose a potion instead of the heart of the western cave, the number of hearts is not 5, so you can not get the lamp and you can not proceed.  Is this an error?  Or am I misinformed?  Thank you for your support.

I helped him out and replied, but then comes and issues non-complaint on a different hack of mine???
 :huh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

May 31, 2019, 09:41:33 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Ok, I just figured this out. So the guy was trying to write a review but didn't google translate the RHDN page, he's Korean. And so he probably sent a noncompliant, but in the noncompliant, his review was written. Probably why he sent 2 noncompliants, and 1 review afterwords.

I just got another youtube notif from him and he just made 2 thank you's because he loves the veteran 1.2 patch.

 :laugh: lol

Glad no drama came. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I listened and heard feedback loud and clear! As a result...

V1.2 Uploaded! Will be in Queue for a bit though.


The best update yet!  ;D :D

There are now FOUR patches of difficulty! I have numbered the IPS files in order from easiest
to hardest, from lowest number to highest number.


In Newbie mode, Start with SWORD, and love it! Your direct hits are stronger than sword beams, and in general you
are way more powerful than all other versions of the hack... Wood Sword feels like the White sword!
Same amount of enemies appear as in the Casual patch.
Rooms are brighter in dungeons and have less enemies than in the harder patches, Veteran and Master.
Shop items cost less, and dungeon keys can be bought for cheap amounts of Rupees.
More obvious secret spots than the two harder versions, and you don't get punished by
many door repairs. Instead you are rewarded!
Fairy above the start screen.

-----Newbie is perfect for those who have never played, or those who don't have enough time for games, due to business-----

In Casual mode, expect a casual game! You start with a SWORD! The difficulty should be about the same as the
original Zelda 1, maybe slightly harder. Rooms are brighter in dungeons and have less enemies than in the
harder patches, called Veteran and Master.
Sword is weaker than in Newbie mode, but a little stronger than veteran mode.
Normal Item prices and more obvious secret spots than the two harder versions, and you don't get punished by
many door repairs. Instead you are rewarded!
Fairy above the start screen.

-----Casual is the perfect mode for those who just want to re-expierence the original Zelda 1, but in a new light.-----

This is the real deal! This patch is more difficult than Casual and Newbie. You start with a BOOMERANG, that can now
do damage! Damage of the boomerang has been slightly increased from the past 1.0 and 1.1 releases of the hack.
More enemies than Casual, but less than Master.
Sword and all items are weaker than the two easier versions.
Normal Item Prices.
Less obvious secret spots than Casual, but not as many door repairs as used in past versions.
Fairy above the start screen.

-----Veteran is the perfect patch for those who have played and beaten many Zelda Classic custom quests! AKA, pros.-----

The mode of true master! Do NOT play this version unless you REALLY love a good challenge!
Sword and all items are the same strength as the Veteran patch, EXCEPT the Boomerang, which is
as strong as it was in the 1.0 and 1.1 patches: AKA weaker.
Rooms are DARKER in dungeons and have MORE enemies than in the
easier patches, called Newbie and Casual.
Many more enemies, not to the point of extreme lag though.
Items are 5-10% more expensive in shops! All Keys in shops cost 255 rupees.
Sometimes you are punished by door repairs, so watch out!
Items in dungeons are obscured, and things aren't as obvious as the other versions.
NO BOOMERANG at start of 2nd quest. You must only use bombs.
NO fairy above the start screen.

-----Master mode is perfect for those who think they can do better than all versions
 combined, this mode truly lives up to the games' title, and IS harder than veteran for sure-----

If you don't like one version, give another a try! :)

I'd love to see a let's play of Master Mode though, XD.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  :-[ and Thanks for the feedback, I'm always trying to improve!

Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated!

May 30, 2019, 03:27:34 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Topic got merged ::), update info above.

Submitted new 1.1 version of the hack!

Added a Normal mode!
In this mode start with sword, and a few rupee stealing trolls have been changed to rewards.
Brightened up rooms in dungeons, so now you don't have to feel around in the dark too much.
Change the SELECT = QUIT GAME text in the subscreen to, SELECT = SAVE GAME in both versions.
Pretty much, it is more friendly to the player.

Now everyone will be happy! :D

The original hack is now called HARDCORE.

It's currently still in QUEUE status so there will be a short wait.

Yeah, ultima knows. He was my most valued tester :D .

Some people gave up after not finding an item 2 screens away from spawn. ::)

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