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Newcomer's Board / Re: How to know when a hack requires a headered ROM
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:15:55 pm »
Headered SNES roms used to be the norm in the late 90's, since back then ROM copiers actually used them for something (storing ROM type, mapping etc.). So the rule of thumb is that if a patch is very old and there are no specific instructions, there's a good change it needs a headered ROM. This also applies to the early 00's.

Incidentally, I remember a tool which allowed you to tweak patches themselves to work with headerless ROMs, but can't find it at the moment.

Maybe this is the one? it worked for me in cases the patch asked for a headered rom, but I wanted to apply other patches that didn't and it became a real mess, so removing the header from the patches themselves was the only way to solve it.

I'm thankful this mod exists, because it consistently addressed every annoyance I have/had with it.
If only every RPG got such a nice QoL treatment.

I'd suggest Melon DS for testing. It's very accurate and in my experience renders edge cases (like Dawn of Sorrow and Sands of Destruction) correctly, while Desmume cannot.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X4 Undub (v1.11) & Mega Man 8 Undub (v1.4)
« on: November 02, 2019, 05:42:31 pm »
Two minor reports regarding the X4 patch:

- Text shadows glitch when Zero is talking to Iris before the spaceport level

- In the pre-battle dialogue with Sigma, Zero is called "an Maverick", which I assume is an artifact of the original naming convention, Irregular, and the article wasn't changed to match. Personally, I prefer Irregular, myself.

Personal Projects / Re: Rockman World 3 DX
« on: November 02, 2019, 05:35:23 pm »
Are there plans to colorize the rest? I'm especially fond of the fifth game.

Not every place had enemy respawns you could cause for refills, however, and many that did had dangerous enemies that could make your situation worse while you try to top off to face a boss.

Many, including myself, have been waiting for this for many years.
Thanks for releasing it, and doing such a fine job with the patch from top to bottom.
Making the BCG content readily available adds even more polish to an already excellent result.

If memory serves, 7 doesn't refill weapons on death by default.
Also, that game has a weaker Mega Buster than most games, something that would be nice to see rectified.

As for the other patches, I'd love to see sliding added to MM1 and 2 in a way they could be combined with the "refill on death"
patches. I know purists will complain, but I prefer convenience to authenticity.

A full refill sort of the defeats the purpose of having to learn which weapons do what. If there's no consequence to running out, why even have a meter at all?

Allow me to respectfully disagree with a counter-point:
If you aren't free to experiment with weapons during stages and need to keep saving up, what's the point of having a variable weapon system in the first place?

Also, especially on MM2, there are a lot of needless frustration regarding weapon energy that needn't exist and are a byproduct of bad design.

These patches are a boon, thanks for making them and bringing those oldies to a better standard.

Thanks for making a patch without jokes and such. Everyone has their own opinion, but I for one can't stand Working Designs-like "script escapades".

One thing I always wondered is if there is a hard limit for character names, since a lot of them were changed for the localization and "Alys" created a massive deal of confusion back then, as players often assumed her to be the Alis from PS1 (actually Alissa, while the PS4 character's actual name is Lyla). Same thing for Wren, full name Forren, which makes it a lot clearer that we aren't dealing with the model from PS3 (as far-fetched as that would be).

In any case, if this patch were to include name reversions, I'd consider it the ultimate PS4 patch, since it already includes bugfixes.

Thank you for your detailed report, we will investigate this.
I, however, have a few questions for you:

- Are you using the 1.01 patch? it fixes a specific corruption but the gamut of fixes
it brought may very well be greater.

- Did you try to reproduce this in a different emulator? Chaos Seed is quite quirky and
many things that happen with it aren't related to the patch at all, but Zsnes is far from
a desirable environment for it to run.

If possible, please also post this issue on D-D's Chaos Seed forum, just so we can keep
track of things internally as well as externally.

The learning curve is quite steep, admittingly, but once everything clicks in your head, you'll see there is plenty to enjoy and many, many different ways to build your enchanted cave towards maximum efficiency (that brainstorming is part of the fun as well).

I think it would be wise to wait a little longer before issuing a higher patch number as well, just to play it safe.

Thanks a lot :D
I waited so much for this one, it's like a wish coming true..
(I'm also glad you didn't stick with that horrible Arial font from that video :P )

The game is a gem indeed, as it seems to be the case with many late SNES games. Hopefully you will enjoy it thoroughly.

The scope and care you've put into your hacks is quite amazing, congratulations. While I'm not overly familiar with DOAE vanilla, your Ieyasu mod convinced me to give it a try, given how you worked well towards changing the setting (I'm a sucker for feudal japan). Keep up the good work.

Awesome trailer by the way.

Everything is looking great, and I'm really looking forward to this being done.
Congratulations for the hard work all of you from Team NEMO have been putting into this - this is probably my favorite AC game and the one that raised the bar for the series and took it to a much more interesting direction than its predecessors did.

There seems to be no fixed pattern for the Zsnes hanging issues with ROLW as far as I can tell, and it is that level of unpredictability that is the crux of the problem. I'm not tech savvy enough to pinpoint what it could be, but in my experience a few games have a lot of issues running correctly; Slayers, Shin Megami Tensei, Actraiser 2 and ROLW itself present either intermittent hangs or saving problems.

That said, the emulator indeed raised the bar very high for a long time, and it became a sort of hallmark emulation-wise, given the complexities of the target system, so I'm not trying to bash it or anything as it has been my SNES emulator of choice for a long, long time.

Also thank you for your kind words, Mr. Bing. I'm not sure if ROLW's localization would have been history-changing, as you purport but what I do know is that the west has missed (and still does miss) a lot of quality games due to various industry policies and profit considerations. The essence of fan translation groups, as I see it, is trying to lessen this disparity by bringing to the greater public games that the group members believe can and should be appreciated.

Personal Projects / Re: Alex Kidd HD
« on: March 03, 2014, 08:13:04 pm »
I must say I'm highly impressed by what was achieved here. Having grown up to Sega systems, Alex Kidd filled a large part of my childhood (and also taught me the bittersweet frustration of getting far into a game just to run out of continues ha-ha). Anyway, please keep up the good work, thank you for bringing back so many memories.

As others have mentioned, I'd be particularly happy to see a Zillion HDification, if you ever work on that.

Thank you for your kind words, SargeSmash.
Indeed, I got the sizes confused and you are correct; the ROM should be headerless as you say
and the most current read me has been amended to reflect that.

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