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Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Unlimited (SMB) - Released!
« on: May 12, 2012, 01:48:14 pm »
Hey frantik, I got to say that SMB Unlimited is one of the most innovative SMB1 hacks since Extra Mario Bros. that I played. The new power-ups are one of the main reasons this hack is noteworthy. But I am now back on Reign of the Koopa, now renamed Super Mario Odyssey. Your hack has brought a lot of stuff to my attention, and there are a lot of new things I want to incorporate into my project with your assistance, if you don't mind. I do want you to know my project is gonna involve the Koopalings. If I'm drifting off-topic, then pardon me. I was just commenting on your project and I wanted to share something with you.

Here's the thread to my project:

I can't PM you since your inbox is full, but you can still PM me. If you clear your inbox, we can talk more.

Super Mario Odyssey is a compilation of eight SMB1 hacks revived from the former Reign of the Koopa project. Only the first hack of the eight-hack Reign of the Koopa project was completed and released. Despite the good reviews, I discontinued work on the project for personal reasons. I restarted the project last month and renamed it Super Mario Odyssey to make the title sound more meaningful. I recycled the graphics from the Reign of the Koopa hack and refined them with a more professional artistic touch, as you will see in the screenshots below. I took a fresh SMB1 ROM and copied the graphics and necessary external patches onto the ROM and than started making brand new levels.

Title screen (Yes. The annoying palette bug is there, but I left it alone.)

World 1-1

World 1-2

World 1-3

World 1-4

World 2-1

World 2-2

World 2-3

World 2-4

World 3-1

World 3-2

World 3-3

World 3-4

World 4-1

World 4-2

World 4-3

World 4-4

Please note that:

  • Toad acts as a halfway marker in all levels except 2-2, 3-2, and all castle levels. Although the first three levels of World 4 have halfway points, Toad never appears there because he never appears in the last world of any SMB1 game/hack
  • Due to the lagging timer as the result of a patch I used, all regular ground levels have a time limit of 300 seconds; all x-3 levels [before the castle] have a time of 200 seconds; and all underground, water, and castle levels have a time of 400 seconds
  • "Hard" mode first occurs in 3-3
  • Three separate pipe entrances for levels 1-2, 2-2, and 4-2 were made according to each world's respective settings
  • 4-2 has two exits
  • After you complete the hack from rescuing the king, you'll be directed by Toad to the next "world". If you're looking for Bowser and Peach, you'll have to play the entire series to find out where they really are
  • World 2-2 and 3-2 are auto-scroll levels (the auto-scroll in 2-2 works perfectly in a water setting)
  • All castle levels have three rooms with the first room being an outside area (4-4 has four rooms)

Compared to the Reign of the Koopa hack:

  • Buzzy Beetle no longer appears in castles
  • Lakitu/Spiny appears in World 3-1 and 3-2 instead of World 4
  • Small Mario's jump sound is back to the default setting
  • The Larry Koopa sprite designs have been refined and finalized
  • The font, which is the one I use in most hacks I work on, is ripped from Top Gear (SNES)

All level maps are subject to further revision.

I also want you show you guys my brand new SMB1 Koopaling sprite sheet.

The clown car ones won't be used in this project, but they will appear in a future project.

You can now offer me some feedback, suggestions, words of encouragement, etc.

To see the gameplay video, click on this link below:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 16, 2012, 03:13:04 pm »
I have been long gone from this board since I was working on a SMB1 hack. But now I'm back with something pleasing to the eye. Here is a new and improved version of the Koopalings made specifically for SMB1. I also did Bowser and Bowser Jr. The sprites on the right are Lakitu replacements -- they all ride in a clown car. I will show off tests later.

Keep in mind that:

Larry, Wendy, and Iggy appear proportionally larger than the heavyweight Koopalings [Morton, Roy, and Ludwig] due to SMB1 Bowser's tile orientation. Plus, it was the only accurate way to draw Larry's and Iggy's hair and Wendy's bow.

Lemmy's unique pose is due to his size and SMB1 Bowser's tile orientation.

Ludwig's hair appears flat due to, yet again, the tile orientation.

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