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I’m a big fan of this game and I love how it’s still getting updates after all these years. The letterbox hack is fantastic but I’m torn on the new title screen update. It looks fantastic and is likely how the game would have been localized officially all those years ago when it was released. But a part of me prefers matching the style of the original Japanese title screen (as previous versions did) since it’s more authentic to the only official version of the game that exists. It would be cool to have the option between the two.

Also, I’d love to see the hacking credits moved to text at the bottom of the title screen rather than its own screen when it starts up since that just makes it longer to get the game started. I don’t see many translations doing that anymore.

Overall, amazing job, and I appreciate all the work that has gone into bringing it to where it is today.
Neon Streetlight - Thanks for leaving a review of the No letterbox hack, that's much appreciated.

I think the No Letterbox Hack makes a big difference specifically when it's played on emulators, so it's great to hear other people like this hack too.

It's interesting to hear that you and Mattiac both prefer the old title logo, I'll definitely remember that if there is another release of this translation. All the previous feedback I have got to date was that the new v1.5 title logo is much better, so I am really grateful for your feedback, thanks ;)

Is the Portuguese translation in Brazilian or European (Portugal) Portuguese?
It is in Brazilian Portuguese, as the translator is Brazilian.

I agree with you. I always thought the Great Circus Mystery logo looked a bit out of keeping with the Magical Quest series logo, and would look much better following as Magical Quest 2.

Does this hack also incorporate this?

The translation patch does not include the nephew colors hack. The nephew colors hack is optional as a separate patch because not everyone wants it.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« on: December 10, 2018, 01:51:38 pm »
No, no, they're all new and mine (never been a group), there are thousands of games untranslated, I don't think I can do all of them xD
Fortunately, there is a "new wave (;))" of spanish translators, Jackic, Semco, Max1323..., which I have contact with, and they are doing great efforts to bring even more games out (and bigger ones!)
I agree with that, I translate the games because the translating process is fun and I want to complete as many as I can, most of the time playing them is the worst part, but I test the games by myself (with cheats!).
Maybe a "crappy game" I translate brings back memories for people that had them and they can relive that and the game will be even better for them.

"I don't think I can do all of them"... but I think you will try haha

You are right, the new wave of Spanish translators do a great job, and I have even helped out Spanish translators sometimes to do font hacks, etc to up their quality.  Some of the recent Spanish translations are impressive.

Big problem, I tried patching this game with the latest update, and now the game won't boot up in Snes9xGX.

Same issue with the big update for Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald.

Both Magical Quest 3 and DoReMi Fantasy were well tested with different versions of Snes9X, and they both boot up and work fine on Snes9x-1.52 (which I believe Snes9xGX is based on), and also work on the latest version of Snes9x-1.57.  I don't have a wii so can't test those games on Snes9xGX myself.

These games have also been tested and work on bsnes and a real Snes.

Oh man, this is my favorite kind of update: one that fixes a long-standing, game-breaking issue, in an important fan translation of a great game I've been meaning to replay on real hardware. Thanks so much for this -- looking forward to enjoying your work. :)

Thanks. Enjoy playing this game, it's a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a Great Christmas.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: New Translations Added to the Database
« on: December 05, 2018, 04:44:54 pm »
My assumption was that they were reposting patches from some Spanish language site I was unaware of. If they are translating them all themselves, I am even more impressed. Based on the number of English language patches hosted here, I figure they should be caught up translating them all to Spanish relatively soon.

I'm pretty sure Wave is now just 1 person, but used to be a group as I understand. Translating that number of games to Spanish is impressive whatever the case.

Great Work here. I tried this on ZSNES and no issues. Need to try it with other emulators, though.

You know, this is an idea I'd like to talk about with a friend when I get the chance. He might be interested in doing a netplay session of this game (and the Great Circus Mistery as well) someday.

The translation has been tested with the latest Snes9x, bsnes, SNES Mini and also on a real Snes.  I've played Netplay sessions of this game on Snes9X and it worked fine, so I would definitely recommend Snes9X to play it or the Great Circus Mystery with your friend.

Could anyone please confirm if the Nephew Colors Hack works on this version?
Yes sure the nephew color hack works with this updated translation.

The nephew color hack just swaps the nephew palettes around and does not affect the text. You can see the 3 nephew palettes that are changed here.

PS: Overall, I think the v1.1 title screen looked better. "Magical Quest" is written in a bland way, and some parts seem to have been changed for the hell of it.
Thanks for your compliments about the old title screen. I'm quite glad some people liked it. For me that old subtitle was poorly made and was updated a long time ago, just was never released until now.

Only whats been listed in the change log has been updated, as there was specific issues. For example with the script, a couple of times in the old version it played Mickey's SE while Donald was speaking, which has been corrected in v1.2.

It would be really nice if the script from the GBA translation was ported to the SNES game someday.
That would be a fun project for you to do mushguy. Personally I think if you want to read the GBA script then play the GBA version. (That's what the GBA version is there for). I'd rather read the SFC version's script on the SNES.

It's quite funny that they merged the stage name "Harvest" festival into that hint text - "Harvest useful items from magic boxes".

Thanks for updating all these old translations. I've heard this is an awesome series; this will give me an excuse to finally play through it.
This and Great Circus Mystery are so much fun played as 2 Player co-op, that's why I really enjoyed this series.

After beating the final boss Amon it goes straight to the credits and shows a few pictures.  There is no real ending for the game. (If you use the password 2525 to get all items, you will not even see the credits)

I just wanted to create an ending for it to do some Snes programming and decided to release this with the English version.

There are 2 patches released.  Patch v1.1 is just the English translation.  Patch v1.2 is the English translation and also has the new ending.

For Iron Commando, the issue was the rom had been badly expanded to 3.25MB.  The solution was simply to expand it to a stable rom size(1.5MB).  An update for this translation to fix this has now been released by Semco.

For Doremi Fantasy Spanish, the rom size was fine.  It did not work on the SNESmini as a register was not being read as expected. (It did work fine on a real SNES and other emulators). This has been fixed in the translation and an update will be released soon. 

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:14:43 pm »
Hope you will finish this Seeeeph. It looks awesome

Nice work! Looks very clean and the font is a nice fit.
I tried playing that game in Japanese before but I was just bad at it. Does anybody know all the moves?

The moves list translated from the manual

And if you still find the game hard, I made a cheat patch/trainer to give infinite health, infinite power, etc. It's available on the project page

Every time I see the name RPGOne it gives me immense sadness for the ChrisRPG's death, I'm sorry people, but you can not forget this great loss... :'(
(I am a Latin from South America, here these things come to hurt more than in other cultures ...)
Chris sure was a good person. For example he worked on this game yet he didn't like brawlers, but he just wanted to make it look it's best, which I really appreciate.

Yea it was great to be able to use Chris's VWF code. He was still working on his vwf updates back in October 2007 and it wasn't completely finished then. It still had the in-game slowdown and some other bugs. I also thought I had lost the last updates Chris had sent me, so I was glad to find them and be able to finish it up now.

Hopefully it will work on Snes9x in the future, if it's not already working as VladimIr V Y noted.

Thanks for releasing this and for all the hard work.  I'm really looking forward to playing this game

Could anyone translate these song lyrics?

They are shown during the credits for Rosa's Ending in Undercover Cops.

TO-KI-ME-KI Street

いろめくまちは ロマネスク

であいの シチュエーション

せのびしてみた ハイヒール

ノイズの  ジャンクション

 ときめみ かくして


ためいき シグナル


ウワキな まいごのハート



きたいにふくらむ むなもとの

おとめのサイズは ヒミツなの

ふれたらだれより ねつっぽい

おもいをあなたに あげるから

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