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This rom hack is awesome! Thank you for all of the work on this.

I'm unable to get it to work on hardware, NES frontloader. Everdrive N8 Pro. It just goes to a black screen when attempting to load the rom. Anyone else experiencing this? I'll try to patch again to be sure.

I can't get it to work on everdrive n8 pro either.  However, if you patch it to rockman instead of mega man, it does work on everdrive.  So the Mega Man Rom Hack community is running the JP version instead of the correct version due to this.  Mega Man AFF doesn't work on everdrive either, a lot of "Mega Man" hacks don't seem to work vs Rockman where all of those do.

great work on this.  We're (the mega man romhack speed running community) already working on a speed run for this game.

The only major problem is that we can't get this to work on an everdrive.  However, when you patch it to the Rockman version, it does work on an everdrive, so people are running the JP version currently instead of the proper version.

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