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Front Page News / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: Today at 09:55:01 pm »
now you've done it filler
Heh, yep. Once the ad hominems start, you know you've pushed a button. ;)

Is this Japanese or Chinese?

Front Page News / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: Today at 06:13:27 pm »
I never knew what she meant until the RHDN theme upgrade.

Site Talk / Wiki system templates
« on: Today at 02:33:54 pm »
I've added a couple games to the wiki so I can share table files for them and such. However, I'd like to add a PCE game, but I notice there is no PCE template. I could probably make one based on another system, but I'm not sure how to determine what is good information to include in the infobox. Any suggestions?

On a related note, I was able to add information on mappers and such for the NES games using this as a reference: However, I'm not sure about the 4-Screen Mirroring, and SRAM Enabled. Is there an easy way to get this information?

Front Page News / Re: New site look discussion.
« on: June 24, 2017, 06:19:05 pm »
Because it's a bunch of extra clutter that is completely irrelevant to what you're doing. Keep in mind that this mess shows up on every, single, page.
If anything this just further highlights the problems, as it starts eating up space from the given page you're actually interested in being on.

Honestly I was kind of excited when I saw the update, but if anything I feel the website is worse than before. A showcase of recently added content seems pointless, since we have regular news posts to that. But I can't help but agree what having some extra visibility to old content on the site is great. But the amount of space allocated to that should be a reasonable amount, and preferably restricted to the front page. If I'm a search page or an article chances are I already know or have an idea of what I'm looking for, no need to barf out unrelated content at me that eats up screen space (and page load time/bandwidth, what with the extra images).
Well, I suppose that's why there are still 6 other themes you can choose from. ::)

Front Page News / Re: New site look discussion.
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:30:47 pm »
1. The main page looks pretty cluttered now. I'd drop one of the columns in favour of centering the main column and sidebar.
I don't get this. If there is extra screen real estate thanks to widescreen monitors and high screen resolution why not use it? Do you really want the main text to span most of the screen? It's proven that it's harder to read long lines of text than shorter ones anyway.

How about just making your browser window smaller?

Lol, so, I just found out how to get it. I, too, was missing the left column, so I tried zooming out just one tick on the front page, guess what, left column. Definitely something that needs a fix!

Seems like putting the theme picker in the top navigation somewhere as well would solve this.

Front Page News / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:23:06 pm »
Loving it! I get the mobile view with my 7" tablet vertically aligned, and the tablet view (possibly full screen view. I haven't tried it on PC) with my tablet sideways. Both look great and are much easier to use!

General Discussion / Re: YouTube ROM hacking guide (idea)
« on: June 19, 2017, 06:31:05 pm »
I think this is a good idea.

You failed to take into account retranslations of official and fan translations. I've got a number of those to my credit and more in the works.
I wouldn't say I failed to take them into account so much as I purposefully focused on games for which there is no complete translation, good or otherwise. I assume that in some far future when/if 1. humanity exists, and 2. all games have been translated, that folks will still work on rehacking/retranslations of both fan and official works.

I fully support retranslation efforts, but I'm also curious to see the Famicom in particular have had a translation made for each game not translated to English.

Still, speaking of FC, in my personal opinion the majority of good FC games have already been dealt with. There are some interesting games left, but it would seem that the vast majority of the interesting ones are already in English.
I get where you're coming from, but I think you're making an assumption here.

For instance, I've been pouring through the NES/Famicom translation requests on the wiki here recently, and researching some of the requested, but as of yet untranslated, games. Some of these look amazing to me.

- Did you know Vegas Connection has a full adventure game mode that may be a love story?
- Did you know that Metal Max, the first in the long running game series that has a new 3DS entry in 2013 still hasn't been translated?
- Did you know that Dragon Wars was originally planned as Bard's Tale III, and was only ever released on console in Japan?

My point is that unless you've actually researched every untranslated game, your blanket statement probably doesn't apply to even you as an individual. Furthermore, even if every remaining game left to translate isn't objectively a "good" game, there are certainly interesting elements to many of them. If you've never researched or played them, how would you know?

This kind of makes sense in it's own way.  When you think about it most other genres don't have a huge reliance on text to convey what's going on and what's integral to play the game.  In JRPGs the text is a large part of the game and reading is important.  It's a "complete what really needs it first" sort of idea.
That's a good point, but by this logic adventure games should get much better treatment by fan translators. In reality they don't seem to be translated much more than anything else. I think fans of the SNES are just big RPG fans. ::)

Awesome stuff! BTW I think the Sega Master System library is very, very close to being fully translated, isn't it? There are a couple Korean games and that one Sherlock Holmes game (Loretta no Shouzou) that's really a SG-1000 game in disguise, but not much else left IIRC.
Doesn't look like it. :( The Mark III was not successful in Japan, and because of its much greater success in English speaking countries, had most of its games localized in English.

Pretty sure these are the only Japan-only games.

- Comical Machine Gun Joe (コミカル マシンガンジョー). April, 1986.
- Great Baseball (グレートベースボール). December, 1985.
- Great Golf (グレートゴルフ). December, 1986.
- High School! Kimengumi (ハイスクール!奇面組). December, 1986.
- Hoshi Wo Sagashite... (星をさがして・・・) "Searching the Stars...". April, 1988.
- Loretta no Shouzzou (ロレッタの肖像) "Portrait of Loretta". February, 1987.
- Mahjong Sengoku Jidai (麻雀戦国時代) "Civil War Period Mahjong". October, 1987.
- Nekyuu Kousien (熱球甲子園) "Kosien Smoking Pitch". September, 1988.
- Satellite 7 (サテライト7). December, 1985.
- Sukeban Deka II - Shojou Tekkamen Densetsu (スケバン刑事II 少女鉄仮面伝説) "Female Gang Leader Detective - Legend of the Iron Mask Girl". April, 1987.
- Tensai Bakabon (天才バカボン) "Genius Bakabon". June, 1988.
- The Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race (ザ・プロ野球 ペナントレース) "The Pro Basball Pennant Race". April, 1987.

However, search only turns up 4 translated games, and one is a retranslation.

High School! Kimengumi
Hoshi wo Sagashite...
Phantasy Star
Sukeban Deka II: Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu

That leaves 75% of the library untranslated, though translating 9 games could make that 0%. :P

But what I've seen, I'm going to guess remaining translations on the SFC are going to be a mix of obscurity as well as hacking difficulty.
Considering only 162 games have been translated and there are 782 games still untranslated, I'd say there's probably still plenty of comparatively easy to hack, not so obscure games left.

The issue seems more to be the laser focus on RPGs. Out of the 162 translations, 110 are RPGs, and another 12 action RPGs. That's 75% of the translated library.

I'm kind of impressed really since RPGs take soooo long to translate and are sometimes a slog to work on. I'm surprised that more people don't do some action game projects. Demon Child Zenki and Hyper Iria were both fun projects that didn't take forever to translate. Heck even Galaxy Robo (an SRPG) had a pretty short script. I found those way more fun to work on than the typical RPG script that takes a year or so to translate.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Silver Case
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:12:03 pm »

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Silver Case
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:37:26 pm »
Kind of surprised there isn't more(any?) excitement over this here...
I'm pretty sure people stopped having interesting discussions about things like this here about a decade ago.

Lol, show me any game with an all lowercase script.

Thanks for the response! I managed to add values to the dictionary, and I tried Kingmike's tool for dte values. I ended up trying an online word frequency counter which seemed to give me slightly better results.

I still had to cut the script nearly to the bone to get the files to insert, but near the end I accidentally re-dumped the script instead of inserting it, freaked out, and foolishly closed the utility, losing all the dictionary values I was using.

After a couple of pop tarts, I decided I might try writing a php script to count character chunks in the script and see if I can get something that gives a little more wiggle room.

In the meantime, if I get you an updated "main" table file, can you update the utility to use it? I tried adding/changing values in the table file but it doesn't like it.

It's graph time again. 8)

This graph is a little busy, but it simply shows English language translations per year, by system. I'm mostly concerned about the "major" systems on the graph, the NES (Famicom), and SNES (Super Famicom). These are by far the systems with the most games translated, and I started to wonder when we might be "done" so to speak with English language translations for these systems.

To that end, I added trend lines to these two data sets. As you can see, the FC/NES has a nice increasing trend, while the SFC/SNES is flat. I'm somewhat encouraged by this since I've started to imagine it would be nice to "finish" the NES before moving fully on to other systems.

I'm no good at math so this isn't fancy. I picked out the values for each year of FC/NES translations on the trend line, and using Spinner 8's "List of Untranslated Famicom Games" Google doc, added each year up until I reached the number of untranslated games; 308. Encouragingly, if this trend continues, these will be done 9 years from now in 2026.

SFC/SNES with an average of about 9 translations per year, and 782 games untranslated, leaves that system finished around 85 years from now in 2102.

Not to fret though, I have a feeling that when all the FC/NES games are translated into English, other systems will pick up steam.

It's 3am and no one will see this, but I'm posting it now anyway.

That's how I would translate things like this. You have to be careful because it can come off as silly, but at least it should be more formal, written-style English.

I would go with something like "When a faithful warrior doth appear at the promised place, the great power shall be reborn. -- that's a legend in these parts." Others can probably do much better than that.
Well I sure can't, so I'll probably go with that unless someone takes another crack at it.

It's passed down in this land that when
a true warrior appears at the appointed
location, a great power will be revived

This seems less forced to me than 復活戦, but I've never heard of that conjugation. Is it documented somewhere?

Congrats on the releases! Great to see another FDS translation.

Dunno man.

The first set of kanji appear to be a term pronounced either tenjin, amatsukami, or tenshin. Looks like it can refer to a specific god "Tenjin", or a term for "heavenly gods" in general. I'd focus on this as one part, and the other two kanji as another part.

"Heavenly Gods"
Options here would be things like "Celestial Deities" or "Divine Lords". Basically any suitable synonyms.

Next part, 怪戦 is from a cursory search, used primarily in this game. Basically it's a bit of wordplay on "Kaisen" which has three spellings, 会戦, 回戦, 開戦. These mean stuff like "battle", "match" and "start of a war".

So take those known words and definitions, but swap out the first kanji with "aya/kai" from "ayashii" (suspicious) and "kaiki" (bizarre) and you have the "Kaisen" that appears in this game.

Judging by the title screen and enemies, I'd say this give it a supernatural twist. The "kai" used here is also used in "kaijuu" (monsters) and "kaidan" (ghost stories).
so "Phantom War"?
"Monster Battle"?
"Spirit War"?
Take your pick of that kind of stuff.

You're going to end up with something like, Divine Lords Monster Battle, or Celestial Deities Spirit War. Alternately you could keep Tenjin, and do Tenjin Phantom War or some such. If you can find some word soup that sounds good, I'd say go for it.

Help Wanted Ads / Re: Zoids - Battle of Central Continent
« on: May 18, 2017, 06:47:49 pm »
Considering I am making a utility for your for another game of yours ...I could do this job for you too. I just need pointers for the dialogue and DTE table ... if it has one...
No dictionary compression in this one, though I do need someone to find the menu text... and probably the dialog pointers unless I can read up on that and get my head around it.

Was this typo on purpose...?
Yep. ;) It's an old in joke. Not sure if it's documented anywhere anymore.

Need a GFX guy to redo that old title screen into this!
That would look pretty cool! I like keeping title screens close to the originals for "historical" purposes myself though.

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