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Not a fan of Castlevania itself (mainly don't like the setting/premise) but I DO like the concept of the hack quite a bit, makes it a bit more accessible to people. Props for that. =)

Personal Projects / Re: The Console Tool (by Low Lines)
« on: August 18, 2011, 06:20:10 pm »
Sorry, I only meant that these formats were something I was unfamiliar with and couldn't find any documentation on and couldn't figure out myself. I'm not a veteran or experienced hacker, I just kind of used logic to figure things out, and these things were out of the range of my logic >_>

Probably what the real issue you are dealing with is that about half of the textures are compressed using the NDS texture compression format which is a lossy format like JPEGs. So not only would you have to export them to native images but you would then need a compression routine to compress them back into the appropriate format, otherwise it'd be like having a BMP in your texture files :p As far as I know, no ones made a compressor yet but it's on my to do list somewhere down the track.

So uh, let me try and understand this: the whole file is compressed, and within that are compressed textures using some compression that doesn't have a compressor program made for it (and possibly not even a decompressor). Even if I could decompress it, inserting it like any other graphic wouldn't work, so I need the compressor too...

I think I got a few details wrong, I'm sorry, this is not an area I'm familiar with. If you could clarify this a little bit more, I'd really appreciate it so I could learn this stuff. Thank you for your patience and help. ._.

Personal Projects / Re: The Console Tool (by Low Lines)
« on: August 17, 2011, 07:32:19 pm »
I already decompressed them, of course. It's not about decompressing it as much as it is finding some way to edit it. The decompressed graphics are shown in that link I gave. And your program doesn't like any files that aren't the supported file formats IIRC from what I tried.

Perhaps this is out of the scope of your program, in which case I apologize

Personal Projects / Re: The Console Tool (by Low Lines)
« on: August 17, 2011, 01:14:19 pm »
Hello there,

This is an awesome looking tool so far and it has a lot of support for a lot of files. However, I'm saddened by the fact that it doesn't support .ca, .ma, and .md files. These work similarly to .nsbmd and .nsbca files (I don't know about the .ma files, unfortunately).

I used your doc (I do think it's yours) here-- and dissected the header of a file ripped from Fire Emblem 12, a game I'm currently translating. I need to translate the logo and the opening which use the aforementioned file formats; however, no program supports them despite the format of the .md file being so similar to the .nsbmd file. If you could somehow give support for these files, I would appreciate it very much.

I actually made a post asking for help but did not get anything so I continued to research even harder and found myself here. Here is the link to the post which includes screenshots and downloads for files of the file types I mentioned, as they may prove useful.

If you could at least give any information on how I might edit them, it would be greatly appreciated. Regardless of whether you're able to help or not, your work is very well done, and I hope you continue to make progress in your endeavors. ^_^

~ Blazer

Personal Projects / Re: Fire Emblem (NES) Translation
« on: May 08, 2010, 09:39:48 am »
Hey there. This hack is looking really good so far. Good, quick progress, people who know what they are doing and can do it well.

I'm not much of an NES hacker but in a few months, or several months, or whenever, whenever you might release a patch, I can gladly spread the word around since I keep in contact with almost all of the Fire Emblem forums. "Spreading the word" just means "making topics around forums and updating my site with news of a patch" if it's not done already on a forum. In any case some other people and I are looking forward to the progress of your hack so we'll lurk around and check out on how you're doing.

P.S. Good luck finding a translator. I admit that it's one of the hardest parts of translation hacking, but a good hacker can usually find a couple people to fill in the holes' that s/he can't fill in him/her self.

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