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News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest 5 for PS2 now in English!
« on: February 10, 2010, 09:15:20 am »
I would just like to give a very sincere and humble thank you to DQ5r and the remaining coders and programmers responsible for this translation. It is really appreciated.

I just ordered the game off ebay. I have generally stopped playing RPGs altogether, but this is one rpg I will try to play, after being blown away by the SNES original many years ago.

I have a well does this game run in the PCSX2 emulator? Are there any graphical or gameplay glitches? Has anyone managed to complete it using the emu? Do save states work?

It runs ok.  You'd have to ask around for the best configuration. (to have the least graphical/gameplay issues)  Completion is possible and save states work.

That being said, the best way to play is on the PS2.  A memory card with free McBoot and you are set. ^.^

I noticed that Borongo's name glitches out when he rejoins the party. A weird mix of Japanese and gibberish characters. It fixed itself once he had dialogue (couldn't get him to party chat but he growled at a townsperson).

Whoops.  I'll get right on fixing that.  You can find the current hotfixes on

January 28, 2010, 01:44:46 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I noticed that Borongo's name glitches out when he rejoins the party. A weird mix of Japanese and gibberish characters. It fixed itself once he had dialogue (couldn't get him to party chat but he growled at a townsperson).

Ok made a fix.  For some reason Borongo's name isn't copied into the proper buffer until after you get Papa's sword. Wrote a routine to fix that.

Ok tested and put in the hotfix batch over on

So, I say, play the DS version anyway. It won't feel the same way as the SNES or possibly the PS2 versions and if you have long amount of time away from home but with free time, it can keep your interest in the game up (I dressed my characters up like the DQ8 party to remind me that I have DQ8 at home).

man,my university exams are killing a big time of me,so I'm just playing a RPG once,and if it is available on home consoles,i always prefer that version.My joypad in my hand with glass of coke and cookies in front of the TV.I really love that  :beer:
So i just finished "DS only" RPGs on my DS yet.And i have a question.DQ8 was really awesome,has DQ5 have voiceovers also?

No voice overs, but TONS of party chat. That's part of the reason the project took us 5 yearish to finish.

One of the biggest pluses for the PS2 version (well besides the sound and graphics) is that we didn't censor the script. Some of the dialogue is definitely not E for everyone. :)

I just played through the intro and saved at the first church you come across. To be honest, now being able to play it, I actually prefer the DS version after all. It has nothing to do with the translation however- it's not bad (although, to me, it feels a bit bland; but maybe I've just gotten too used to Square-Enix's accents. At least Sancho doesn't like a Spanish reject).

I just wish Arte Piazza would've looked at making this game less like the SNES version with Dragon Quest VII advances, and more on trying to make it truly breath. The graphical style that is used in the DS version fits due to the console and what one expects from the console, however, the PS2 version disappointed me in this regard. I was expecting an ugly version of VIII and instead I got a pretty version of VII. I guess I was expecting too much from Arte Piazza (shoulda gone to Level 5... but then again, they WERE working on VIII). This does not have anything to do with the translation however so meh :P Moot point here, haha.

On a closing note, I love the font used (in the DQ version, dunno about the DW version, but I imagine them to be the same). They're big and easy to read. They don't assume that I'm right in front of my TV or that I'm playing on an HD TV. They do their job and they do it exceptionally well. I also like how professional everything seems. I used hope I'm not bombarded with F-bombs later on...

TL;DR: Like the translation, disappointed at actual game.

I'll probably keep playing, though. Nothing can kill the story this game has.

There are more accents later.  Bianca has an accent.  But yeah, a lot less changes just for the sake of change.

Oh and hi Aeana.  Dwaine over at was trying to get ahold of ya.  Donno if he has an old address or what.

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