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Site Talk / News group update suggestion.
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:36:48 pm »
For the group updates on a category (e.g. ROM Hacks: New Hacks added to the database), would it be possible to link the included screenshots to the game they're from, or at least have the hack name shown below the image?

Right now if a screenshot looks interesting, but isn't from something I recognize, the only way to identify it is to click through the submissions until I see the screenshot again.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Chrono Trigger, NPC Color Bug
« on: September 16, 2015, 08:45:33 pm »
I'm not sure what's going on, but if you send me a Flux file of the location events and the values used in your change location from location 00, I can take a look at it.

One important note - unless you're limiting access to the location, you want all PCs to have events prior to the NPCs. When the adjusts sprite locations, it processes them in order, and when running, a PC with a higher event number will lag.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES Chrono Trigger sprites
« on: August 03, 2015, 07:41:13 pm »
All addresses are for an unheadered US ROM.

1) At 0x24F000, set the following data. 06 06 00 06 00. This will cause the sprites and animation of Crono to appear as Magus, but does not address the palette.
2) At 0x240078, copy 24 bytes over to 0x240000. This will give Crono Magus's palette.
3) If you want to put Crono in Magus's spot, at 0x24F01E, set the following data. 00 00 06 00 00.
4) Copy the original data from 0x240000 to 0x240078.

The reason the palette is handled differently is because battles and the shop menu ignore the sprite's palette index, and assume that it will the same as the PC index.

Note that this will just swap the graphics. Default names and techs are unchanged, and as Justin said, there will be graphical issues when the animations aren't the same.

Depending on what your overall goal is, I may be able to help more.

Personal Projects / Re: The Legend of Iowa
« on: April 20, 2015, 02:48:13 am »
It's working for me now.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 04, 2015, 10:24:14 pm »
I once hear rumors of Schala being a secret PC in the game. Is it true?
Nope. While there's definitely some leftover code from an eighth playable character, there's no data, even in the pre-release. There was an advertisement that indicated who the character would be.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: March 23, 2015, 03:26:28 pm »
Looks nice! I'd move Marle over to the left though so you have a balance - four on one side,, four on the other.

Personally I think active/reserve is a better layout, but I'll make a note on the instructions for the base hack on how to change it

The only problem is if Robo is locked in the party, such as in the Geno Dome, Gaspar will be shaded as well. The only fix is to remove him from the screen.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: March 19, 2015, 11:07:32 pm »
I wouldn't recommend stretching any of those boxes. That black frame is an area of the screen that gets cuts away with overscan on a real TV, meaning it's not safe to use at all.

Thanks for the info. I'll have to see if I can remove some spacing from the data.

Edit: I modified the menu to avoid overscan issues.

I need to adjust the hand so it points properly to all characters. Maybe a downward pointing version of it so it doesn't overlap other characters?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:07:28 pm »

I need to fiddle with the HDMA a little, but I've got the stats, icons, and PCs positioned. The equip in shop screen also needs box adjusting.

Think I should stretch the other boxes?

Hi-Tech Beta 13!

There were a bunch of fixes in this version, but the most notable differences are support for tech requirements, support for any expanded tech project, and significant improvement over the handling of corrupt techs. This will hopefully only occur with older versions and the Flash Screen Color command, which is easily fixable by setting the length properly. A list of techs with invalid command nodes will be in HiTechErrorlog.txt.

There was a glitch with miss animations and expanded techs which required a rewrite of some of the patching code. If you have used Hi-Tech in an actual project, contact me so we can get this repaired. If you've just been testing, I recommend making a new test ROM.

This will hopefully be the second to last beta version. I want to add MP cost editing, and support for extra super commands and item animations.

- switched from static hit effect list to one generated at form load.
- organized code in HiTech.cs
- Relabled Player Attack Graphics Header Unknown 0x05 to Unknown 4
- Relabled Player and enemy Tech graphics Header Unknown 0x05 to Unknown 5
- Relabled Enemy Attack Graphics Header Unknown 0x05 to Unknown 5
- Added editing support for performance groups.
- Added import/export support for performance groups.
- Fixed a bug where enemy attacks would disable editing of targeting until TF was reopened.
- Fixed multiple bugs with expanded techs and miss animations.
- Added some support for pre-release animation saving (for if and when saving pre-release ROMs is added to Temporal Flux).
- Fixed bugs with loading expanded item, enemy attack, and player attack animations.
- Fixed a bug relating to loading item data.
- Added support for first empty item.
- removed support for Dreamstone - no data exists for it and later items.
- Added support for editing performance groups.
- Added support for working with new techs through ini file support.
- Rearranged some menu items.
- Fixed a bug where Hi-Tech would crash if Add Object was clicked before selecting a node.
- Replaced dummy tech creation with "invalid command" node.
- Corrected support for pre-release triple techs.
- Corrected multiple data end points for pre-release.

There are two sites with Chrono Trigger hacking communities. Chrono Compendium recently restored their old hacking material, and Triple Tech has most of the development in between the Chrono Compendium Cease and Desist and the restoration of their material.

Things are kind of scattered, and slightly dead, at the moment, unfortunately.

We still have some bugs to fix, most notably palette issues in the menu. Hopefully that hack will be complete someday.

Hi-Tech Beta 12!

Biggest change this release: Super commands are viewable.

- Updated one targeting value to be consistent with others.
- Updated animation command save check to use status bar instead of a message box.
- Updated animation command save check to indicate saving was cancelled on failure.
- Updated animation command save check to include hit and miss objects, instead of just the current setting.
- Removed incorrect marking of a record as modified when saving item animations
- Changed a few cases of checks against command index to checks against node type (code readability)
- Began support for 8th character hack.
- Redecoded Unknown commands 99, 9B, and 9D as two bytes.
- Added read only support for super commands.
- Removed non-existent super command 4e
- Decoded commands C0, C2 as Circular Sprite Movement (5 bytes)
- Decoded commands C1, C3 as Circular Sprite Movement (4 bytes)
- Removed unknown 5 bytes group
- Added support for unused player tech packets 117-127
- (Pre-Release) Fixed a bug where too many enemy attack graphics packets were loaded.


What does the part before the hand say? I know from context it has something to do with the equipped weapon.

Hi-Tech Beta 11!

I've got a ton of changes for this one, mostly updating unknowns.

- Fixed a crash when saving a tech that has already been relocated.
- Fixed a glitch when selecting a player attack, the wrong attack type was chosen.
- Added support for player attack graphics headers.
- Fixed support for Enemy control headers in pre-release ROMs.
- Fixed support for various player tech related addresses in Japanese and pre-release ROMs.
- Deleted a few unused address entries. (no change on user-end)
- Removed a few effect header bytes that were listed incorrectly
- Removed Stealing Unknown 02 - Confirmed unused despite being read.
- Updated  effect header 7.02 to has chance to steal (this effect does not work properly in game)
- Removed Multi-Hit Unknown 02 - Confirmed unused despite being read.
- Removed effect header 7.01 and 7.08 - unused.
- Removed effect header "Non-Physical Attack" flag - now calculated by enemy status bitflags. "HP 1/2 and death fail" is not used by this calculation.
- updated effect header 7.20 to ignore hit and evade.
- updated effect header 7.40 to ignore shield status.
- updated effect header "Include Unknown 0x0A" to ignore barrier status.
- replaced effect header 8.01 and 8.02 with damage modifier (values 0-3)
- removed effect header 8.04, 8.08, 8.10, 8.20, and 8.40 - unused
- updated effect header 8.80 to load weapon effect.
- updated effect header 2x Evade to 2.5 Evade (This is what the Third Eye actually does)
- updated effect header Unused 3.01 to 2x Evade
- moved support for unknown 0B to always used; set as true/false options for bits 40 and 80.
- updated status impact unknown 05 to base success chance.
- updated status impact unknown 06 to bonus success chance.
- updated enemy attack control header unknown 01 to display possibly unused.
- updated enemy tech control header to a value up to 7, and unknown 1.40
- updated player tech and attack control header to a value up to 7, unknown 1.20, and unknown 1.40
- removed player tech and attack control header unused 0.80
- Fixed an incorrect description of one of the hit effects.

Hi-Tech Beta 10!

- Animation command 74 decoded as Set Priority variant
- Animation command 75 (reset screen color) redecoded as two byte command.
- Animation command 79 decoded as Play Sound (2-bytes) variant
- Animation command 7B decoded as Play Sound (3-bytes) variant
- Animation command 7D decoded as Play Weapon Sound variant
- Fixed glitch with support for animation command CF
- Fixed support for animation command D7
- Animation Command DA (unknown) redecoded as one byte command
- Removed support for non-existent End Tech variant DB
- Renamed a few classes to be clearer (No impact on user end).

Some notes on animation commands:
13, 14, 15 are related (Shared code)
16, 17, 18 are related (Shared code)
19, 1A, 1B are related (Shared code)
27, 28 are related (Opposite function)
2D, 2E are related (Opposite function)
47, 48, 81, 82, 83, 84 are related (same routine)
4A, 4D are related (same routine)
5D, 5E are related (Opposite function)
69, 6A, 6C are related (shared code)
6E, 6F are related (similar function)
98, 99, 9A, 9B, 9C are related (shared code)
C0, C1, C2, C3 are related (shared code)
C4, C5 are related (shared code)
D4, D6 are related (shared code)

I'm hoping there will be no more bugs popping up, so I can get a release out (finally).

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PokéText utility
« on: November 24, 2014, 04:30:03 pm »
I found it.

Known techs are stored as bitflags, so going beyond 8 in any one group will need this changed.

Targeting will need to be relocated and expanded, with new data added in the middle. Double and triple tech requirements may need to be relocated and expanded.

There are bitflags about characters using techs, (tech group characters in the notes below). I think these are mostly menu related.

The Tech Performance Groups can have new data added to the end. These are three byte groups on who performs a tech in battle.

The control headers will need to be expanded. Effect headers can have new data added at the end, but still need to be relocated. Graphics headers will need to be expanded.

Menu headers... I think these only exist for single techs, and load garbage data for combo techs. I haven't explored them much.

Animation pointers can have new data added at the end. The graphics header controls which animation pointer is loaded.

Once you have all this changed, I can add support for loading it in Hi-Tech.

The notes below are a little confusing to me, but they should give you a start. They were created for a project of my own many years ago.

There's probably at least a few things missing.

Code: [Select]
3FF8F7: Load Double Tech Requirements.
3FF900: Load Double Tech Requirements.
3FF948: Load Triple Tech Requirements
025AA9: Load Tech Name for "Learned" text.
025AB1: Load Tech Name for "Learned" text.
02BDDA: Load Tech Name for menu.
02BDE5: Load Tech Name for menu.
02BE64: Load Tech Descriptions for menu.
02BE6A: Load Tech Descriptions for menu.
0D0323: Load Tech Descriptions in battle.
0D032A: Load Tech Descriptions in battle.
010B75: Load Tech Name in Battle.
010B6A: Load Tech Name in Battle.
01C9CA: Load Tech Targeting.
01D5F0: Read Effect Header.
01CBAE: Read Tech Performance groups.
01CBB5: Read Tech Performance groups.
01CBBC: Read Tech Performance groups.
01D5CE: Read Control Header Byte 6.
01CB6F: Read Control Header Byte 7.
3FF866: Read PCs displayed by tech in menu.
02BCE9: Read PCs displayed by tech in menu.
02BBF4: Load Tech Group Characters.
02BD18: Load Tech Name Group Ranges.
3FF864: Load total tech group count in menu.
01CA38: Dual Tech range end in battle.
01CCE6: Triple Tech range start in battle.
01CCEA: Triple Tech range end in battle.
01F483: Read Byte 1 of normal attack header.
01D547: Read Byte 1 of normal attack header.
01D733: Read Byte 2 of normal attack header.
01D695: Read Byte 3 of normal attack header.
01D6A5: Read Byte 4 of normal attack header.
01CB56: Read Byte 6 of normal attack header.
01D620: Read Byte 9 of normal attack header.
01D55F: Read Tech Performance groups.
01D566: Read Tech Performance groups.
01D56D: Read Tech Performance groups.
02BD12: Load Tech name group ranges for menu.
0282E5: Clear used rocks techs.
0282E8: Clear used rocks techs.
0282EB: Clear used rocks techs.
02830F: Save rock techs.
0145BC: Load Graphics Header Byte 1.
0145C3: Load Graphics Header Byte 2.
0145CA: Load Graphics Header Byte 3.
0145D1: Load Graphics Header Byte 4.
0145D8: Load Graphics Header Byte 5.
0145DF: Load Graphics Header Byte 6.
0145E5: Load Graphics Header Byte 7.
02BE30: Load "Single Tech/Double Tech/Triple Tech".
014619: Read pointers to tech animations.
014626: Read Tech animation byte 1.
01462C: Read Tech animation byte 2.
014632: Read Tech animation byte 3.
014638: Read Tech animation byte 4.
01465B: Read Tech animation bytes 5+.
014660: Set Bank for animation bytes 5+.
01BFFF: Read normal attack header byte.
0CE60B-0CE614: Magus specific code.
01F5B8: Read control header byte 1.
02BD68: Total number of groups read for techs in menu.
02BD69: First group read for triple techs in menu.
3FF8D7: Tech performance groups, starting with double.
3FF8E2: Tech performance groups, starting with double.
3FF91B: Tech group characters, starting with triple.
3FF911: Relates to dual tech group limit.
3FF937: Relates to dual tech group limit.
01CBA1: Read Control header byte 1.
01C9BD: Read byte 2 of targeting data.
01CA9F: Read byte 2 of targeting data.
01CAAC: Read byte 1 of targeting data.

Edit: Found three more things.

Edit: Hi-Tech Beta 9!

- Fixed bug with reloading expanded player techs.
- Fixed bug related to support of extra techs (new techs added by user projects - limited support at this time).
- Decoded Command 60 as set palette.
- Fixed unknown command 61 and unknown command 65 groups
- Decoded Command 5F as empty command
- Removed hardcoded lengths table, replaced with call to DecodedNode.GetLength();

Edit: Removed mention of menu data in the notes above - Item data and techs usable in the menu share RAM address, and "menu data" was actually item data.

Adding techs isn't possible with Hi-Tech, and would require a major hack to allow, especially if you're adding single techs.

If someone were to complete a hack that would allow more techs to be used, I could easily support it in Hi-Tech.

If you need more details, I can provide plenty of technical information on what would be needed.

It took a while, but the new beta is finally out.

- fixes multiple bugs
- adds a few new known commands
- removes the upper menu bar (I found it confusing having Temporal Flux's and my own)
- moves the copy/paste functionality to the right click context menu
- adds a better display for tech performance groups
- redoes the handling of animation commands.
- alters the logic on when to relocate techs (Techs are relocated if any object has increased in size, the overall tech size is increased, any objects are added, or any animation pointers are shared with other techs - this will include most player techs).
- Adds an offset of each animation command within the ROM. This value is updated after the ROM is saved and the tech is reloaded. Can be used for debugging.
- Separated the save control for animation, control headers, graphics headers, and targeting.
- Redid the handling of miss animations.
- switched from TreeViewMS to TreeView for the animation command display, disabling the ability to select multiple commands/objects. This was due to a bug in the TreeViewMS code.
- animation command 0x80 (Flash Screen Color) was determined to have a variable length - this is reflected in the new version. Unfortunately techs with incorrect data will fail to to load. If you encounter a tech with this issue, the old decoded length was 3, and the format is 80 UL XX (XX, XX, ...) where L is Length - 1.
- Added a Hexadecimal mode checkbox (on by default). Some values are not reflected by this - unknown commands are prefixed with 0x for consistency, and some values cannot have their text changed at runtime.

There's probably some other changes I forgot.

The copy command does not use the system clipboard - while I could do this for single commands, I don't know how to handle the copying of an object that way - stupid treenodes.

The million dollar question for anyone working on techs - can you find a way to get multiple copies of a Layer 3 packet to show up on screen?

Edit: Hi-Tech Beta 8 is out now. That was quick.

- Redid copy/paste to use clipboard.
- Merged two separate context menus into one.
- Fixed a save bug with Flash Screen Color.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to use the copy shortcut (ctrl+c)
- Added additional keyboard shortcuts.
- Added cut object/command functionality.
- Made keyboard shortcuts visible on the context menu.
- Fixed a potential crash when saving enemy attack or tech effect headers.
- Replaced Promote/Demote object command with move up/down

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