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Have you thought of collaborating with Rodimus Primal on making a GBA Script Port Redux with even more fixes and add-ons to Final Fantasy V?
And to fix any character overflow problems, I recommend using the Square GBA/DS font.

Thanks for the compliments. As for the Multi-controller function, there's two ways to go about it from what I understand. Figuring out how to restore the original Config menu, or port my whole game to the Japanese ROM. However, the game will allow a second player to input ANY commands as if they are player 1.

In my opinion, basing all of the Final Fantasy retranslated ROM hacks on the Japanese ROMs would be much better and they would be much closer to the original Japanese version than hacking the American versions to be more like the Japanese versions.

Also, I think the Square font used for their GBA and DS games is the best pixel font for Final Fantasy and it would allow to fit longer texts while still being readable. I suggest using this font (particularly, the versions used in the DS versions of III Remake and IV Remake).

A similarly large hack project for FFV based on the GBA Script Port as a collaboration with @121J would be fantastic since even the GBA Script Port still lacks some of the QoL features that are in Namingway Edition and TWUE. Maybe call it GBA Script Port Redux.

Can B button dash be added just like in Rodimus Primal's Namingway Edition and TWUE?

Considering that the Final Fantasy SNES Trilogy have extensive mods, do you think it will be possible to port the GBA extras to the original SNES versions so that we can have the ultimate Final Fantasy SNES experience on real SNES hardware?

I really want to play the 2D Final Fantasy games on a CRT the way they were meant to be played with real hardware, and all of the extras from the GBA and PSP versions.
Basically, make recursive ports: The SNES games were ported to GBA, then port almost everything from the GBA ports back to the SNES versions.

I really hope someone ports the official Subsistence translations of Metal Gear 1 and 2 to the superior MSX2 versions.
The Subsistence ports have lower framerates over the MSX2 versions, but the translations are much better.

Is there a way to play the FDS sound channel on regular NES cartridge ROMs?
I really wish there would be ROM hacks for the Zelda games, Metroid, Kid Icarus, the Castlevania games and many more that restores FDS music and sound effects to the NES versions.
Hell, it would probably be even more fun if the FDS BIOS screen could also show up in these hacks.

I really want the official Subsistence translations of Metal Gear 1 and 2 ported back to the MSX2 versions.
The fan translations are outdated and are not as good as the official ones that came with MGS3 Subsistence.

This is especially important as the Subsistence ports have lower framerates than the original MSX2 versions.

Is it possible?
I have tried playing the official translation on PS3 via. The Legacy Collection but it's considerably more laggy than an emulated MSX2 version, and I prefer playing it on PC.
I see that the font in the Subsistence versions, even on PS2, is more high-res than what is probably possible with the MSX2 on it's own.

I really hope someone would make this, if it is possible, since Konami and GOG didn't release Metal Gear 2 for PC even though Metal Gear 1 did and it's based on the Subsistence port.

Also, the atmosphere of these games is heavily enhanced when played in 240p on a CRT, and the PS2 version is only 480i, so the official translation ported to the MSX2 versions and played on a MiSTer FPGA would be a really authentic experience.

Will there be Project RE-Quest patches for the NES version of Dragon Quest IV and the SFC versions of Dragon Quest V and VI?
How about Dragon Quest IV and VII on PS1 and Dragon Quest V on PS2?

Maybe we can even have DQ4 DS but with Party Chat restored from the mobile version.

P.S: Maybe we can also have a graphics patch for DQ1&2 on SFC that upgrades the graphics to the mobile graphics (albeit not poorly scaled and glitchy like the actual mobile port) that are more in line with DQ3 SFC and DQ6 SFC.

I hope you can do optional patches to replace the title screens with the original Japanese ones.
I'm also really looking forward to the Super Famicom RE-Quest patches so that the mobile versions can truly be replaced since they have worse graphics and the mini-boardgame in III was cut out in the mobile version.

I hope that the GBA graphics assets can be ported to this version.
They just look better and Final Fantasy IV always looked like an NES game that was ported to the SNES at the last minute judging from the visuals when compared to V and especially VI.

I also hope that Final Fantasy V gets a similar treatment.
The GBA Script Port is good and all but it doesn't have any of the bugfixes and QoL enhancementss that Namingway Edition and TWUE have.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:50:35 am »
I loved this.
Only complaint is that the text is still censored in many parts (most notably, the beer-guzzling contest is still a soda-guzzling contest), but I still love this as this is somewhat similar to a fan-made Extended Edition of a movie.
While Chronosplit's Uncensored patch is more like a remaster.
I am split between the two versions, because, on one hand, I prefer the better script of Chronosplit's version, but I love the restored content in your version.

Please incorporate Chronosplit's script, ManuLöwe's bugfixes, and Laputan Machine's racing fixes, if you can get their permission and if you can put them in your work. And that would make your Chrono Trigger + the ultimate version of Chrono Trigger.

I really love your work.

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