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Good thing for the multiple font choices in Cleopatra. Sorry but that cursive font looks like it would be very difficult to read or hard on the eyes after awhile of reading.

I totally understand.  Personally, my eyes don't have a problem with it, but I know having to use it would bother many people, especially those with visual impairments.  Still, I didn't want to just have a boring font in there because that would bother other people.  So, I wanted a way to make it so it had multiple font choices, to keep everyone happy.  Originally, I had an ancient Roman font in there too (when I thought the game took place at the time of Cleopatra) and that was really hard to read!  In fact, that was the reason I made it have 3 fonts (instead of 2), so there would be one easy to read one.  But, then I decided the whole reason I put the Roman font in the game did not actually apply, so I changed it to the upper case font.

When I play the game, I constantly change the two fonts around just for fun.  I guess, I usually use the Arabic font for the menus and one of the others for the body text.

Btw, before someone asks, the reason there is no mixed case font is that the DTE compression I chose to use (and to some degree the MTE compression) is designed to work with a mono-case font.

I think I know what that (12) is.

Yeah, I actually made some traction on this before I started working on TwinBee, but right now I'm kinda taking some time to actually play games.

April 14, 2018, 09:07:37 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
And, if I am not mistaken as to what project 12 on the site is, CHR ROM text data storage pain is imminent... that certain dev/publisher really liked to use that scheme in many of their games, not just that one.

Yeah, you got it.  But, really, finding it was the hard part. I don't really think this will hurt much with the insertion process.  Honestly, what make this a pain for me is the decisions I have to make.  The games before an after this one have been poorly translated and have only a mono case font.  I really want this game to match the look of the others, but to make it match means it needs to look uglier than it needs to.  Also, testing the game will be more of a pain for me then usual.

The only thing that I'm set on is the new name and title screen which have been done for years.

I have the script dumped, aishsha has translated a large portion of it, and when I've been working on the project, I've been formatting it for insertion.

I've been working on Square's last NES/FDS game before Final Fantasy, which we've translated as "The Cursed Treasure of Cleopatra" for a couple of years now.  The whole game has been translated by NintendoComplete.  I'm about 50% through the game, editing the script as I go along.  I kinda sat on the project for over a year, but I'm really into it now.  I occasionally need some translation editing help with the script; harmony7 and aishsha are helping me with that.  RadicalR has already started beta testing.

What I need help with is the manual.  I have a complete manual in graphical HTML form that I got from a Japanese web site.  I have done a very small amount of work on it, replacing the katakana English words that I know, etc.  I need someone to replace the Japanese text in the HTML with the English text.  There is approx. 20kb of UTF-8 text.  So far, none of the team has been interested in working on it.

I appreciate any help I can get.  It's probably best to try to contact me through Skype as dvdtranslations.

Wow, so glad that you guys decided to work on this one because you always do such a good job.  :)  I'm actually playing your Burning Heroes patch right now and the patch is great.

I played King Mike's KM patch many years ago in anticipation of DKM eventually being done by someone.

DKM2 is one of a handful of SFami games I own complete.  If you are planning on doing that one, I can send you scans of the manual.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for taking the time to complete the series.  Now, I have a reason to figure out how to get my DS flash card to work...

It seems 2 was at one point planned for localization as Galactic Defender (though EGM had also previewed one of the Culture Brain fighting games under that title. I forget at the moment if it was Super Chinese Fighter or SD Hiryuu no Ken) I took a bit of a look at SCW3. It is probably going to be **** to translate.

If you compare it to the original Japanese boxes, you can see that the unreleased Galactic Defender box image found at GameFAQs was going to be Super Chinese Fighter.

SCW3 stores its text in the CHR-ROM and consequently its pointers are not normal. You need to be really good at hacking to overcome those limitations.

Congrats to all of you on Double Moon.  I think KM is talking about SCW3 (which is a SNES game, the 6th one in the series) but you and aishsha are talking about SC3 (the NES game).

I started my SC3 project a LONG time ago, before I started Heracles.  It took me forever to find the pointer structure.  By the time I did, I was in the middle of Heracles.  After I finished Heracles, I wanted to do something different, like FDS.

That being said, not counting Pocket Zaurus, which will come out any day now, it is one of two games that I haven't completed that I intend to complete.  For what it's worth, I did finish the title screen hack...

Awesome job getting this done.   :thumbsup:  I have so little time to do anything these days.

No, it won't work in a PowerPak.

VWF?  How many NES game traslations actually have one of those...  ;)

Now, I just need to find time to play it!

News Submissions / Re: Translations: First Game in Oni Series Translated
« on: October 25, 2014, 06:09:23 am »
Good job guys.

Thanks for doing the first one in the series first even though it's probably the worst one.  That way people can play them in order.

How does it compare in quality to SaGa 1?  SaGa 2 was infinitely better.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: February 13, 2013, 01:09:44 pm »
Disappointed adding an FDS header is necessary, as FDS headers themselves are useless (the only real information it contains is the number of disk sides, which could already been inferred from the .fds file size.)
Been a while since I been in the scene with the recent birth of my daughter, so I hadn't noticed your comment.
I completely agree with you that FDS headers are useless, for the reasons you listed.  When I decided to do FDS games, I wanted to standardize on releasing them all with or without headers, but just be consistant.  I decided to go with headers simply because the flashcart I have that plays FDS games, the PowerPak, requires them.  Otherwise, I would have gone without headers.
Anyway, keep up the good work translating FDS games so I can play them!

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 27, 2012, 04:29:00 am »
I thank you humbly and whole heartedly for your efforts in translating the first in the glorious BQ series.

The PC engine sequel is damn near impossible, u wanna talk about grinding OOF! that one is no joke.
Thanks V.  It's not that I'm against doing the sequel; I'm just unskilled in the PCEngine right now.

I tried it but I was stuck at the 1st boss, unable to damage him. Got pissed off.
As long as your levels are high enough, he's a joke.  Just run around the screen touching his head.
If you level is not high enough, he's impossible as you can't use healing items during the battle.
It's the same for all the bosses.

I certainly won't argue with you on how good the action is on the game.  It's rather pitiful.  The story isn't quite as bad.  The game is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it and I played it w/o cheating.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 26, 2012, 07:21:18 pm »
OK the code is 8,8,2,1,8,1,4,2
or in other words : up, up, left, right, up, right, down, left

Found it in about 1 minute using FCEUXD, saves me hours of totally useless grind levelling :)
Yep, that's it.   Good job.  :thumbsup:

Although, I'm not sure about your comment?  The "God" player name is what you should use to avoid the 'useless grind leveling'.

The code you gave here is simply to see the girls from the title screen.  Was the only reason you were interested in playing the game to see the girls?
If so, then yes, it must have really felt like grinding.  And, I'm sure, that now that you've seen them, you feel a bit let down as they aren't that great.

I wonder if any of the Japanese magazines ever figured these two cheats out?
The original player name was "むてきね" or roughly invincible, unrivaled.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 26, 2012, 01:45:50 pm »
To all of you dying to see 8-bit Barbie crotch...
use "God" as the player name and you should be able to pass the game in a couple of hours.  You will be fully leveled up with full gold, magic, experience, and impossibly leveled up in terms of attack and defense.  If you want to cheat slightly less, equip anything you will be brought back down to the real max level of attack or defense.

This code might affect the game in other ways too as it sets some memory locations that I wasn't sure what they were for.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 26, 2012, 02:44:25 am »
To be clear, it's the only game we've ever had where it is claimed to be released, but yet no one even knows a circa year on it. How do we know it was released?

First, Hacker was indeed a real company:

Second, here's a decent summary of many of these FDS games by all the different companies.  I doubt this is 100% complete, but you'll notice that BCQ is listed:

On this list you should note that all the Indies Soft games (which say Hacker International on their packaging) & Hacker International games do not list a copyright date on the game's title screen.  Super Pig and Wild on the other hand, always do.

Finally, you can easily buy the game in japan with box (there are two varients), instructions, and disks w/ labels.  And it's seems to be one of the most expensive FDS games I could find, although the FDS utilties go for much more.

Because of this, I have many more scans that what I have on my site.  The one I have there shows the text on the box the best.  I have much better scan of the first page of the manual.

i've been playing it on nesterj v1.13b2 for psp and it runs great.

thanks for taking the time to make this translation possible!

i've been trying to figure out that code. any chance you would share it?

You are most certainly welcome.  I spend a lot of time playing what others in the community have done.  It's nice to give back something that others like.

Glad to hear it works on the PSP.  I'll have to let Radical R know this.

As for the button pattern to show the girls.  I'd have to look at the code again.  I really never wrote it down.  I know it involves a pattern of only 2nd controller buttons and joypad presses.  Then it doesn't matter if you choose Start or Continue.  You should make sure you pass the game first, else once you see all the girls, why keep playing?  >:D

As for the other code, the character name that makes you all powerful; it's really easy to guess.  Let's just say it's not "Mr. Deity".  :angel:

Anyway, I promise I will look up and release both codes if no can figure them out.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 23, 2012, 10:47:50 pm »
I can imagine it being difficult to find a real copy. Wasn't FDS pretty dead by 1990.

I actually have no idea what the date of release is.  There is no date listed in the game, on the box, in the manual, on GameFAQs, or MobyGames!   

There is a mistake in the current readme where it says "Copyright 1987".  That is totally a typo on my part.  I started with the Miracle of Almana readme and that was the date of that game.  I'm resubmitting my readme after this post.

The "1990" date is actually just a placeholder!  RHDN won't let me list "unknown" as the date.  I've discussed this with Nightcrawler.  This is actually the first time in history that no one knows the release date.  There is a date that will make it say unreleased, but that's not really good, because it was released.  :-\

Can anyone out there figure out the release date?

Was this the only game to span 2 disks?
(I know the Nintendo text adventure games were each 2 disks, but from what I've seen, the disks were sold separately. So, does that make them separate episodes, or does that mean that if you bought the game when it was new, you'd only be able to play half the game, and then you'd have to wait for the other half to be released? Never played them myself.)

Those official games the 2nd disk did come out at a later date and you could play half the game with the first.  This game both disks were sold together and you need both to play anything but the title screen (unless you know the code to view all the naked girls on the 2nd side of the first disk from the title screen).

I know of one other unlicensed hentai game that is two disks:  2nd Generation, Kind Gal's (c) 1989 by Wild.  A really interesting looking game in fact.  I has a large font and the graphics are unlike the other ones I've seen.  But I can't figure out what to do at all.  There may be others.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Dragon Quest for Naughty Boys
« on: October 23, 2012, 01:39:06 pm »
Wait is this Body Conquest or a hack?

I know Body Conquest 2 was on the Turbografx / PCengine

This is a real game.  See the DvD Translations website for scans of the box, manual, and disks.

Back when I decided to start this project, I had initially found BCQ2.  I wondered, does a BCQ1 exist?  At the time, it was hard to find.  Radical R found it for me.  When it turned out that was an FDS game and it was such an obvious Dragon Quest parody, I though, I gotta do this.  Although it's DvD Translations third FDS release, it is the first FDS project I worked on.

News Submissions / Re: Site: Announcement: Credit List
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:31:44 am »
It's been a while since I added any of my own projects, just mostly contributing to others.
I just noticed this new feature.  I think it is an awesome feature.  :thumbsup: I love clicking on people and seeing what that have done and who they have worked with.

Multiple Tasks by Single Person:

...I think the issue here is because our projects are done by so few people, it just looks wasteful or out of place to list people multiple times.

So, if someone both translated and hacked a game, why NOT have them listed twice? Now, I do think there should be some guidelines. Theoretically, I could list myself for my projects for Hacking, Graphics, minor translations, music, and script editing. However, that would be ridiculous to list myself for 5 or 6 jobs regardless of how it were implemented. A general rule should probably be following Kaioshin's advice and choose the most important category and list minor specifics in the free text. However, if you really did two major jobs and really think you should be listed twice, then perhaps that should be allowed.

Why 'Other' or 'Misc.' is not a good idea:

...Let me tell you why this is important. Ultimately, we may have a way to search or list say all translators, all hackers, all script editors, graphic artists etc.  in our community, all in organized lists. This will only work if it remains tightly organized...

I think the latter statement provides the answer to the question posed above it:  For database searches by task to work, a person who works on multiple tasks in a translation must be listed once for each task they contributed to.  Not entering all the tasks that a person filled throws away information that can't be automatically replaced in the future, whereas clutter can be dealt with automatically.

Clutter is not caused by the data entry, but rather how the data is displayed when a person works on multiple tasks.  To reduce clutter, by default, the system could display only the first task listed for each person.  To display all tasks, a button could be pressed to show all the tasks by all people.  Of course, adding this button or some other way of reducing the clutter automatically would be work for the staff.  But it doesn't have to be done now.

In the mean time, add all the information you can.  It may seem ridiculous to list yourself 5 or 6 times, but as long as the tasks listed are important tasks, it is all important information that can't be replaced at a later date.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Energy Breaker English V1.00
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:50:26 am »
Disnesquick, congratulations on finishing such a great project that took so many years of work!  :woot!:

Am I the only one still dying for someone to put out SaGa 4?  For someone who likes to play these games in order, I got a lot of SaGa games looking at me...

I don't care if it was re-released on the PS2, I wanna play the first square RPG released on the SNES...

But not to knock your work on this one, keep it up!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Resident Evil (GBC) - Bugfixed version
« on: February 26, 2012, 12:31:47 pm »
I'm always glad to see 90% prototype bug fix patches come out, like this and Star Fox 2.  They really make a big difference by turning a curiosity of a prototype into a complete new game for us all to play, showing us what could have been.


looks like I was a sloppy with my grammar.

Really, I thought you didn't make mistakes?   ;)

Congrats on finally getting this one out.  :thumbsup:

I always liked the name of this game...

Defintely a lot of good b/w gb games coming out these days.

Congrats on bringing another out.  Keep up the good work!  :thumbsup:

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