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I think those 2 saves will be enough for now. Thanks for speeding this up. Going to check this next. :)

Ys3 save tester (Usa)

70:8000 --> 70:0000 sram.

Awesome to hear F-1 is down. Same trick as Sink or Swim so lucky us.

By the way, the Ys3 issue is more than just not being able to save correctly.

When you die, your character glitches out. And also, in Canoe, when you save and then try to load that save, it enables a menu that lets you choose later areas before you are even supposed to get there. Sort of like a debug level select. However, if you pick one of those areas, the game will glitch or crash.

The game does have a native debug menu though that lets you pick any area in the game. It's a cheat done with the 2nd controller:


Kinda wonder if Gaia / Blazer are related. Both suffer h-dma problem but differing result. Have to play Blazer myself and inspect h-dma in working areas.

Ok, I'll post two .srm saves of the game and how to get to the areas where the light circle is in effect:

Save 1 (
Once you load the save, enter the right portal. You'll be in a completely dark area, and the only light will be of a spirit circle, and a torch.

Save 2 (
Once you load the save, enter the left portal. You'll immediately see the spirit circle cause some sort of magnifying effect. Go down a bit to the area where there are spikes coming out of the walls, and you'll see the walls disappear when the spirit light passes over the wall.

Like I said in my post above, the area in the volcano is semi-dark. Once you get the needed item, the spirit circle will cast a light circle, which will protect you from the falling lava. When the lava falls in the light circle, it gets destroyed. However, with the save I sent you, the volcano is already sleeping. Do you need a save of that area BEFORE you find the necessary item, or a save while the volcano is shooting lava?

Great! Hopefully someone is able to make a patch to test it out.

A question about this post of yours:

Overscan disable testers
- Hunt for Red October (USA): 80A6 = 00
- Tom and Jerry (USA): 80A6 = 00

- Super Ninja Boy (USA):
Code: [Select]
$00/EFB8 A9 04       LDA #$04                A:00E0 X:FFFF Y:0000 D:0000 DB:00 S:01FF P:eNvMxdIzC
$00/EFBA 8D 33 21    STA $2133  [$00:2133]   A:0004 X:FFFF Y:0000 D:0000 DB:00 S:01FF P:envMxdIzC

a9 00 8d 33 21:

Is that supposed to be a fix for those 3 games? I didn't see anyone talking about them, or even making patches to see if they fix the problems.


Oh, and about Soul Blazer. Maybe this info could help. In that volcano area, when you enter it the first time, the whole area is actually dark. Well not dark, but like under a shade as seen in the image below. The volcano is erupting lava balls, which fall all around you. You are supposed to find an item to protect you, once you do, that's when the ball that follows you creates that "light circle" around you which is actually a shield that protects you from fireballs. This is how it happens on real hardware.

There are other areas in the game where you need to find an item to make the ball around you shine light (just in the circle), or even to see hidden walls (which makes the walls disappear when the light circle passes over them). But in those areas, the game runs just fine in Canoe. It's only in the Volcano area that the effect is broken. Instead of the area being entirely dark (like when you first enter it), or having the light circle around you (like after finding the item), Canoe instead shows the whole area lit up. As if the light is no longer a circle, but the whole screen.

Ah, with your edit now it makes more sense.

That has nothing to do with this thread? Sluffy wasn't even the one that released that patch.

Sink or Swim 2nd patch tested by Demi and he reports that the game works as it should now. So I guess your 2nd patch is the real deal :)

Hopefully Robin and Darkakuma can test all of this by tomorrow.

Here's another issue that happens with Mario's Time Machine. It happens in Canoe and also in SNES9X. Start the game, press "L" or "R" to open the time machine, and press "A" to go to a surfing minigame. If you notice, whenever you get close to a mushroom (or a spike), it disappears. In real hardware it doesnt't disappear because you need to collect the mushrooms to warp in time.

Sink or Swim tester

Short answer: fires irq 189. sets next irq 190. rti during 190. must fire irq 190 immediately again, which Canoe/Geiger do not. Water scroll bug.

Alternate test patch:
(in case emu runs little too fast, or way too slow)

F1 Grand Prix suffers same problem. Will wait on working SOS first before rewiring that one. Illusion of Gaia ... looking next. So cursor hides whatever text is selected beneath (highlighted option 1-4)?

Demi from resetera tested your first usa patch and said the same issue happened. He is going to test the 2nd patch next.
This is the issue that happens in the game:

It's not that the water rises, it's that when you use a bomb, everything on the screen gets weird.

As for Illusion of Gaia. The game doesn't even natively run in Canoe. You have to patch the game with this patch for it to even work:

Once you patch it, the game works perfectly, except for that menu issue that only happens there.


And saw message about Sink or Swim + old Zsnes build. Mwahaha.

Oh, so you read the resetera thread too? It was me who posted that.



Screenshot of this Nosferatu? Nothing mysterious so far.
(read docs - "Glitches on right side when scrolling." Huh.)

In Nosferatu. Once you start advancing in level 1, you'll notice that the graphics are corrupted on the right side of the screen. And when you reach the area before the last boss, the enemies will flicker on and off.

Sluffy, in such a short time you've found solutions to a bunch of games! You are awesome.

If possible, could you take a look at Nosferatu? On Canoe, when you start playing, the right side of the screen is garbled. And when you reach the area of the first boss, the enemies partially disappear.

And also Space Megaforce, which has some audio issues where there's a lot of annoying popping sounds. Is that someone within your knowledge range?

Maybe you could figure out what's going on and find a fix?

Hey sluffy, glad you're helping out fixing games to work with Canoe.

Whenever you can, could you check out what's going on with a specific area in Soul Blazer?

The game has multiple areas with the same dimming effect, but only in that area is the effect missing. I don't know if this might help, but I initially thought it was a layer issue. Normally games that have a fog, or dimmed, or dark overlay, it's usually just a transparent layer placed on top of everything else. But in this case, that light circle (or the darkness around it) is not a layer. I turned off each layer (including the sprite layer), and the circle effect was still present. So apparently something has been hardcoded in that area to make that effect.

Here's a .srm file where you can reach that area:

To reach the Volcano, just enter the bottom portal. Go all the way down and exit the town to go into the ocean. Then go all the way down and left to enter a new area, then go up to reach the Volcano where the dimming effect should happen.

I've only played the GBA/DS versions.

I just booted this game and all I see are "2-4 Player" modes? Isn't there a regular story/campaign mode? Or by 2 players it means Player 1 and Computer?

Oh yeah, there are plenty of bugs in the original version of this game. I didn't introduce any (well, I did at one point, but was able to fix it). Here's the list of bugs that I remember. I asked my testers not to report them as errors with the translation patch, because I checked and encountered all of them in the official release, too:

I don't intend to include any fixes that anyone might make for those bugs as features of this translation, as I feel that a translation should just be text edits only... with the obvious exception of fixing this game's credits.

I think that being able to see the credits is important, even if they're just in Japanese. The people that worked on this game deserve to have their names shown for their effort. As for translation, someone else already did that ( Note that the way their mock-ups look probably wouldn't be reproducible in the game, you'd have to make the text much smaller to get everything to fit properly.

That was me.

While the english text you see on the images was added with an image editor, I did get the original Japanese text to display correctly thanks to a hack a Japanese guy named Mini4Rider did for me in 2010. I still have the .ips file is anyone wants it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Pop'n Twinbee on SNES9x
« on: July 14, 2017, 10:26:12 pm »
This is not the correct forum for that question.

If you're talking about this line:


I just want to note that "へや" (heya) means "room"; "peace" would be the similar-sounding へいわ (heiwa).

I admit that I didn't mention that detail, mostly because in English it felt a bit awkward to say "Now I can go to where the others are." I settled for "It's time to go" since the game shows the girl ascending to Heaven and I thought it was good enough. Anything from "Now I can join my family" to "Wait for me everyone, I'm coming" could work in alternative. I guess I should have added a translation note mentioning that.

How about "It's time to go with the others"?


Some of the names are clearly Japanese wordplay and I'm not sure what the most appropriate change would be, if any.  "Dumpty" is perfectly fine, but "Forkun" – Mr. Fork?  The Forkster?  Forky?  "Buruccho" and "Guruccho" clearly require more Japanese vocabulary than I've got.

Those are proper enemy names, so they should be really left alone in my opinion.

Here are some automatically win cheats I made years ago:

?= 1= Enemy Wins 2= Player Wins

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Obscured Char In a Credit
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:29:58 pm »
I removed the red X, and also filled the red X to see if it could make it clearer.

Another suggestion is to find the font in the credits of the Japanese character you think it is and match it to the one covered by the red X and see if it fits.

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