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nice release but doesn't work with all the older bsnes versions i tried
it's a pity but bps patches are always a pain somehow


thanks a lot for translating this game , definitely one of the greatest "adventure" games on the sfc
considering who was in the charge of this game,the princess and the entire chapter 4 was sort of a prelude to minish cap

anyway,i played this using an older version of higan
the translation was impeccable , only found 1 minor glitch
happens everytime a character says "i'm.." so i would say maybe 5-6 times in total

and,lastly,out of curiosity :
the spiders in chapter 4 tell you that you can "bugger off"
isn't that a little too much ?

but i just started playing this game the other day and wanted to say thanks

i found this really minor typo at the very beginning,don't know if the author(s) want people to post think kind of stuff in the thread ?

edit : and a few graphical glitches too but i'll wait for a response before uploading more pictures

well,i guess lurking mode ends here

hello,huge fan of the torneko / shiren games here and asuka is definitely one of the best entries in the series
i can't believe nobody ever mentions this game or shiren 2 on the nintendo 64,they are such amazing games in dire need of an english translation

despite my "day 1" level of japanese (kana and 50-100 kanjis and that's it) i played the pc version up until the halfway point (more or less) and then gave up because not fully understanding the story or certain obscure mechanics became too much to bear

so i can't offer you a technical or linguistic support but you can count on me 100% if you ever get to the point when you need to test stuff or beta versions etc
i wish i could do more but unfortunately that's all i can do ; well,apart from cheering you on from the shadows !

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