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Had some time tonight and stopped by this board after a long while. Good practice.

I know it's a bit much, but most of it this time is kanji checking and just some recognition that I need help with. Anyone want to lend a hand? Also, I can handle translating so don't worry about that.


何 (sideways)

Kanji check
ご... ごめんね
Ugh, that last one was hard to read. I dug in my dictionary for words with 威
なんとしても, 生きてれ.
世界を, 地球を, うために!!

Everything else checks out.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: translate these sentences
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:35:30 am »
I chopped off words where it would be redundant unless it worked better. I'm no sure if there are windmills or not. It might be referring to a toy? I'm not sure on the context for つるするしている

Hope all of your items don't begin with a vowel :P

Quote from: 4ph
There was a chest
in the cupboard![End]

[Numbers]G was hidden inside![End]

A bunch of rocks fell out.[End]

His Majesty's briefs
were inside.
[Player] slowly closed
the chest...[End]

Some firewood fell to the floor.[End]

[Numbers]G was hidden inside the flower![End]

A [Item] was hanging
from the windmill.[End]

It would hurt if it fell down...[End]

[Numbers]G fell down from
inside the fireplace![End]

There was
a [Item]
in the barrel![End]

The barrel
was empty...[End]

Found [Numbers]G behind
the coiffure![End]

The cupboard's glass was
all shattered...[End]

It seems to be made
of gold.[End]

[Numbers]G fell down from
inside the fireplace![End]

[Player] shook the
table cloth.[End]

Found a [Item]

Found [Numbers]G inside![End]

There were five bottles
placed ontop![End]

It really stinks...
[Player] was brought to tears.[End]

Heard something from
the bottom of the well...
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit


There was [Numbers]G
under the table.[End]

A [Item] was hidden
at the bottom![End]

A [Item] was stuck
on the windmill![End]

[Numbers]G was stuck
between some firewood![End]

[Player], huffed and
puffed, and blew away
all of the dust![End]

Screen 1:

Match History (I like this better than match research)

Screen 2:

Connection Settings (lit. Connection Protocol Settings)
Clear Memory (Erase Memory or History would do)

Screen 3:

Member #
Connection Type
Dial Type
トーンダイル and パルス (not shown)
Tone / Pulse
Host #
Require 0 Prefix? [ed. basically dial 0 to get outside line] 
Yes/No [lit. have/don't have]
DDX Password

The DDX# refers to a carrier number in Japan. I really don't know how that worked back in the 90s, sorry.

I took a bit of a break and did some of this, but got to get back to what I was doing.

A note on the original text. These are all commands like "Concentrate On Defense". You probably want to simplify them as much as possible.

Unleash powerful attack
Break enemy lines
Protect Ally
Concentrate on Defense
Heal (Light/Occasionally)
Heal (Heavy/Stressed/Important)
Do as you see fit
Reduce Enemy numbers
Target harder [ed dangerous] enemy
Fight defensively too
Annoy the enemy
Target aerial enemy
Guard the rear
Reinforce [ed. follow or stay behind]
Kill strong enemy
Attack cautiously
Fight at range
Take a chance [ed. risk]
Form giant wall
No changes [lit. My bad... Exits out of the menu probably.]


錬磨 you mistyped as . They have the same reading too. :-)
技術 is skill. You see this word as well as each separated very often in games (特技, 技, 術).

I look at this phrase like this - 技術 that/which are/will be 錬磨. Like Paul Jensen mentioned, it's beneficial to work backwards through the sentence.

される is the passive of する. We know that when you combine a "noun" + する it's like making a verb out of "noun". So 錬磨される is like 錬磨する except passive. It's similar to saying 技術は彼に錬磨される (note I added the 彼に for clarity). As a side note, 彼に錬磨されるのは技術 would be another way of conveying something similar. Try to word all three of these separately and you'll see they convey similar meaning in English (but not exact).

1. 錬磨される技術.
2. 技術は彼に錬磨される.
3. 彼に錬磨されるのは技術.

It's definitely a folk/humorous folk song.

Code: [Select]
いつも一緒さ 俺達は
パロパロ パッパ ルルルンパ
こりゃまたにくいぜ タコやろう
それがおいらさ パッパパッパ パロディウス

We're always together,
four good friends.

Sometimes we fight, but we make up.
Streaming, streaming ink across the galaxy
Search for my father, 50,000 years.
Paro Paro Pappa Rururunpa

You're still terrible, you damn octopus.
That's me! Pappappa Parodius.

Code: [Select]
いつも歌うぜ 俺達は
取りましょ 音頭
たまにゃだっせんするけれど、 大丈夫
両手フリフリ 両手フリフリ 戦うぞ
パロパロ パッパ ルルルンパ
こりゃまたにくい タコやろう
それがおいらさ パッパパッパ パロディウス

We're always singing.
Take it away, lead.

Sometimes I get carried away, but it's okay.
Waving around my tentacles, my tentacles I'm gonna fight. [note: it's too long, so shortened]
At Mach 15.
Paro Paro Pappa Rururunpa

You're still terrible, you damn octopus.
That's me! Pappapappa Parodius.

1. Do you mean 推算 【すいさん】 ?
2. Yes, it is 'passive'. If you see many sentences or uses, you can infer more of a informative voice (like a news report or lab report). In this case a history lesson.

"推算に語られ" is pretty crucial to understanding this. You also forgot 変成【へんせい】, which is also crucial here.

Read & translate the phrases separately like this, and then combine them back together.
1. 伝説とは往々にして変成され
2. 推算に語られ、
3. その真実は忘却される.

How I would do it:

Legends are sometimes changed and embellished, and the truth is forgotten.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Little Magic
« on: December 23, 2010, 04:10:17 pm »
Everything else is okay other than the following. I don't think you need to replace 'options' unless you want to make it bigger.

決定 = OK, Confirm

Code: [Select]
      それは それは とおいむかし
 せかいは サンオサールこくと ムーンオイヌこくに
わかれていました。2つのくには たいへんなかがよく、
たがいのおうじと おうじょも しょうらいを ちかい
 そんなあるひ、ムーンオイヌのおうさまが とつぜん
しんでしまいました。そして ひとりのまどうしが、
ひめをつまにむかえ、ムーンオイヌこくを おさめると
こころを かたくなに こばみつずけました。そこで、
サンオサールに たたかいをどんできたのですー。

Long, long ago...
The world was separated into the kingdoms of
Moonoynu and Sanosaaru. Both got along with each
other, and had arranged for their prince and
princess to marry.

[ed. When] On that day the king of Moonoynu died.
And a lone sorcerer took the princess for his bride,
and declared his rule over Moonoynu.

The princess, not forgetting the prince, continued to
reject the sorcerer. And so the sorcerer waged war
against Sanosaaru in order to kill the prince and
take over the world.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Japanese Translation Questions
« on: December 23, 2010, 09:57:34 am »
と as a particle means many things, and all of them can come at the end of a sentence.

と - conditionality. と usually follows direct verbs (すると, やらないと). There are several types of conditionality ~れば, ~たら.
と - and. Joins together two nouns.
と - adjectives. There are some adjectives that require it, but often dropped colloquially.
と (often as って) - Implied "と言う" (dialog) or "というか". This is probably the most difficult to get at times as と all alone. Easier to spot as って

が - but. It appears at the end of a phrase like けど. It does not necessarily need to connect two sentences or phrases together (implied nature of japanese, again).
が - subject emphasis. Follows a noun or nominal, but you can turn a phrase into a topic.

か - doesn't mean "but". references a question.
か - also can be used to string a list of phrases or nouns in a question. 分かるか分からないか?"Do you get it or don't you?"

Example of some trickery below that I thought up just now. Try translating these :thumbsup:

Situation: three people commenting on some explanation they got from somebody.
A: 説明くれたが、ちょっと失礼な.
B: この人ははっきりと言うのが嬉しいですが.
C: よそ者があまり好きじゃないというわけかな?

Edit: this is kind of enjoyable. I usually don't like these types of threads. I don't know what's with me. Maybe procrastination.  :P

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Japanese Translation Questions
« on: December 22, 2010, 03:31:20 pm »
There is a lot that is implied for each participant in the dialog. That's why there are so many ellipses, and this helps us as readers too.

わたしたちが This comma is more for dialog pausing, and the が gives us reference to the subject (or whatever). Since it's not necessary to always have a subject (the first sentence doesn't, although in English we need to put it there).
やらないと... There's an implied いけない that follows. As for やらない, you are correct, it is negative of やる (遣る) and not やる (to give [a gift to someone beneath your station]). Same 'do' for やらなければ but neg. conditional.

We know what to put in for やる (do, doing) because of 救う. What must the boy and girl take action on (must do)? Save the world.

Here's a different example for やる where you might use another word in English. If we had a third party observer of the boy & girl maybe they'd make the comment (at the end of the dialog when they have their resolve):


Same やる, but in this case it's really kind of a noun with the 気 attached. Spirit + take action or in other words motivation, gusto, morale, etc...

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Japanese Translation Questions
« on: December 22, 2010, 11:05:34 am »
Your intuition was correct. やり = やる and not 槍 in this case. Well, I guess you could make a pun with it by making a speaker more casual. But traditionally it would only be 槍 in the case of あさ、やりを直そう

Instead of repair I would say "try again" for やり直す.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Little Magic
« on: December 17, 2010, 10:50:29 am »
Here's about half of it. I tried to make it sound a bit better in English so there are lines that are not a magic black box J<->E.

I'm not sure what the proper name for Moonoynu is.

Code: [Select]
[02 AE 21]おしまい[END]


Prince: Moonoynu was
  It's rumored THAT sorcerer

cursed the king of Moonoynu.

  I can't believe it,

but what do you think, Grandpa?[WAIT]
*: That's not all. I think that

the sorcerer will cursed the entire kingdom

and put everyone under his control.[WAIT]
Prince: With my father bed-ridden now,

  I must hurry and defeat the sorcerer,

and save the princess and

*: The sorcerer's magic spreads

as quickly as an epidemic in a village.

Take haste![CLOSE-WINDOW]
[08 01][08 10][0C 08][08 0F][0C 08][08 22][0C 0E][08 22][OPEN-WINDOW]
[11 031F FF]*: The enemy's here[11 031F 00]![08 40][0C 3C][WAIT]
*: Please leave the king

and the castle to your grandpa.[WAIT]
Prince: Okay, I'm counting on you![WAIT]
*: Take care..![CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: Unnnngh...

In the few moments

I have left...[WAIT]
  I'll give you one

last word of advice.[WAIT]
  My ally plundered a priest's

village to the east.[WAIT]
  He's probably ruling over
it now.[0C 3C]

  F'ha ha ha... Oww...[11 0075 0A][CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: My prince!

Priests are a group that have

the power to cure illness and injury,[WAIT]
  and if the village is captured,

then plague will spread

throughout the kingdom![WAIT]
Prince: Hmm... I must hurry...[CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: Welcome![0C 3C]

We're not strong enough

to deal with this.[WAIT]
  Please lend us your strength![WAIT]
Prince: Okay, I'll do it![WAIT]

*: Unngh... I may have lost here,

but that doesn't mean

Moonoynu is lost..![WAIT]
  If I had that mage

you'd be as dead as I...[CLOSE-WINDOW]

Prince: Priest,

  where is this mage?[WAIT]
*: Yes, She lives quietly

in the cave (?) to the north.[WAIT]
Prince: All right!

  I'd better hurry there,

and have her lend me her magic![CLOSE-WINDOW]

[11 031F FF]*: Kyaaaaaa[11 031F 00]![0C 1E][CLOSE-WINDOW]

[11 031F FF]*: Ugh[11 031F 00]![CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: Thank you so much

for coming to my rescue![WAIT]
  Truthfully, Moonoynu's troops

came before, and said that

this was their land...[WAIT]
  Since we disagreed, when

we protested, they suddenly attacked.[WAIT]
  We mages are useless when

we're attacked by soldiers...[WAIT]
Prince: We will lend you our strength.

[0C 3C] And in return, if we win,

I'd like you to help us.[WAIT]
*: Yes, gladly![CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: And the sorcerer told me

he'd give me this village

all to myself...[WAIT]
  Oh, sorcerer...

Please forgive me being
defeated in battle...[CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: And now peace has returned

to the village at last.

[0C 3C]Thank you so much.[WAIT]
You must cross the terrifing mountains

to the east to reach Moonoynu Kingdom.[WAIT]
  There's a kind martial artist and the

mountain monsters around there.[WAIT]
  Let's go pay them a visit.[CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: You, patrol the castle,

and stay alert for enemy intrusions.[CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: You, go scout out

the enemy. And then

I'll give you instructions later.[WAIT]

Prince: What's the matter?


*: Truthfully, some guy came asking

to hand over our village over to

  How insulting!

This is our village. You think we're gonna hand it over!?[WAIT]
Prince: We will lend you a hand as well![WAIT]
*: Thanks!

I'll return the favor![CLOSE-WINDOW]

*: A toast to us...

Before that, there's a merman village

on the coast.[WAIT]
  The sorcerer plans on

making it his.[WAIT]
  It's gonna be a close one.

Gotta do our best...[CLOSE-WINDOW]

Prince: We're going to the border next.
  Let's strengthen our resolve and go![WAIT]
*: I'll follow you wherever![CLOSE-WINDOW]

[11 031F FF]*: Waaaaaait[11 031F 00]![0C 3C][CLOSE-WINDOW]

Prince: What's the matter?

  What's bothering you?
*: Well, um, prince.

This is very embarrassing.[WAIT]
  We live to protect the law

of the sea. We mustn't get

involved with land creatures.[WAIT]
  But there's a guy who broke that rule.

サンオサールの ふね、おそった。

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