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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:47:34 pm »
Is there anyway of changing that formula so I can do something like make you get the Reflect spell 1st instead of Shield Magic?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:51:25 am »
Isshh... Spell learning seems to be linked to Town Code, RAM $056B. Switching Town Codes within the same region is easy, but between regions, I'm not sure. It could break other game mechanics.

Is there a way to change the Magic level requirements to learn a spell? For example, Fire and Reflect require your magic level to be at 4 in order to learn the spells. Can it be changes to 1 or 2 to learn them much quicker?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:12:46 am »
@Trax - Is there a way to change the order in which you get magic? For example, is there a way to put reflect magic in Western Hyrule in the 1st town Rauru and get the Shield magic in Eastern Hyrule? I've been trying to find a way to change the order you receive magic, but I have been unsuccessful.

@ShadowOne - Great work with the hack. Now if someone can figure out how to change Jump magic to do a double jump instead of just jumping higher, that would be awesome.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Hack Project - I want your input
« on: October 24, 2018, 03:20:13 pm »
Let me start with the last item first. The Magic Key is totally irrelevant. There are absolutely no locked doors in the Great Palace which gives the key no significance. Maybe you can turn the Magic Key into the Master Sword or at least the Magical Sword from Zelda 1. Having a different sword that's more powerful than your sword at level 8 would be much more beneficial.

After you get to level 8 for everything, the only thing your experience points do is allow you to get extra lives every 9000. Maybe you can build something into the game that allows you to spend those experience points after everything is leveled up for additional items or stronger versions of your magic. This option would not open up though until Life, Magic, and Attack are all at Level 8. This would keep the Zelda 2 formula in tact but give it something fresh.

I'll comment on the other stuff when I have more time.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Hack Project - I want your input
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:17:54 am »

I agree with keeping this thread going, and one of the best ways is for me not to respond to everything, so I will tackle a few of the spells.

Through some testing of my own, I found a couple of bosses the Fire spell can be made to be useful for. My current complaint is its current design. It's a tiny fireball. A complete mess. Nothing ferocious when you think of fire spells in general especially if you compare it to the spells from A Link To The Past. The Fire spell doesn't have to go. Redesign it to make it more appealing. Also make have to be used against some bosses.

I think the jumping higher should be replaced with a mid air jump. That would be much more appealing and would fit better than just jumping higher. And combining that with the Dash from Shadow Of Night, and you have a total winner. I know the mid air jump would require a bit of coding to get correct.

Spell spell has been absolutely useless. You don't need the Magic Key to beat the last 2 palaces or The Great Palace, so taking the time to even use the Spell spell to get the Magic Key isn't necessary. Replacing that spell with something new would be best. A Freeze spell or Njosro's Ghost spell would be a couple of good ideas.

Let's here some other ideas. 

Personal Projects / Re: Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:55:13 pm »
That looks freakin awesome!!!

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Hack Project - I want your input
« on: September 28, 2018, 10:53:05 am »

Expanded World - You already know I agree with this and you know I'm a big fan of the ice tiles thus why I put my hack on hold. If you can find a way to incorporate ice in the palaces too, even better.

One Save Slot - That's really not that big of a deal. A worthwhile sacrifice to expand the game.

New Graphics - Definitely a plus as well. I believe Revility had made big strides in how good the graphics can get. If you can improve on that, that would be totally awesome.

New Spells - This is a most welcomed addition. On top of that, some of the current spells are in dire need of an upgrade such as Fire, Shield, Fairy, Reflect, and Spell. The Fire spell is so underwhelming. It needs to be made a bit more ferocious something like Ryo's Haoh Shou Ko Ken from King Of Fighters. At higher levels, Shield should reduce how much damage you take, and Reflect should reflect more attacks. Fairy should actually heal and also be on a timer for how long you can be in it or you control how long you're in it.
Incorporating new spells like a Freeze spell, your Dash spell from Shadow Of Night, a double jump, even a modified version of Njosro's Ghost spell are some things that come to mind.

New Enemies - I agree with this as well. I also think the final palace should have every boss character from previous palaces as well as a new final boss. I always thought a good idea would be after you defeat Dark Link, he actually transforms into Ganon and you fight Ganon.

Map System - That also sounds good as well. This part you can keep a bit simple. Just pressing either Start or Select shows you the map and your current location. Use the extra space for all the other more involved stuff.

Extended Dialogs - Definitely makes sense here.

Experience System - I actually like the experience system. Keep Zelda 2 unique. Expand on the experience system and increase the level caps.

Upgradable Items - I definitely agree with this. Giving the items more purpose would be awesome. Also adding new items if possible be be even better.

New Moves - It would be great to see some new moves like a charge slash, spin attack, dash attack or psycho crusher style attack would be cool. Also, upgrading the sword would also be a big plus.

I'm definitely interested in seeing what you present.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 30, 2018, 10:38:29 am »
Rev Edition Ver.1.6 (Revility) + Zelda II Redux (You) + New Link Sprites (Falchion22) =


(I edited the Link's colors because I prefer the original.)

While I have a few minutes, let me respond. If you check out my hack, I combined ShadowOne's hack and Revility's hack into the hack I created, so feel free to check it out.

I think Revility's work was really good. It would be good to see someone build upon what he has done. Falchion22 work was good as well.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 26, 2018, 11:35:02 pm »
That's one of the features with ShadowOne's hack. You can use Up and A on controller 1 to save. No need to switch to controller 2. He also has Njosro's continue from the palace feature too.

@Trax - Dark Fortress would be a pretty cool name. I also seem you've managed to find a way expand the game safely to 16 PRG banks & 16 CHR banks. In time, I must know your secret. LOL

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:29:52 pm »
Look at Njosro with the sales pitch for his editor. LOL! I think I told you a while back anyway that you should do a video tutorial on your editor.

My life has gone through some major changes, so I've only been able to peek in from time to time. It's good to see everyone still giving Zelda 2 some love.

@ShadowOne - I'll download your newest update and check it out. I'm sure your work with the text will help me out with my hack once I'm able to return to work on it.

@Njosro - Do you have anymore surprise Zelda 2 projects you're working on? Also, were you ever able to make some progress on creating that mid air jump?

@Trax - How far along are you with your latest hack and newest Sword II editor?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 13, 2018, 02:07:31 pm »
How about if you did the intro something like this that would definitely fit:


Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:19:38 pm »
Doesn't Sword II only work on Mac though?
I unfortunately have no means of getting my hands on a Mac computer, only Windows or Linux sadly :/
I guess I will start reworking the whole script manually (Hex editing), with the help of WindHex32 in the meanwhile, just so I can load the TBL I have and see where the text is and what I have, then I'll update the pointers accordingly manually too.

I heard of Cartographer/Atlas but have zero clue as to how they work or how I would use them for such a project.
That could me made down the road, but right now the focus is on the dialogue, once that and the enemies are done I could contemplate such a thing.

There are programs that will allow you to emulate a Mac or basically create a virtual Mac environment to where you can use Sword II like VM Ware. That's how I used Sword I.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: A good game to hack after years of SMW?
« on: June 29, 2018, 09:36:11 am »
A game that's not on your list. Sonic 3 w/ Sonic & Knuckles. If you're into fighting games, Eternal Champions.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:52:43 am »
I would want to take a song from another game and add it to Zelda 2. I figured that would be very hard.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: June 22, 2018, 09:28:37 am »
It would be nice if someone could figure out how to change the music. I just played a Zelda 1 hack where someone changed the dungeon music to the dungeon music from A Link To The Past. Now, that's something I would love to do with the palace music of Zelda 2. If someone can show me how to do that, I'd be indebted to you.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: zelda 2 ASM hacking and improvements
« on: June 02, 2018, 04:27:57 pm »
Hi ultimaweapon, maybe I can help since this seems doable through the editor :)

This is what I understood from that:
1. You moved the area warp of palace 6
2. You moved the area warp of the great palace to where palace 6 used to be
3. You set the Y coordinate of the great palace's area warp to 0

If that's what you did, then here's what's wrong:
As trax said, the game just "draws" a palace tile when you play the flue and it moves the area warp of palace 6, NOT the great palace. So you probably saw the drawn image of a palace but it's just that: an image tile.

Here's what I suggest:
1. Undo everything you did with the moves and such.
2. In the editor, in area editing mode, click any area to select it, then right-click it. (Yeah, it's a bug that you gotta left click first)
3. From the drop down menu, click "Seek Index..."
4. Type 53 (that's the index of palace 6's area warp), then click OK. (in hex it's 35 like trax said, but 53 in decimal)
5. You'll see the view go all the way up north since palace 6 has a Y value of 0. You can't click it since it's out of bounds, but you can change its properties.
   Change the scene and world to the appropriate values that you want. (Probably scene 0 in Great Palace)
6. SAVE!

It will work. (I've done this before.) BUT you will need to fix the graphics of the great palace when you enter. Maybe trax can help you with that...?

I hope this information is what you're looking for!

You were spot on Njosro. I tried what you said, and that did work. Like you said, the graphics were totally distorted. I even tried swapping the CHR bank and palette offset, but that didn't work. I'll probably just switch it back to normal.

Here's what I would like to do. Keep Palace 6 hidden where it belongs, but I would also like to hide Palace & (Great Palace) so that it would appear 2 spaces above Link. I figured I needed ASM, but what I can't figure out is how Palace 6 is hidden with ASM, so I can try to replicate the process for Palace 7. Any info that can help is greatly appreciated.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: zelda 2 ASM hacking and improvements
« on: May 29, 2018, 06:12:42 pm »
With new ASM, you could have as many hidden things as you want. The hard part is that the original programming is hard-coded to have the 6th palace's Area appear specifically 2 tiles under Link's current position. The simplest way would be to recycle the 6th palace Area to make it point to the Great Palace. Very straightforward.

I relocated palace 6 and the Great Palace to where palace 6 was and hidden it. When I test it, a palace tile appears, but I cannot enter. It grants no entry into the Great Palace. How do I get the area to point to The Great Palace? I'm going through the disassembly, and I see at bank 0 at 04E9, bank 1 at 4368 and bank 2 at 8368 are all indications about the Hidden Palace, but I'm a bit confused. 

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: May 25, 2018, 10:27:56 pm »
Oh well, if someone knows a way to contact him, please tell me so through PM.
This last week has been somewhat slow on this project because work's got me by the ballz, but after this Saturday things should resume to a stable basis :P

I am currently working on two hacking projects, this and another one
The other one I haven't mentioned publicly yet, and that one has seen priority due to a recent development made past month, which opened up the doors to the project I had in mind for years which can now become a reality.

I will still continue with this one here and there, so expect sporadic updates on this one :)
Next up should be enemies, right now I am thinking on adding Experience points to all enemies, even those that do not give you anything in vanilla Zelda II (though they will still give low Exp), so now killing enemies should not feel as meh as before.

Right now only the Bubbles and the Mother Fokka's have been edited to make the way through them a more enjoyable experience, and if you guys have any suggestions, drop them here, and I'll take them into consideration for rebalancing :)

I'm working on a new Zelda 2 project myself. I also have another game I'm going to start on shortly. I do have an idea or 2 for you, but I'll pm those to you.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: May 24, 2018, 05:41:59 pm »
Unfortunately know. Trax or IcePenguin might know. I'm trying to go through the code of Shadow Of Night to see if there are any clues there. You, Trax, Njosro, IcePenguin are much better than me. Maybe you can figure something out looking through the code for Shadow Of Night.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Sega CD / Mega CD assets ripping
« on: May 24, 2018, 07:43:54 am »
As far as I know, there's only been a hack of Sonic CD and Final Fight CD, so there probably isn't much out there as far as info and tools, etc. I would love to see a hack of Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side.

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