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This is coming along beautifully! Keep it up, dude!  :woot!: :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Mighty Street Fighter (Mighty Final Fight - NES)
« on: November 16, 2020, 06:59:13 am »
Great project! Keep it up!

Vai nessa, cara! Toda força aqui de Santos, SP! Abrá!!!

How feasible would be a SNES demake/port of Symphony of the Night and/or Megaman X4?

How feasible a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night port for SNES would be?

August 03, 2020, 06:40:13 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Also, a long, long time ago, I remember reading something about a Street Fighter II graphics hack, that changed the character sprites to their Alpha/Zero aesthetics. Anyone remember something like this?

(It was sometime before the SSF2T Remaster being released. Also, Dan was playable, IIRC).

Some games that never received any love, and should get a hack:

- Metal Warriors (SNES)
- Demon's Crest (SNES)
- Treasure Hunter G (SNES)

Gaming Discussion / Re: What is the worst RPG you have ever played?
« on: February 17, 2020, 09:43:48 am »
Lagoon, for SNES. Played it when I was 6-8, but couldn't get it.
Then, older and wiser, gave it a second try.
It didn't worked. It's horrible.

Do it... go now. Go look. In the hacks section. Look there, at the "Games" drop-down menu.
LOOK AT IT. Scroll down, not "J".. scroll down, not "M".. scrolling, scrolling....
AHHH the "S" section.
Do you see it, or rather, do you not see it?
All of these brilliant and wonderful people that are way smarter than me and I'm quite sure, way more handsome than I...
Of all of these very handsome and skilled Individuals...
No one has made a SINGLE hack for the SNES version of Shadowrun?
I mean come on.. a futuristic, cyber-punk setting, where dragon owned corporate technocracies control the world.
Somebody, do something here. I'm dying, I mean slowly day to day, but I am dying. Please someone at least lie to me, and tell me there will be fixed pixel hack in the next century.
Thank you for participating in my light harassment.

I second that. Also, some love for Demon's Crest would be much appreciated! :)

What about a hack of Final Fight on SNES, or even Arcade, that puts Streets of Rage characters on it?

How about a version of Super Mario Kart (SNES) for 4 players?

Personal Projects / Re: Shounen Ninja Sasuke Translation Hack
« on: May 13, 2019, 07:41:09 am »
I've got a few things to report this time, although only the first one is directly related to translation. You'll see what I mean.

1. I got a new title screen logo inserted!

Hopefully this is a little more interesting to look at than that random E I added to the SunSoft logo screen before. I had to edit both the graphics and the tile map. The tile map was also compressed, but thankfully it uses the same... scheme? Format? Not sure what to call it. It's compressed the same way as the graphics. The tile maps seem to be written in kind of an inefficient way, which I think I can use to my advantage when recompressing stuff I've edited, which is nice.

I'm going to put the rest behind spoiler tags, because they're kind of secrets that I found, but they're not actually plot spoilers or anything.

I found a debug menu!

This menu was already in English. As far as I can tell the intended way to access it has been removed, so I've been using that little NPC guy as a trigger for testing. On the left is what the menu looked like when I first got it to come up. It was functional, but as you can see it's pretty broken visually. I think some of the control codes functioned differently at some earlier point in development. After some cleaning up I got it to look like the menu on the right.

The stage select only kinda works. As soon as you change the value (without pressing confirm) it'll warp you to the stage represented by the new number... but it just immediately warps you right back. After that you can't talk to NPCs anymore, which is weird. It's kind of useless, except for seeing the index of whatever map you're currently on.

The next three items are kind of self-explanatory. "ENE NO HP" sets all enemies' HP to zero so they go down in one hit. "MUSIC" and "SE" play music and sound effects.

I'm not totally sure what "ENE RESET" does yet. I'm guessing it makes enemies you've already defeated on the current screen respawn.

I think this was probably originally accessed from the pause menu (Status/Items/Map/Return) because that's where it takes you when you press the back button to exit. I think I can probably restore that behavior, but the question will be how to enable it.

As an aside, the music and sound effect values are displayed as hex values rather than decimal numbers, and they use a special control code that I don't think is used anywhere else. I thought that was kind of neat.

I found a special attack!

This might not be a secret? If anybody can point me to a Japanese guide/walkthrough/FAQ I'd be really grateful. I've tried looking myself, but I'm not sure what to search for. The best I've been able to find is a page full of "cheats" which are basically just RAM values to edit.

Anyway, I've never seen this mentioned anywhere, and it's never done in the few runs I've seen on YouTube.

Basically you start by pressing left or right, then do a full circle from there with the D-pad ending with the same direction and press X. The direction of the circle (clockwise/counter-clockwise) doesn't seem to matter. If done right, you'll shoot one of those cute little waves in the screenshot.

I found... this thing!

This one has to be a secret. I found this totally by accident. You basically just do a bunch of circles with the D-pad. I haven't been able to tell exactly how many you need to do, but It's in the single digits. I think your health also needs to be at least half full. Eventually a transformation sequence will start, complete with all of those roses flying across the pink-tinted screen.

I don't know what to even call this. Adult Sasuke? Super Sasuke?

That pose he's striking in the upper right shot with the rose in his mouth is his idle pose. He always runs, never walks, and he comes to a skidding stop (lower left shot) which makes him hard to control. Running into enemies damages them, but I think you might take damage from it as well. His only actual attacks are the standard jump kick, and this weird thing where he conjures an exploding bowling ball (lower right shot). The bowling ball attack is pretty slow, so he's kind of hard to use in general.

He reverts back to normal when his health is at half or below, or when transitioning to a new map.

This title screen is sick!  :thumbsup:
Keep it up!

Gaming Discussion / Re: What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 27, 2019, 03:39:07 pm »
As for weapons, she could be a pure mage, and use some minor mage attack as melee so, IMHO, she should use books/grimoires.
Also, I strongly agree with the new, exclusive magic for her.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 15, 2019, 03:22:22 pm »
I think the biggest question would be what weapon she equips.

Anyway, I think she should definitely have Protect and Barrier (aka Magic Wall). Wouldn't it be interesting though if she had some of the lower-leveled double techs as single techs? Things like Aura Whirl, Ice Water, & Antipode. Her ultimate magic could be Lifeline. Also, like Magus, she would have no double techs.

she could have a double tech with Magus. Something like a Shadow/Lightning bro/sis magic, like Antipode.

I would like to see a hack for both the regular & the All-Stars versions of Super Mario World that will make the game look more like Yoshi's Island.

I got the idea from these edited screenshots that a game artist named Eto made on his Twitter account:

This is absolutely beautiful!

There is, or was a Return of the Joker NES pallette hack.  I have no clue where it could be now, I still have my patched .nes file for it.

If I recall it was on a Brazilian rom hacking site of which I cannot recall the name of

I took some pics since I know we all hate the kind of post that claims the existence of something but provides nothing to show for it

I forgot how to upload images so this is the best I can do

Luckily, I'm brazilian, and aware of said site AND hack. Here's the link:

Reading about that Street Fighter Collection that is going to be released, I thought about something:

What about a remake of Street Fighter 1, that could go 2 ways?

1) Remake with ALL Street Fighter 1 characters playable, with Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper gfx and gameplay (Eagle, Adon, Birdie, Gen... there are already PLENTY of characters done).
2) Remake with ALL Street Fighter 1 characters playable, with Ultra Street Fighter 4 gfx and gameplay (that would be the hardest one to pull, I think).

I would prefer Final Fight for the Sega Mega Drive. Super Double Dragon? Bleh.

That would be dope, too.
Also, on Final Fight for SNES: how hard would it be to do a hack where you can choose between Guy, Cody and Haggar (mashing together Final Fight and Final Fight Guy)?

Is it possible to do a port (of sorts) of Golden Axe to the SNES?
How troublesome would it be?

Hacks I think it would be great:

- Demon's Crest hack. ANY kind of hack that gives a little bit more story and replay value to the game.
- Super Metroid hack (I know that there are A LOT of these) that you play with a different character. It would be a gfx/story hack.
- Megaman X4 de-make to SNES (of course, with all the cuts that should be made)
- Street Fighter II with Street Fighter Alpha 3 gfx (a long time ago, I heard a rumor that it existed, but never found it)

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