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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Super mario bros 2 multiplayer?
« on: November 24, 2020, 10:53:01 pm »
Either you'll have to do it yourself or someone else will have to volunteer their time, which seems like both are highly unlikely. Every single game is handled different and for some it may not be feasible. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to do something of this nature.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X custom stages
« on: October 18, 2020, 10:52:46 am »
The somewhat alternate route on Sting Chameleon was pretty cool tbh but my god those pit falls. The first one in Chameleon got me cause it blended into the background a lot with my colorblindness but once you see it once you're good lol.

This is extremely impressive honestly. I'm excited to see where you take this one. We haven't had anyone level edit X1 to this extreme before and even modify enemy locations and such. (Mainly because most people don't know how to modify the VRAM setup and what not).

Great on ya for this!

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X custom stages
« on: October 11, 2020, 07:20:46 pm »
I'm surprised you're able to do this so quickly. I never got around to modifying enemy graphics but editing even the PC graphical data was beyond annoying to deal with in X2 and X3. Is the enemy data easier to handle overall?

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X custom stages
« on: October 03, 2020, 07:20:48 pm »
I did make a patch for bootless dash and air dash for X in X1 but you're likely going to implement that better than I could lol. I'm kind of excited to see where this goes. It's rare to see ANYONE working on these games anymore.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: October 01, 2020, 02:25:24 pm »
Oh god that looks so damn good. I'M SOOOOO glad you're doing this! This game needs it bad!

"'Atlas' is not recognized as a internal or external command..."

Where I can possibly get that 'Atlas.exe' thing?

Woops! I just threw it into the Atlas folder now on github.


So some updates happened the past couple days on this.

V4.2 + V4.2a
01.   Fixed the Frog Armor walking sprites glitching out. (Due to sprite assembly not being written in compilation)
02.   Fixed some Save/Load Menu text issues. (Wasn't removing all of the text data properly)
03.   Slightly reorganized some code in various files. Regioned some of it off so it's more readable, grouped a few things, etc.. not a lot done.

01.   Fixed a palette bug with the Z-Saber wave striking enemies.
      a.   This is a natural game bug oddly but hopefully this fixes any issues arising with it.
02.   Altered the Helmet Chip upgrade along with the Golden Armor variation.
      a.   The Helmet Chip will allow X to regenerate health as normal like the original game again.
      b.   The Golden Armor will allow X's regeneration to double each time it's successful capping at #$08.
03.   The Helmet Sensor will NO LONGER run at the start of a level if every single upgrade has been obtained. Although, this does NOT check for Hard Mode currently which goes unused.
04. Fixed some minor Save/Load screen text problems.
05. Fixed cursor coordinates when selecting "Yes   No" in the Save/Load screen.
06. Altered Bit & Byte spawning randomization code just a tiny bit but it effectively does the same thing.
07. Fixed a bug in which Godkarmachine O Inary's (Bit & Byte combined) hands would not deal damage.
08. Added in the ability for Zero to use the Z-Saber projectile.
      a.   This is only available if you have the Black Armor and are on NG+.
09. Asar will now expand the ROM for you without having to use Lunar Expand creating a much easier experience.
      a.   Run "Asar MMX3.bat" then drop "MMX3.sfc" into the "Atlas" folder. Run "Atlas.exe - X3 (Everything).bat" and you're good to go.

Otherwise, I've generally updated the Readme and included asar.exe into the main source files making it a bit easier to compile right off hand.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I need some help with MMX3
« on: September 19, 2020, 09:51:10 am »
Depends on the sprites. The normal general sprites like the life bars, explosions, "lemon shot", etc.. are compressed and get stored there pretty much when the game boots up. They can be decompressed, modified and recompressed using:

Though, I think this one forces all compressed graphics to be stored somewhere else in expanded space. If that's what you want then you should be good with editing most things here.

Programming / Re: Understanding Sprite Assembly, Decoding C++
« on: August 29, 2020, 03:45:55 pm »
I know how X and Zero are setup all the way around for sprites, mostly anyway. It's a bit hard to explain and sort of convoluted since my notes are pretty scattered. Most of this SHOULD hold true for X1/X2 as they share the exact same system. Just the offsets will obviously be different.

Sprite Assembly, Animation Data (Though some bits here are confusing) and their VRAM data. It's pretty straight forward for the most part.

The "VRAM" data is a 24-bit ROM pointer to the graphics. Generally it's three transfers to VRAM. THIS is where the sprite assembly kicks in though for reading specific chunks. The sprite assembly uses the sprites organized in VRAM to set things up overall and the animation data is just which sprite frame to use.

Pointer to Animation Data
Code: [Select]
3F8000 - X with no armor (Sprite set #1. Does NOT include Z-Saber sprites, Ride Armor sprites, etc.. just the basic ones)
3F8048 - X with armor (Sprite set #1. Does NOT include Z-Saber sprites, Ride Armor sprites, etc.. just the basic ones)
3F809C - X ??? (Don't have this noted properly) (This includes Z-Saber sprites, vertical dash, charged Gravity Well/Ray Splasher, etc..)

3F80DE - Zero (Sprite set #1. Does not include Z-Saber)
3F80E1 - Zero (Sprite set #2. Z-Saber)

Animation data setup for X/Zero. (This SHOULD be the same setup for enemies and objects. These notes are incredibly old.)
Code: [Select]
3F8000 --> 3FCB64 - Base start for X.  Example: (3FCC04 = 59 03 = Idle.  Reverse to get 359.  Add 359 to 3FCB64 and you get 3FCEBD)

Idle animation
3FCEBD - Wait time until 1st frame
3FCEBE - ???
3FCEBF - Frame 1 graphic
3FCEC0 - Wait time until 2nd frame
3FCEC1 - ???
3FCEC2 - Frame 2 graphic
3FCEC3 - Wait time until 3rd frame
3FCEC4 - ???
3FCEC5 - Frame 3 graphic
3FCEC6 - Wait time until 4th frame
3FCEC7 - ???
3FCEC8 - Frame 4 graphic
3FCEC9 - Wait time until 5th frame
3FCECA - ???
3FCECB - Frame 5 graphic
3FCECC - Wait time until 6th frame
3FCECD - ???
3FCECE - Frame 6 graphic
3FCECF - Wait time until 7th frame
3FCED0 - ???
3FCED1 - Frame 7 graphic
3FCED2 - Wait time until 8th frame
3FCED3 - ???
3FCED4 - Frame 8 graphic
3FCED5 - Wait time until 9th frame
3FCED6 - ???
3FCED7 - Frame 9 graphic
3FCED8 - Wait time until 10th frame
3FCED9 - ???
3FCEDA - Frame 10 graphic
3FCEDB - Wait time until 11th frame
3FCEDC - ???
3FCEDD - Frame 11 graphic
3FCEDE - Wait time until 12th frame
3FCEDF - ???
3FCEE0 - Frame 12 graphic
3FCEE1 - ??? - Something to do with restarting animation
3FCEE2 - ??? - Something to do with restarting animation

Sprite Assembly for X/Zero
Code: [Select]
$03/8FB1 BF 00 80 0D LDA $0D8000,x[$0D:8000] A:0000 X:0000 Y:0010 P:envmxdIZc ;Sprite assembly pointers
$03/8FB5 85 1C       STA $1C    [$00:001C]   A:8231 X:0000 Y:0010 P:eNvmxdIzc
$03/8FB7 BF 02 80 0D LDA $0D8002,x[$0D:8002] A:8231 X:0000 Y:0010 P:eNvmxdIzc
$03/8FBB 85 1E       STA $1E    [$00:001E]   A:5D0D X:0000 Y:0010 P:envmxdIzc

$03/8FCB B7 1C       LDA [$1C],y[$0D:8231]   A:0000 X:09D8 Y:0000 P:envmxdIZc ;X idle graphics - Sprite Frame 1 Setup
$03/8FCD 85 18       STA $18    [$00:0018]   A:B92A X:09D8 Y:0000 P:eNvmxdIzc
$03/8FCF C8          INY                     A:B92A X:09D8 Y:0000 P:eNvmxdIzc
$03/8FD0 B7 1C       LDA [$1C],y[$0D:8232]   A:B92A X:09D8 Y:0001 P:envmxdIzc ;X idle graphics - Sprite Frame 1 Setup
$03/8FD2 85 19       STA $19    [$00:0019]   A:0DB9 X:09D8 Y:0001 P:envmxdIzc

X - Stance Frame 1 [DB92A]
xDB92A - How many chunks there are.  (4 bytes each)

Sprite #1 = Top of helmet
xDB92B - Chunks/Direction of chunks 
--> 00 = 1 chunk, normal.
--> 20 = 4 chunks (Top two, bottom two) normal. 
--> 40 = 1 chunk flipped left/right. 
--> 60 = 4 chunks (Top two, bottom two) flipped left/right
--> 80 = 1 chunk flipped upside down
--> A0 = 4 chunks (Top two, bottom two) flipped upside down.
xDB92C - X coordinates of piece 1
xDB92D - Y coordinates of piece 1
xDB92E - Sprite #1 graphic

Sprite #2
xDB92F - Direction/Chunks
xDB930 - X coordinate of piece 2
xDB931 - Y coordinate of piece 2
xDB932 - Sprite 2 graphic

Sprite #3
xDB933 - Direction/Chunks
xDB934 - X coordinate of piece 3
xDB935 - Y coordinate of piece 3
xDB936 - Sprite #3 graphic

Sprite #4
xDB937 - Direction/Chunks
xDB938 - X coordinate of piece 3
xDB939 - Y coordinate of piece 3
xDB93A - Sprite #4 graphic

There is no end byte to sprite assembly, it's all calculated by how many pieces to load at the very first byte.

Code: [Select]
$04/BCCF B1 31       LDA ($31),y[$05:CE45]   A:00A2 X:01FE Y:0000 P:envmxdIzc ;Pointer to ROM graphic and how many bytes to send to VRAM. (Generally loops three times based on a specific byte at the end of each chunk?)
$04/BCD1 65 31       ADC $31    [$00:0A09]   A:0411 X:01FE Y:00A2 P:envmxdIzc

05CF0E (Idle X)
$20 ;How many tiles to load? (Forgot how this calculation works)
$2D8000 ;Pointer to ROM graphics
$6000 ;VRAM location (Double to get proper value. #$8000+ is used to end the total transfers. Subtract #$8000 for anything above to get proper VRAM location.)

$20 ;How many tiles to load? (Forgot how this calculation works)
$2D8200 ;Pointer to ROM graphics
$6100 ;VRAM location (Double to get proper value. #$8000+ is used to end the total transfers. Subtract #$8000 for anything above to get proper VRAM location.)

$02 ;How many tiles to load? (Forgot how this calculation works)
$2D8400 ;Pointer to ROM graphics
$E200 ;VRAM location (Double to get proper value. #$8000+ is used to end the total transfers. Subtract #$8000 for anything above to get proper VRAM location.)

I'm not so sure how it all works on enemies per se because their data is compressed. All I know is it gets decompressed into RAM then it all gets sent straight into VRAM so they probably lack proper 'VRAM' data like X/Zero overall unless there's a byte signifying that difference. However, sprite assembly and animation data should be extremely similar if not the same for both.

Personal Projects / Re: Tales of Phantasia SNES (Enhancement) (Slow WIP)
« on: August 02, 2020, 11:17:47 am »
Been working on this very steadily over the past number of months even with everything going on. - Options menu complete. - Save/Load menu are complete. - Added in a brand new menu where you can swap PCs appropriately. - Inventory menu is complete. - Equipment menu is complete. - Artes menu is complete! Couple bugs to work out but otherwise it does work! - New shop menu layout and updates.

There have been significant updates to things even after all of these such as:
1. The game now reloads ALL tiles it needs when leaving the menu!
   * Downside to this is that it takes longer to leave the menu now, pretty much like most RPGs. Star Ocean, FF6, etc..
   * Upside is that I have MASSIVE amounts of VRAM room to play with in the menus!

2. Save/Load game menu has proper state displaying when pressing "Select".

3. Button sprites were updated in the menus.

4. Inventory Menu for item names was completely redone so now it's much smoother and way more in-line with the game.

5. All menu text that's not prerendered now uses the same dictionary compression and DTE as the in-game dialogue.
   * This cut down a TREMENDOUS amount of space consumption.
   * All VWF text, including item names, menu names, etc.. use these methods of compression.

6. A clone/expansion of the original sprite loading function in the game to allow new graphics!
   * This is being used currently for all menu buttons.
   * Will be used later for all PC graphics and item graphics so they can be expanded upon.

I still have a couple menus to complete and bug fix still for the main game but they are JUST about done, FINALLY. After that, it's fixing up the Battle Menus and then it's onto bug testing! I temporarily introduced two extra 'reserve' slots for PCs that needs to be seriously watched. This was done so all 8 PC slots could be used at any time.

Brambard may be struck down to being an NPC for awhile until I can figure out exactly how I'm going to include him properly and when I can have him officially join the party. Still haven't worked on event editing yet so this may even be too much to handle but we'll see what happens.

There's probably more to report here but I'm kind of scatterbrained currently. Otherwise, yeah, lots of updates, lots of progress, things are looking good.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana: Script Augmentation Project
« on: June 18, 2020, 06:37:26 am »
Implementing a VWF isn't too bad, I did it ages ago as a test that went unreleased.

It's pretty possible to code it so things auto line break when it hits a certain amount of pixels but it'd have to check the word size to be safe. Only problem there is if there's something you want to emphasize via line break you'd have to do it manually.


Been doing updates quite a bit but here's a damn good one that I finished up yesterday. I'm still cleaning up the item menu but I'm making great progress.

All item names are now prerendered graphics. This results in all item pointers essentially being null at this point. Item descriptions are broken slightly but that's because I need to reimport them with the new text table I have setup, otherwise they're just fine.

I've also made a pretty hefty change log essentially stating what I have done so far and gives an idea of what's been done. Things are progressing on this pretty steadily overall. I'm hoping I can get all the in-game menus done and get manual mode setup for each character properly before I slap out a demo. I want to get at least the basics of everything functioning so bug testing can happen but that's probably going to be awhile still.

Change Log
- Dialogue has been decompressed entirely and moved into a new location. New dictionary text has
   been added along with a DTE to compress text further, but not as much as the original. However,
   doing it this way allows for easy extraction and insertion.
- Menu font, menu sprites and battle general VRAM have been decompressed and are modifiable allowing
   easier access to rehandling specific graphics.
- The function that draws each menu has been completely scrapped along with their associated hardset
   tile map. A new routine has been implemented that allows any window size to be drawn on any
   layer including BG4.
- BG4's "Tales of Phantasia" logo has been removed from the menu due to the above change. This
   allows more text to be stored into VRAM.
- An 8x8 VWF routine has been implemented for drawing specific string instances.
   (IE: Character names, character titles, etc..)
- All PC RAM extending from $7E:6A91 to $7E:7091 has been shrunk down and remapped a bit.
   Each PC was originally #$0100 bytes. This has been radically reduced to #$00C0 as most
   of those bytes were unused on the overworld.
      * This now allows up to eight PCs to be in a party at once instead of five!
      * Only five were recruitable at a time, but this is being increased in this version
        to eight characters!
- With the above change in place, the 4 ACTIVE party members in battle will get their data stored to
   $7E:7C91 to $7E:8091 which will allow full usage of the #$0100 original bytes. At the end of
   battle, these bytes get copied back into the overworld at their now standard #$00C0.
      * This allows up to eight PCs properly and does not interfere with anything else!
- PC names can now be eight letters instead of the original hardcapped six letters.

- PC's 'Skill' learning code has been dramatically altered.
   * The original game did one byte per skill per character. This has been heavily changed to be
      eight skills per byte! This allows an extreme expansion on what each characters skill list
      can be and now also fully supports eight characters!

- SRAM has been heavily modified to allow more data to be saved properly.
   * Data has been shifted back by #$00A0 which allows an ENORMOUS expansion of saved data.
   * Eight characters are now supported statistically in SRAM.
   * Eight letter names are now supported in SRAM.
   * An interesting note: There were 27 unused bytes stored to SRAM on the original game. Not sure
     why this was the case but hey they can be used for whatever purpose now.
- All PC battle data has been entirely moved into a new location allowing for massive expansion.

- All PC graphics, sprite assembly and animation data has been shifted around and redone to allow
   for much needed expansion. The same goes for their respective weapons.
- The projectile and particle effect pointer table has been moved to allow for brand new data.

- Various portions of spells have been moved for expansion.
   * Spell table has been moved.
   * Spell TP cost table has been moved.
   * Spell cast timer table has been moved.
   * Spell menu icons table has been moved.
   * Spell type table has been moved. (Whether it will pause the game or not)
   * Spell element(?) table has been moved. (This is an odd one as the element is set in the spells
     themselves.. but there is a preset table possibly for other reasons.

- The entire SFX and voice table has been moved to allow for more voices to be imported.

- Voice length has been figured out so the ARAM tables will have to be revamped entirely.

- All voices will be using 11025khz consistently instead of varying qualities.

- Cless, Mint, Arche, Chester, and Klarth will all use PS1 or later game voices for higher quality.

- Brambard has been updated from NPC to PC. He was originally meant to be playable but was entirely
   scrapped. The only thing that remained were his 'Raise Dead' sprites and his tactics icon in
   battle. There are a few screenshots of him in battle scattered on the internet but that's it.
      * Brambard's voice actor will be Kenji Hamada! (Ronixis in Star Ocean: First Departure)
      * Brambard is still a heavy WIP, as such, his skill set is subject to change at any time.

- Rhea Scarlet has been updated from NPC to guest PC. She may have been meant to be playable due
   to her also having 'Raise Dead' sprites and a tactics icon.
      * She will play like Mint essentially being an on-ground spell caster. She can learn a few
        spells much like Arche could. However, once her segment of the story is completed Arche
        will overwrite her slot but WILL retain whatever stats and equipment you had on Rhea
        at the time.
      * Rhea will have no weapons equippable for her.
      * Rhea will use Arche's voice actress still but with completely different voices.

- Two more characters will be available but are going to be kept hidden for now as I'm not sure
   if I can feasibly get their events coded properly.

- PC stats upon joining the team has been completely rewritten from the ground up and allows for
   extreme customization for any stat, level, artes, etc.. to be setup.

- All PCs will be playable in this version instead of just Cless. As of right now, everyone
   functions quite well in auto, semi-auto and a full on manual mode too. Manual mode will be
   available from the get go.
      * Cless functions mostly on auto but he uses no techniques right now as PC AI has not
        been figured out entirely. What is known is that if any PC has a spell list set
        in battle, it will FORCEFULLY make them use spells even if they're not supposed to.

- All PCs will have a spell cast, run and spell release function.
   * Some characters will not use spell cast but it's there to be consistent across the board
     and will not crash the game if a character is forced to cast a spell.

- Chester will have his PS1 artes included in this version.
   * Ice Fang (Touga) and Hell Pyre (Guren) are implemented with variant voices.
   * Chester will also have a few new artes to add more variety.

- Many new sprites are introduced for all characters in battle for their new actions.

- All item names, arte names, PC names, titles, etc.. will now use an 8x8 VWF font to allow
   for much more text to be displayed on a screen. This will give the added benefit of full
   length names that aren't cut off due to space limitations.

- The Status menu has been updated with a few new displayed stats.
   * A new stat has been added into the game called "Intellect". Functionally, this will be the same
     as most standard JRPGs. It will be the base for all "Magic Attack" damage in-game but ALSO be
     the base for each PC's elemental resistance, aka "Magic Defense" in the Status Menu.
   * All resistances have had their coded updated in battle so it's a 1:1 percent based
     system instead of being a bit mask setting like the original.
         * Resistance elemental icons have been updated thanks to LJSTAR!
   * A new feature from Star Ocean where if you have more than one character in your party, it will
     display arrows on the sides of the character indicating you can go to another screen.

- Status portraits have been moved to a new location and recoded to allow for new portraits on
   any new character introduced into the game.

- The Options menu has been updated with new features and also condensed options.
   * New feature where you can now set the in-game music and SFX/Voice volume.
   * Event and Battle Voices have been condensed into one option called "Voices".
   * Combo Count has been removed and enabled by default for now.
   * Difficulty has been added with options for four difficulties.
      * The difficulties are: Easy, Normal, Hard and Mania
         * Only "Normal" and "Hard" function as they are the default difficulties.

- PCs will be swappable in the menu. Although, overworld sprites may not show this change yet.
   * The game is very hardcoded to show specific sprites and not the characters in their
     respective character slots. This makes things incredibly complicated to work with.

- Jet boots are no longer required for running on maps.

- LJSTAR for the elemental resist icons! His pixel art is gorgeous and his coding projects are fantastic!
   Follow him at:

- Mopoz for his basis for decompressed text!

The work you're doing here is absolutely fantastic and I can only imagine the amount of work you've put into this! You're doing a fantastic job and I love seeing this progress. My brother and I grew up with this game when we were young so it's nice to see it get some love.

I must've forgot that file too. I'll throw that up in there then as well. PC3/PC4 go completely unused but I left room in there in case someone was crazy enough to add in more characters. Thanks for letting me know about all of this!

I also apologize if my code and everything is a mess. I was trying to go through it yesterday and clean things up but I just looked at my wall and gave up lol. It's.. not my proudest looking project by any means underneath but it gets the job done.

Understood. Thanks for clearing it up!

EDIT: I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, as I've never used any of the tools required to build this patch before, but when I try to run the Atlas .bat files (namely the Everything file) to apply script and damage table files, Atlas throws errors regarding "Nothing.tbl". It seems that the damage table .txt files all reference "Nothing.tbl", which does not exist, and causes Atlas to error out. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong? Apologies again!

Shoot, I'll throw that up into the Atlas folder. I didn't even think about that table. It'll be up on github now.

The last updates are actually from 2 months ago, it was pretty much a week or so after I uploaded to github that the bugs were fixed. I should probably update it here sometime.

Just a quick update for everyone.

I have updated the source code a bit more so it fixes a few more bugs that were present like the 'L''R' button eating X's charges, thanks to DarkHunter for those as I didn't even know about that bug.

Also, here's a nice update for everyone too:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cartridge region="NTSC">
    <map mode="linear" address="00-7f:8000-ffff"/>
    <map mode="linear" address="80-ff:8000-ffff"/>
  <ram size='2000'>
    <map mode='linear' address='70-77:0000-7fff'/>
    <map mode='linear' address='b0-bf:0000-7fff'/>
    <map address="00-3f:6000-7fff"/>
    <map address="80-bf:6000-7fff"/>

    <map address="00-3f:2000-2007"/>
    <map address="80-bf:2000-2007"/>
    <map address="00-3f:2000-2007"/>
    <map address="80-bf:2000-2007"/>

As far as I'm testing, this manifest SHOULD work with the Zero Project using bsnes as long as it's named the same file as the ROM with a .xml extension inside the ROM folder.

I just gave this a test and I was able to actually run the game, save and load games properly. I found the msu1/cx4 stuff from google so hopefully this allows the MSU-1 patch to work as well on top of the project.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X 1~3 Relocalization Project
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:14:46 pm »
that stinks so if i want the achievements i'm stuck with playing on steam

Yeah there's no way to drop the lag entirely on the original versions of the game unless emulators have overclocking in it. MMX1 is already set to FastROM and even THAT doesn't save it from lag. There's no real easy way to reduce it so I wouldn't expect to ever see it on the Steam version either.

Just have to deal with it. There's not an easy way to handle it.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X 1~3 Relocalization Project
« on: April 09, 2020, 04:36:22 pm »
The Zero Project is open source with everything, including I think all the Atlas files too. So it's very easily doable to do the relocalization for anyone at this point.

So I've been working on this still since last year! I took a break for awhile to try some things with Game Maker Studio 2. I plan to go back to that some more in the future, just wanted to work more on Tales of Phantasia lately!

I've done so much behind the scenes now it's pretty ridiculous. As for updates, I've been generally posting them a lot on my twitter.

So here's some updates I posted over the months: - Chester now officially has some artes in-game! Guren (Hell Pyre) and Touga (Ice Fang) are functioning with their own projectile data and elemental damage! Voices are split up as well so Chester can have multiple voices for the same arte. He also has voices for these now too! - Figured out how exactly voice lengths work in this game so now I can allow even longer voices for special events. I used a chant for Arche with Indignation from the Drama CD as a test but hey it functions. - Incorporating new spells FINALLY into the game as I have free control over this now. Brambard WILL officially have Burn Strike as one of his spell artes. - Pikohan (Pow Hammer) has been updated so it does damage while having a chance to stun! It plays more like the Narikiri Dungeon 3 version than anything else but this IS avoidable. There's also a 50% chance of it bouncing the opposite direction for a little more fun. - The menu code has been heavily rewritten once again like before. I have full control of how I can draw the windows on any screen. I've redone the entire thing as well so I can ALSO use BG4 for things! I dropped the Tales of Phantasia to do so. BG4 will now be used mainly for dynamic VWF strings and BG3 will generally be pre-rendered strings.

I've officially gotten 8 playable characters to be saved in SRAM now and I have the 8 confirmed ones I want to add. I'm going to keep the last two secret mainly for changes from the later games. With that, I've also documented all the PC stats in SRAM so now I know how that whole section stores. Thankfully, it's all sequential so I don't have to worry about other parts of SRAM. The biggest problem now though is NO saved games are compatible with this version of the game. You'll have to start fresh.

All spells, projectiles and particle effects are in a whole new area so I can add things however I want. I can freely add spells and such so it's free roam on my end.

Rhea's sprites have been updated a bit to be more in-line stylistically. Brambard has a few new sprites but nothing major yet. He's still such a WIP on all accounts unfortunately but he's getting there.

Chester has artes functioning but only two are included right now. He's going to have at least 3 new artes included with him so he'll play just a bit different from his later counterparts but he WILL have all of his original artes included.

A new stat, Intellect, has been included. This stat will now be used for Magic Attack and Magic Defense based things. Spells were originally based off of the level of a PC or an enemy. This will be completely redone to use the Magic Attack stat. Elemental resistances are a thing based off of % to an extent in the original. Either 25% or 50% damage reduction and sometimes a chance of being nulled entirely. I'm going to drop the 'null' damage and hopefully introduce a numerical system instead. So resistances can be anywhere from 0-% to say 75% or something as a cap. Magic Defense will essentially add more into the % base for ALL resistances, but a rather low amount as to not make the PCs indestructible.

I'm probably forgetting things but there's been some massive updates on this front.

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