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Long way to go if they can't get the patching situation fixed...

I don't know why you think being rude is going to get you anywhere.

What problem are you having, and what tool are you using? I tested the latest version there with Deltapatcher and it works fine. Are you sure you have the latest version of the patch?

Did the Lunar 2: Eternal Blue crash on real hardware bug ever get fixed?

I'm sorry, but the only patch of Supper's I'm working on is the Sega CD Lunar 2.

January 17, 2020, 01:03:21 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Should the output file be img or bin?

The filename should be "lunar2.img". Don't worry, it should work with things that support BIN/CUE.

That's great! I'm so glad to hear it's working great for you.

One of my testers is playing through the full game now; once we get at least one person play through start to finish without finding any bugs, I'm happy to declare this finished and I'll put up a final release at

Here's a couple of new versions that should work with DeltaPatcher and XdeltaUI:

These new versions are about ~13MB bigger than the last version, since I had to use an older version of xdelta to get patches that work with DeltaPatcher and XdeltaUI. I tested though, and it worked with DeltaPatcher!

These patches also fix a couple issues that were brought up to me by a tester. I accidentally overwrote some of the uncensored graphics with their original censored versions; that should be fixed in the new version. If Nota has any changed graphics, it's possible those are still censored in this patch; however, I don't think it had anything to change. If you spot something that should be a pentagram in Nota, let me know.

Unfortunately this is not working for me.
My bin file is 584135664 bytes in size but I always get an error message when trying to directly patch it with deltapatcher.
Can someone point me to the programm / process you used to patch your image file successfully?
Thanks for your efforts, Ms. Tea.
And happy holidays to everyone :)

Do you mind telling me what error message you got?

It's been a long time since I've replied, but I've finally finished up my fixed versions of Lunar: EB Unworked! I needed a couple files from Supper to finish this up. This contains all of the changes from Supper's original versions, along with a fix for the audio desync bug and many minor errors in the script. I haven't had the chance to play all the way through the game, so I'd love it if people could test this and let me know how it works! It should be compatible with all of your other save games.

There are two versions of the patch, compatible with the two versions of the game that are circulating. It works with BIN/CUE or CCD/IMG copies of the game. It's in xdelta3 format, and should be applied directly to your game's BIN or IMG file; please do *not* separate your game into ISO/WAV files like in the old patches. The ZIP file contains new CUE, CCD, and IMG files; please throw away your original versions of the files and use the ones that come in the ZIP instead.

EDIT: Try the newer versions later in the thread:

Is the name of the .bin supposed to change with this version?

The patcher doesn't throw out any errors, and makes the two .WAV files just fine. But the name of the .bin doesn't seem to change, nor does the modified date on it.

You either need to change the .bin's filename to lunar2.img after you patch, or you need to edit the new CUE sheet from my ZIP to point to the name of your .bin file. My new Lunar 2 patch isn't meant to be used with Supper's patcher, so you shouldn't have any .wav files after you've patched.

Edit 2 - works great in fusion (win10) and genesis plus gx (wii)! thank you so much :)

Great! I'm really glad to hear that!

Can you try this version, maybe? I linked you to a 3.0 version of Xdelta because that was the newest I found a Windows binary for, but it looks like there's a Windows .exe file for 3.1.0 here.

I might have to look at adjusting the window size I used. I created the patch with a very large window size (range in which content shifts are examined) because files shifted position in this patch, and that keeps the size of the patch down. But it looks like that might have broken support for versions of Xdelta earlier than 3.1.0.

Aha! I think I know the problem. The patch I created is using a recent version of xdelta, whereas it looks like xdelta UI is using a 10-year-old build of xdelta. If you download an up-to-date version from here, and replace the xdelta.exe that comes with xdelta UI, it should work:

The patch I made is designed for an image with the filesize of both your images. Can you confirm that it fails on both of them when applied directly to the BIN, please? If you're familiar with how to calculate MD5 hashes, can you please calculate a hash for both of your BINs and provide those?

I was applying it with xdelta UI. I first tried to turn the game into an ISO/WAV format like Supper outlined, then attempted to apply the patch to the ISO. That didn't work, and it looks like it shouldn't work no matter what 'cause your patch targets a BIN/CUE or ISO/CCD/SUB. Afterword, I tried to apply your patch directly to a BIN/CUE game, directly to the BIN... still no dice. So it looks like the issue is that you're applying to a "pared-down" file of some sort, I guess?

Hmm, okay. And you tried both of the dumps you have? It is meant to be applied directly to the BIN, for a copy that's 584135664 bytes.

I'm going to have to find a more robust way to do this. :/ Some of my more complicated patches (MSL, SSSC for Saturn) are not going to possibly work the ISO/WAV way.

1. Both of the dumps I tried are BIN/CUE
2. File size of Dump 1: 557 MB (584,135,664 bytes); File size of Dump 2: 557 MB (584,135,664 bytes)
3. CUE sheets: (To RHDN staff, please note that these are just CUEs and not BINs. You cannot play the game with just these)

These are the most two common dumps on the internet. I can't say in specifics where they're from, but they are from popular sites. Dump 2 is a Darkwater dump that needs to be uncompressed as an ECM file. Apparently, the Darkwater dumps are supposed to be the most accurate out there; "It matches the Darkwater database to be a perfect 1:1 replica of the retail disc," according to the place I got it from.

(I hope this is informing enough without being too precise.)

This is exactly what I needed, thank you! Your two CUE sheets line up with each other. They indicate a total size of 248357 sectors, whereas my original copy of the game is 248507 sectors. One of the copies of the game I've seen circulating online aligns with my copy, while the other is a 248357-sector disc like yours is. I'm unclear whether that indicates that there are two Working Designs builds, or if one of the two rips is misaligned sector-wise. Two builds is very unlikely though, because 100% of the files between the two rips match, as does the bootsector.

How are you patching the game, by the way? Are you applying the .xdelta3 file directly to the .bin file, or are you doing something else? What tool are you using, and what command if it's a commandline tool?

I had been using ISO/WAV/CUE. Would my CUE still be of use?

My fixed patch specifically targets the BIN from a BIN/CUE or the IMG from an IMG/CCD/CUE set; it won't work with the ISO from an ISO/WAV or ISO/MP3 set like Supper's original one did.

I had a question. Would it be possible to transfer the higher-quality soundtrack found in the Saturn version of Eternal Blue Complete over to the PSX version? I attempted it myself a year or so ago but didn't get very far due to my lack of coding knowledge.

I don't think this is feasible for the PlayStation version... but I'm going to be translating the Saturn version when I'm done with SSS and Supper and I are done with MSL. :) It will probably be at least a year, maybe more, so please be patient - but there will eventually be good news. And I agree with you that the Saturn music is much better!

Can everyone here who's been having trouble using my patch reply with the following things, please?

  • Whether they're using a BIN/CUE or IMG/CCD/CUE set]
  • The file size (in bytes) of the .bin or .img file
  • A copy of the entire CUE sheet from their copy

Looking at two different copies of the game I've encountered, they're off in size by 151 sectors. It looks like one of the two has a bad pregap leading up to the final audio track, but I'm wondering if there are other differences that I might encounter.

Reading back a few pages, apparently Ms. Tea's patch is only supposed to be necessary for real hardware, and Supper's version is supposed to work fine in emulators? I hadn't realized this until now, so even though I was planning to play in an emulator I had held off on even trying Supper's version. However, now that I have tried his version in OpenEmu (Genesis Plus), I'm getting the same kinds of skipping/desync issues during the opening. Any ideas on what I could do to fix this?

edit: I did manage to get it working with no desyncs in the opening in Kega Fusion, but only on Windows since the OS X version of Fusion is broken on current versions. And Fusion has its own issues anyway, so I think I'll just continue waiting until Ms. Tea releases a fixed version of her patch.

I'll try to get this fixed sometime, sorry I haven't had the chance to so far. I've been thinking of techniques to make the patch more robust and work better with different BIN/CUE sets.

OpenEmu's Genesis Plus GX core appears to intentionally simulate seek times, so it has the same bug as on real hardware. Like you mentioned, Kega Fusion doesn't have it. It's possible to get Kega working on recent versions of OS X, but it's a total pain to do. :/

Sorry about that! You're right that I probably didn't target the same dump that Supper used. I wonder if there's a way I can make it a bit more resilient to that...

Like everyone else has said, I'm really grateful for these patches! I especially love the mixed-case font in the Lunar games.

I put together a fixed version of the Lunar 2 patch; this should fix the skipping and desyncs during cutscenes. I've already sent it to Supper, and I think he's planning on packaging it up properly, but I figured I'd share a version of it here too! This version of the patch is meant to be applied directly to the .bin file from a BIN/CUE set. The ZIP includes a new CUE sheet along with CloneCD .ccd and .sub files that can be used after it's been patched.

EDIT: Added the fixed URL.

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