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Thanks for Hooking me up!!! I no longer need the title screen of Motocross Champion changed to Excitebike 2.  Pacandsacdave has hooked me up, order your Excitebike 2 Nes carts from him.

C    Can anyone change the Title screen of Motocross Champion to read Excitebike 2 or know anyone who can alter my copy?

Could someone change the title screen of the Nes Rom translation Motocross Champion to read Excitebike 2? It's being sold CIB as Excitbike 2 but the title screen wasn't changed and I want to have mine read the proper title. A lead of who to ask to just change my copy would be fine also.

A hack of BACK TO THE FUTURE 2&3 on the NES would be nice!! Being this is the year Marty Mcfly comes from the past to visit us in 2015, we could honor that by making this a good fun game somehow!! I want to fly the car, ride the hover board, ride a horse and drive the train over the bridge thru the game and not worry about the lost crap.

Or improving part 1 on the Nes by putting in better music and giving you infinite chances on the cafe and school like scenes. A little longer ending would be cool also.

Burgertime 2, Has anyone hacked Burgertime for the nes? Maybe call it Cheeseburger Time. Making new levels, adding a few, having an ending and saving your girlfriend might make a good part 2 for the game on Nes. The same could be done for Popeye, it only had what 3 levels over and over again. I love that old stuff.

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