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Personal Projects / Re: Yaki's Super Mario RPG Project
« on: November 06, 2017, 01:34:42 pm »
Which brings up another discussion I should probably talk about... This mod is very "hacky", with lotsa spaghetti code and whatnot and additional artsy things that I would have to do without to make it more streamlined. Which begs the question: What should I do about the spaghetti code? What if someone wanted to add a new feature? Should I split up the different features into different patches ("Stat Base", "UI Update Base", "P-Gauge Base", "New Ailments Base" etc) with an included .txt document? I heard of ASAR but I haven't a clue how to use it.

In addition I was thinking of overhauling the entire battle system, since I have like... 80% documented so far, but it's all in a notepad!

Uhhh. :o

I'd say:

*split the different features into seperate patches alongside your standalone with everything together. That way people can mix and match certain things together if they'd like.

*If you want to overhaul the battle system - DOO EET. Don't let your dreams be dreams.  :thumbsup:

What you're doing looks fucking amazing. Keep up the good work.  :beer:

Well, 3 is actually pretty good I found, especially compared to the extremely boring 2. It still have a huge balance problem like it's two predecessors (probably even worse) - Nina is completely useless in 3, and there's another very muscled character that actually does very little damage when attacking - basically Ryu is the only useful playable character and the others are barely there to heal him.

To a degree, the balance in 3 almost entirely revolves around which Masters you train under, or whether or not you use them at all.

Last time I played through 3 was the only time I really bothered using Masters, and by the end of the game everyone besides Momo could stomp just about every normal enemy in the game. My setup:

Ryu & Rei- The speed master at the tea house/resturant right before you get to the synthetic

Nina - That old mage dude in the forest in the first area of the world map, and then switch to the OTHER mage guy the moment you can (the mage guy that askls you to throw the match at the tournament)

Garr & Peco - Can't remember where t his one's at off the top of my head like the others above, but it's the Master that ups your Attack and Defense gains and lowers your speed gains on level. Garr's always slow as shit anyway, so it's the perfect one for him, and if you purposely keep Peco at Lvl 1 until you set him to this master, he'll become the most over-the-top fucking powerhouse in the entire game.  :woot!:

Momo - ...Fuck Momo.

Aaaaaand that's my setup.  :thumbsup:

As for 1 & 2 - I liked 1 waaay more than 2. Just enjoyed the feel of the progression more, the music was more catchy, and it felt more like you were on adventure with all the random scenarios coming out of left field.

Don't get me wrong, 2 hits some of the same points, but it feels like it takes forever to get the ball rolling, and the hill has a few more bumps on it than before. I liked the inbattle graphics a bit more and some of the battle themes were pretty badass until you heard them for the four millionth time or so. Still fun to play through, all in all.

Tbh I enjoyed the hell out of all four Breath of Fires, though I never managed to play through 4 more than once. Really wish Capcom would bring the series back as a jacked out mix of the first two games with, some of the battle mechanics of the later two.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Breaks Loose (SNES)

Graphics mod that makes the game resemble a Sonic the Hedgehog game, or, turn Buster into Sonic for shits and giggles.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Pokemon Fire Red Hacks
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:32:57 pm »
Light Platinum's a good hack to playthrough. Crazy graphics, plenty of 'mons, though the writing isn't the best.

If you like adult humor (not talking porn or anything), then Pokemon Clover might be up your alley. It's a complete hack in just about every single way imaginable, from new pokemon, to new music, and some great areas to run around and explore. It also has some of the most hilarious writing I've seen in a hack.

Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma is flat out awesome. Not sure how up to date it is on RHDN's database, but currently there's pretty much EVERY POKEMON EVER in it. Starts off being a jacked out remake of G/S/C with extra things to do all over the place. Again, not sure how up to date it is in this site's database, but an update scheduled for November 9th adds in the Hoenn region, on top of the Johto, Kanto, AND Orange Islands regions that are already there. Just don't play it on PSP - it's GBA emulator can't handle it Everything else seems to run it great.

Has anyone thought of simply making the colon a lot smaller, rather than adding a space? If the colon is smaller and forced all the way to the left, then a space will be there, even within the tile's pasteboard.

This also won't affect the formatting so far as I know, since the tile will still take up the same amount of space.

I second that idea if Rodimus digs it. On my own project I've been doing just that to save space, but I gave the period, colon and exclamation point the same treatment.  :beer:

Also just realized that items have super in-depth descriptions compared to vanilla. How'd you accomplish that?  Do weapons/armor/accessories have descriptions as well? I ask mainly because it was something I was trying to do at one point, but had to concede to abusing squish tiles like CRAZY just to map out descriptions for most of my status healing items and such..  :banghead:

Personal Projects / Re: Mario World Improvement project
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:05:39 pm »
That's a really good idea, actually. Again though, I'm worried about how pallet changes might affect the layer 3 back grounds.

Ahh, I wasn't aware the in-level palettes changed as well, I assumed that was only the World map that's effected.

My main assumption was that clearing the last level in the Top Secret World sets a flag that dictates what graphics were loaded, so I figured having a random "Bonus" level that unlocks after beating them could be a single screen with two Goal Posts (one on each side of the screen), where picking the left Goal would clear said flag, while the right Goal sets it.  :D

In any case, hack looks good regardless.  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Mario World Improvement project
« on: October 16, 2017, 01:17:43 pm »
My suggestion for the 100% Dragon Coin completion (or just in general realy) - unlocks a special level you can enter to toggle what artstyle the game is in, between the normal look and how things look after you complete the Top Secret Area.

Hell, it could be unlocked after beating the Last Top Secret level in all honesty.  :beer:

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: October 14, 2017, 05:35:43 pm »
I'm digging what I've played of that Aria of Sorrow hack so far.

I see two possible reasons for optional combat:

1): They for some reason think the combat will be too hard for people, like they almost always do (i.e. FF2, FF3, Dummying all kinds of shit in FF4, FF5, etc)

2): They're worried their combat system might suck.

I'm gonna go the glass half full route and go with 1. Optional fights means I can still go around killing every living thing I see for the fun of it, like most of us are going to do anyway.  ;)

Making the game episodic is just a compromise to try and get the remake released "quicker".
The thing is, Square-Enix is so inept at actually shipping software now that they will likely take 6 years or so to release the first episode. I suspect that the development team will die of old age before the remake is actually finished. 

Remember when the original Final Fantasy VII was announced February 1996 and then released 1 year later (January 1997)? It didn't need to be made episodic either. That was fun.     

I mean, it's probably faster to have a bunch of people drawing pictures to run around in, rather than try and make a game world the size of three Elder Scrolls games.

Speaking of which, did they ever announce where the first episode ends? I could imagine they'll try and make the second one end when the Weapons get released or something.

Gaming Discussion / Re: 3DS Samus Returns and AM2R
« on: October 03, 2017, 02:49:32 pm »
I'm a couple hours into Samus Returns, here's my thoughts so far:

The 3D effect is pretty good, but REALLY shines on still screens of artwork (Like the opening screens and the Chozo Memories Gallery).

So far I've seen, like, 6 enemy types in the 2-3 areas I've gone through.

The melee counter's kind of neat, though I'd rather the cannon be a slight bit more powerful instead.

Metroids seem a good deal harder to kill than in the original. Granted, I haven't played the original in so long that I barely remember said difficulty in it.

Free-aiming with the circle pad is nice.

Fusion Suit mode makes the game Demon Souls feel like a Spyro the Dragon game in comparison to difficulty. You get to run around in the Fusion Suit, which IS pretty sweet, BUT the first enemies you see in the game can stomp you completely into the ground in 2 or so hits if you aren't careful.

With all that said - still a pretty fun game. Definitely worth a go.


Oh, in case anyone bought the game off the E-Shop, is playing on a 3DS that can run homebrew, and don't feel like dishing out the extra cash for Amiibos for content already built into the game (yes, that's ALL they do - unlock stuff that is blocked off for no real reason other than an extra cash grab), then you'll dig this save file someone posted on GameFaqs:

There's 3 different exported saves to pick from. I used Profile 1 since it has all the amiibos scanned, is in Fusion Mode, AND is at the very start of the game. Also has all the galleries unlocked, to boot! :D

Easiest way of importing a save -

>Download JKSM (save manager)
>Start JKSM, export your current save file
>Replace the files in your exported save with ones from one of the three included in the rar
>Start JKSM, import your save file, and you're done.

BAM.  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 03, 2017, 01:58:36 pm »
Oh man, I just about forgot about this project. Glad to hear it's still coming along nicely.  :beer:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Super Mario Bros. Xtreme Beach Volleyball
« on: September 15, 2017, 07:47:16 pm »
Sweet, I always wanted to dress Birdo in scantily-clad outfits and prance around the beach!  ;D

Gaming Discussion / Re: [SMD] Game similar to Resident Evil
« on: September 14, 2017, 01:10:55 pm »
I hope you keep up the good work on this (if it's your project) because this looks awesome!

The isoteric perspective is a perfect fit for this - reminds me of Shadowrun if someone dialed up the graphics to HOT DAYUM.  :D

Gaming Discussion / Re: Secret of Mana 3D
« on: September 10, 2017, 01:16:49 pm »
So far, looks like a DS game and sounds the same as the SNES. Yeah, cheap and not affordable. :(

I kind of assumed it was a 3DS game by the name of the thread and the graphics in the video. Which would've been pretty sweet if that were the case.

Gaming Discussion / Re: If there ever was a N64 mini.....
« on: September 07, 2017, 01:22:31 pm »
You open an emulator for the first time, configure your controller and other settings, load a ROM and play without issue. When that applies to N64 emulators then N64 emulation won't be shit, but...

That pretty much describes the newer versions of Project 64. I've only ever had to fiddle with plugins for perhaps 3 or 4 times, and most of those times was getting HD texture packs to work (which are a lot easier to set up than  they ever used to be.)

Sound plugin's good to go from the start, the input plugin lets you save as many input profiles as you want (I keep seperate ones for shooters, Zelda games, Castlevania, and I have one for Pokemon Stadium). And outside of a handful of games (one of them being some super jacked out hack of Super Mario 64), there's pretty much no reason to ever swap out the video plugin that comes with it.

My plugin setup:

Video - Glide64 For PJ64
Audio - Jabo's DirectSound 1.7
Input - N-Rage Imput Plugin V2.3c

Final Fantasy Adventure - a quality of life hack that greatly increases the text speed in game.

The normal text speed is soooooooooooo slooooooooow.

I feel like the SNES port would be perfect if only it had the gore added back into it.
Sadly, I'm not even sure if it is easy or not to hack into.

Does it have a special kind of compression or something?
I haven't even tried to open it in a Hex editor nor tile viewer xD

I found a prepatched SNES rom a long while back with the gore restored (or at least, the blood anyway), so shouldn't be too hard to do (or find if there's a patch of it floating around).

Lol Idk who that guy is, but his obsession with dongs and badhacks is borderline obnoxious.

Like, we get it. They exist. Move on.  :laugh:

Cool to see someone found a way to make money off of rom hacks in a sense, though.

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of Zelda - Blue-er Ring
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:51:58 pm »
I dig it, Looks a helluva better than the vanilla color that's for sure.  :thumbsup:

Final Fantasy Adventure (GB) - an improvement hack that allows for 8 directional movement for the player, rather than just 4 directional movement.

There needs to be some diagonal movements in this epic Zelda clone.  :D

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