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Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: August 16, 2021, 08:20:18 pm »

I may be able to help some.  I am familiar with 6502 assembly coding, just not with the NES or SNES specifically.

From what I understand, reading the SNES controller isn't much different from reading the NES controller.
NES  -->
NES controller detection -->
SNES -->
SNES hardware ID codes -->

The only difference is in the contents of the successive controller byte reads.  On the NES, the 2nd and 3rd bytes would be all 1's which confirm it's an NES gamepad.  On the SNES, the 2nd byte's upper nibble (bits 4-7) is part of the device ID info, where:

Byte1: Right, Left, Down, Up, Start, Select, B, A
Byte2: 8x 1's = #$FF if connected || 8x 0's = #$00 if not connected(?)
Byte3: 8x 1's = #$FF if connected || 8x 0's = #$00 if not connected(?)

Byte1: Right, Left, Down, Up, Start, Select, Y, B
Byte2: 4x 0's (high nibble), R, L, X, A
Byte3: 8x 1's = #$FF if connected || 8x 0's = #$00 if not connected

I believe something like this would work for detecting which gamepad is plugged in:
Code: [Select]
;Shift in 3 bytes of controller info

;Anything connected?
LDA Byte3
BEQ Nothing_connected
BNE Not_a_gamepad

LDA Byte2
BEQ NES_gamepad

;Check SNES ID
AND #$F0 ;ignore any button presses from A,X,L,R
BEQ SNES_gamepad

;Unsupported device!

I think it would be neat if Super Mario RPG was ported to the NES.  I was thinking about Marble Madness, which is 3/4 perspective view, and that seems to scroll just fine.

Personal Projects / Re: STREET FIGHTER 2 DELUXE NES
« on: August 13, 2021, 05:14:13 am »
I'm just throwing this out there.  Have you considered giving the option of using SNES controllers?  Kind of like how on the Genesis Street Fighter II's you could use 3 button or 6 button controllers.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Game's that have caused you to feel emotion
« on: June 01, 2021, 03:57:38 am »
Dragon Warrior IV
Chapter 2: At the end when you find that everyone in your home castle has vanished.  No background music plays while you're inside the castle.  Very creepy.
Chapter 3: At the end where you leave your loving wife and your young son (and your wife encourages it, lovingly booting you out to pursue your dreams).
Chapter 4: Near the end when you're forced to leave your dead father's friend, Orin, to die at the hands of the enemy and you have to flee from the land.
Chapter 5: At the beginning where the Hero is introduced, monsters find and attack your village, looking for looking to kill you while you're still young and inexperienced.  The only parents you knew, Celia (your childhood female friend / possible love interest?), and the other villagers do everything they can to protect you.  You are escorted to the cellar and are put in a hidden room within the cellar.  You hear fighting going on which includes magic attacks and some gut wrenching "critical hit" blows.  Celia comes in and calls you by name and says "I've enjoyed growing up with you.  Don't worry, I won't let them take your life."  She then casts Transform and becomes an exact replica of you.  She then tells you goodbye and goes back out.  She takes a blow, then gets hit with a magic attack, another blow, then a critical hit.  Then everything goes quiet and the battle music stops.  Then you hear the monsters' voices from the outside saying "Necrosaro, we've destroyed the Hero".  Necrosaro says "Well done! Everyone, return to our base!" and they all leave.  You come out of the hidden room and exit the cellar, only to find that everyone is gone and your village is destroyed.  That was a tough pill to swallow, but you push on because the world needs you to defeat Necrosaro.  You begin your quest to become stronger and you find the characters from previous chapters, little by little, as you explore the outside world, and they join your party.  They become like a 2nd family to you.  You spend much time enduring together, battling monsters, gaining levels, solving puzzles, exploring new lands, finding treasures, defeating tough bosses.  You witnessing the tragic aftermath of the poisonous gas released from the mines on the people of Aktemto, and many more problems and tragedies along the way.  You finally face off against Necrosaro, the final boss of the game.  This will be the longest and toughest fight in the game.  After fighting his various scary forms, you finally defeat him, thus saving the world.  You then report back to the Dragon Queen (who had directed you to Necrosaro's location in the first place), and after that... it's time to take everyone back to their homes.  Your adventure is now over and everyone enters the balloon.  The ending sequence was particularly emotional to me, because as you're dropping everyone else off to their hometowns or homelands, you think more and more about your own village and remember how it was destroyed and the villagers, you're parents, Celia...  all slaughtered.  It really sinks in when you're the last one in the balloon, now heading back to your village, wanting to see Celia again even though you know she won't be there.  You finally arrive and you enter your destroyed village.  You walk up and into to the bed of roses next to where she use to enjoy laying.  You're all alone now and you feel like you have no more will to push on...  Then Celia appears next to you out of nowhere in that spot where she use to lay.  You are surprised but so happy to see her.  Then your friends who traveled the world with you enter the village, and you and Celia walk down together to greet them.  The message I got from this is that you are not alone.  You still have friends that care about you and are there for you... like a family.  At that point, I just wanted to give everyone hugs, then pick up my girl and carry her to the nearest church to get married!  *joyful tears*.

Docrow did this, but it's not well polished. The exiting in VS Mode should happen, but I guess that is from the same reasons Evil Ryu and etc cannot be implemented: ROM space. Also they launched this for SFC/SNES before USA got the Evil Ryu Update.

Same reason: Rom space. That's why the closer we got of a Survival Mode is the Expert Ladder (Fight all 16 characters in Genesis). If I were skilled enough, I should do a SSF2T hack, since Akuma was properly converted to SNES size in Turbo Revival for GBA.

Wow!  Look what I just found on The Cutting Room Floor web site!  A built-in way to select Shin Akuma on the Snes version.  I actually booted up an emulator to test this and it works.  I wasn't able to get it to work in arcade mode, but I did in VS mode.

Since there's no more room on the existing SFA2 & SSF2 games to add things, both being 32Mb each, maybe it's high time these cart sizes get expanded to 48Mb, like what Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean is.  With that much extra space, someone could even rework the sound & BGM.  SFA2 uses the SDD-1 graphics decompression chip.
 Does anyone know how that compares to the SPC7110 graphics decompression chip?  Maybe the SA-1 co-processor chip would be a possibility with some good decompression routines, providing it would be faster than the other 2 chips.  Of course, extracting the graphics from SDD-1 and compressing it for another chip might be more work than anyone would want to do.  But if someone does decide to try this, these could be some feasible options to significantly reduce the decompression time at the beginning of every match.  ;D

While I thinking about it, does anyone know why there's a pause before every round?  If you're on the same stage with the same characters on round 2 or higher, why would the game need to decompress the graphics yet again?  Couldn't the game just keep using the same decompressed graphics it did in round 1?

I would love to see a SSF2T on Snes.  You or anyone else would have my vote to making this happen.

6 :thumbsup:

Ah!  I think I've seen this before, but my brain must've tuned out from it because of the "Easy Moves" part of it.  I see now that the Easy Moves are optional.  Thank you.  I will check it out.  Well... that's one wish already granted, even if it is a bit buggy.  I guess until someone does a full disassembly of this game, there's probably not going to be any extreme changes made.  Don't get me wrong, though.  These are nice additions as it is.  Still hoping that one day those other features I also suggested might be added.

Another thought I had for Alpha 2 would be to make the supers easier to do by executing them Alpha 3 style (w=L1, m=L2, h=L3).

SNES Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 2:

I would love to see a few things added to SFC/SNES Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 2:
* Make Shin Akuma selectable
* add an exit option for both Arcade and VS Modes, plus a return to character selection for VS Mode

I would also love to see all or any of these, but would probably be much more difficult to implement:
* add Evil Ryu (I believe Normal Ryu already has most animation frames needed.  Would only have to copy the body frames from Akuma for the warp.)
* add Training Mode
* add Group Battle (Match Play, Elimination) (like the one in SSF2)
* add Tournament Mode (like the one in SSF2)
* add Survival Mode

I'm not sure how much wiggle room we have in this game to be adding much of anything, though.

SNES/Genesis Super Street Fighter 2:

Training and Survival modes would be a welcome addition to these games as well.

If ambitious enough, maybe even add in the ability to do Super moves, like in SSF2T.

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