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I recently started watching the Classic Tetris World Championships on YouTube, and it gave me a few ideas for a "Tetris Pro" hack for the Nintendo version of the game on the NES that includes additional info boxes for Tetris Rate (what percentage of line clears have been Tetrises) and a drought counter (how many pieces since the last Line Piece), and an infinite score counter (where after breaking 999,999 the score goes to A00,000 indicating a million and keeps counting from there).

There has been a recent discovery in the classic F-Zero world that I think needs some attention. So we know about the Satellaview BS F-Zero Grand Prix game that was basically weekly satellite-based remakes of the original F-Zero, with one league for each week. Each league added a new never-before-seen track at the end, and these new tracks were combined together to become their own BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 Practice ROM that we can download and play today.

However, there was also a Soundlink version of BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 that lasted two weeks and featured 5 additional tracks on top of the new tracks from the first BS F-Zero GP. Week 1 introduced Forest 1 and Forest 2, and Week 2 introduced Forest 3 and Metal Fort 1 & 2. For a long time, those tracks have been unknown to the rest of the world outside Japan...until now! Recent video has surfaced of both weeks of the Soundlink version of BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, and now the world can see what the elusive Forest and Metal Fort tracks looked like!

Week 1 (Featuring Forest 1 & 2):
Week 2 (Featuring Forest 3 + Metal Fort 1 & 2):

With this discovery, we can finally make the classic SNES F-Zero truly complete! These new tracks are enough to be hacked into their own league (like the Ace League before it), and if Grego is up to it, they could be made a part of F-Zero Final, and we'd have all 25 tracks from the OG F-Zero and both BS F-Zero Grand Prix games together in one. Imagine this:

Joker League
1. Forest 1
2. Metal Fort 1
3. Forest 2
4. Metal Fort 2
5. Forest 3

Also, since BS F-Zero GP 2 used copyrighted music instead of in-house remixes of the game music like the first BS F-Zero GP, somebody on Nicovideo made a SNES-style imagining of what the Metal Fort music might sound like, so that could be made as the music for the Metal Fort tracks if somebody can pull this off. Here's the music (note that the minimap in the corner of the image is not what either of the Metal Fort tracks actually look like):

With all the hype surrounding The Last Jedi, I started playing the SNES Super Star Wars trilogy again, and it got me thinking. What if somebody hacked the games to make SNES adaptations of the sequel trilogy in the same vein as the originals? Maybe have Rey as the main character, with Finn as a supporting character?

As a Fire Emblem fan, I'd like to see the series adapted into different genres, like a JRPG (as a hack of Final Fantasy 6 for example) or a hack-and-slash platformer for the swordslinger characters (not sure which game to hack for this one. Maybe Actraiser's Professional mode, maybe even Zelda 2 if you really want to get retro).

I was watching the AVGN CD-I episodes again, and it got me wondering. Zelda 2 was an awesome game, but the only two other Zelda games to copy its style (Zelda: Wand of Gamelon and Link: The Faces of Evil) were horrible flops. So this got me thinking, could those games be salvageable if they were remade (or demade if you want to get technical) into Zelda 2 hacks?

And speaking of demakes, I've been playing the Xbox Ninja Gaiden games lately, and I think it would be kind of interesting to see the new characters from the reboot series and their stories retold in the 8-bit sidescrolling style.

I've seen the tech demos for this hack and I've played a little bit of it myself. I support the idea of someone finishing this project, but unfortunately I have zero knowledge of ROM hacking, so I can't do it myself.

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