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is there still progress on this?

gonna make a lot of people mad by bumping this getting their hopes up but this is one of the few games im looking foward to at this point


selius: As far as I'm concerned, the main problem of the Angelg is that it doesn't get much in the way of hit bonuses on its weapons, and Lamia doesn't get Strike. Since AP has a lot of dodgey enemies, that makes things much harder. :angel: The Weapons are in the separate table. But you're probably better off getting yourself a strike spirit cheatcode or something.

i found the weapon data for angelg so im just gonna up the hit rate on all of em by 20 or 30

00 46 78 FF 14 00 00 04 00 20 49 01 5C 04 C4 09 1E 00 0A 00 00 00 18 00 34 00 01 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 20 49 01 5D 04 54 0B 0A

736180e/736180f - C4 09 is the damage value for mirage sword
7361810 - 1E following it is the +hit
7361812 - 0A following hit is the crit value
7361816 - 18 is melee type
7361818 - 34 is post movement
736181a/736181b - 01 03 is the range

to the people who played this what exactly made the angelg underperform? bad survivability? not enough damage?

anyway, i couldnt make sense of the gba hacking guide

searching for this in a hex editor produces the angelg data location
B4 14 00 00 00 00 00 00 AA 8D 20 C7 B1 04 80 00 70 02 70 02 37 08 70 00 FF FF FF FF A0 00 DC 05

b4 14 is the hp
a0  is the EN value
dc 05 is the armor value
06 4b are move and mobility and are located next to each other

i dont know what the rest of the values do.

Personal Projects / Re: Arcturus - The Curse and Loss of Divinity
« on: December 30, 2017, 06:26:21 am »
i figured out a configuration that works well enough.

finally beat the first part of the game. my god i fucking hate maria. this bitch needs to die painfully.

Personal Projects / Re: Arcturus - The Curse and Loss of Divinity
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:10:26 am »
anybody manage to run this in a window without issues?

d3d windower and this game dont cooperate at all. i get screen tear no matter what resolution i use

This is a moral support post.

I love you guys for doing this.

will this have any gameplay changes added on or is it just a translation?

i asked this before and im sorry to ask again, but does anyone know how the mech stats are stored so i can edit them? i'd like to edit the starting mech stats so they're all relatively powerful, but i can't figure out how the values are stored

Personal Projects / Re: FFVX - A Final Fantasy V Rebalance Mod
« on: April 01, 2017, 11:48:55 pm »
Although we all know how frustrating and annoying random encounters can be, I am more inclined to not adding something like this. The full powered Brave Blade should be a reward for patient and/or heroic players who decide to knock down every enemy they encounter. This feature will make it, well... too easy.
Final Fantasy V is imho the part of the Final Fantasy Franchise which needs this feature the least, and I'll explain why:
1) Transitions to battles are very quick (except for the PS version)
2) There are two different commands and one spell which assure a quick flee
3) Even if you still didn't learn the commands, most early game encounters have 100% Flee rate (which means that you flee the moment you press the shoulder buttons. You can even flee from Back Attack formations before the enemies take their first turn)
So my answer will be: if the encounters are too annoying, just flee, it's really quick in FFV. You don't need the full powered Brave Blade to beat every boss.

when i have to game genie a game to make it playable for me it defeats the point of playing a game to have fun.

you are making a mod to make the game more fun but won't fix one of the biggest flaws it has?

Personal Projects / Re: FFVX - A Final Fantasy V Rebalance Mod
« on: March 31, 2017, 10:20:23 pm »
add an early game lower encounter accessory.

or something like it

can anything be done about the encounter rate? it's totally kiling my desire to play this

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest 4 DS - classic version
« on: September 17, 2016, 08:10:54 pm »
looking forward to this i can't stand the shitty accents they put into the ds version

i, too, fucking HATE CARROTS

do you know how i can modify the mech stats using hex editing?

i can't find the values using hxd any way i've tried, so i guess they're not stored as their visible values

i love you.

and im enjoying this game a lot so far.

just wish i could figure out how to modify stats

I wanted to say thanks a lot for this.

I love SRT games but not a lot of them are in english.

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