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Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 12, 2019, 04:05:10 am »
Can I continue with my saved game if I apply this updated patch to the existing (already patched) ROM?  I'm already to Zeal.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: September 21, 2019, 11:12:51 am »
I've been having an issue at times where pressing X or Y to open a menu just results in a black screen.  So far it's happened seemingly mostly in the over world but I also had it happen when I was in the coliseum in the future.  I recall it happening in another area too, a cave I think.  Apologies for the lack of details on that one.  I also experienced a perm-stuck when I first returned through the first portal and walked on the warp pad at the festival.  I just got stuck on it.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:33:41 pm »
Walk by default with speed shoes.

This can be applied to an existing CT+ ROM, and can safely be included with main distribution as an option.

Fantastic!  :thumbsup:  Thanks Mauron!  This would be great to add to the main download.  I'm sure there's others who would prefer to retain the original run controls for various reasons.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: September 16, 2019, 11:20:00 am »
Great work on this project, I'm only a couple hours in and so far I'm enjoying the changes. There is one thing though, regarding the "always run".  Is there a way to toggle that? I actually kind of like the default run setup that requires you to hold the B button. Is there a button combination to toggle it? If not, is there a hex value I can edit to change it to default? If you can, in the future it would be a nice feature to edit the run behavior so that a press of B toggles run/walk rather than always run, hold B to walk. I just find that in many instances the walking speed is too high, such as trying to walk up to a box or person.  I find holding to walk a bit odd and it just doesn't feel right.  Any solutions you can offer?

Metroid Silhouette

Project Team:

Graphics & Level Design:   Grimlock
ASM Programing:   Makes use of existing Rogue Dawn ASM - Credit to Snarfblam
Music:   None


A new Metroid hack project that is currently in the early design phase.
I wanted to go ahead and start this thread to start sharing content and get some ideas and feedback from you all.
This project uses the Metroid Rogue Dawn hack as a foundation (ASM modifications only).  No music, level design, or story line elements will be used from that project.
There is currently no back story for this hack; none is planned at this time.

(This post will be updated from time to time to reflect any progress)

Area Themes Being Considered:  (Contributions accepted and appreciated)
Industrial Area/city
Alien Forest - Dark
Alien Forest - Fog
Inside living organism/cave like
Lava cave/cliffs
Starry night rocky plains
Evil - Haunted like area
Military base
Space port/landing area

Test Screens and Concept Art:

Agree, the fat letter "X" always looked ugly in the HUD. I did a quick and dirty fix on my own hack some time ago by simply drawing yet another letter "X".

Looks better thinner but if you made the "X" a little smaller too it would make for a less crowded look.


Wow man, I gotta say, that ship looks fantastic!  I replicated the Metroid 2 ship in NEStroid which was kind of neat (not used in a released hack) but man this blows it away!  I'm seriously impressed!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Castlevania: The Holy Relics... Released!
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:07:56 am »
Fantastic  :thumbsup:, I just started playing it on my tablet to give it a try, can't wait to get it on my Everdrive and play it on the AVS.  Congratulations on the release!  Great work everyone!  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Metroidvania (Castlevania Nes Hack)
« on: June 05, 2017, 01:40:02 am »
Hey, I have to say this does look pretty cool!   :thumbsup:

This does sound interesting, I like hacks that modify games in a way that introduces a whole new play style.  I read most of the posts but it wasn't clear to me if this project had already been released. 

A speedrun question for grimlock

Using the early items and some door/ceiling glitchyness, its pretty easy to grab the bombs, springball, and ice beam and skip straight to the sentinel robot.  it's also not too complicated to skip through the metroid lair and skip the final boss.  I just cant seem to find a way to skip the sentinel robot!  Is there a method that you know of in v1.21, or would an ultimate speedrun just involve grabbing 30 missiles and taking him out perfectly?

There's no intentional skipping designed into version 1.21.  If there is a way discovered I'm sure it would surface eventually.

Regarding the second bomb location(I forgot to mention):

Since you start with wave beam on the second play through you can acquire the early bomb pick up by shooting the breakable block in the sick bay, this is by design.  No cheatyness required.  This was the original intent for this item location.

Pretty neat Vivify93, thanks!  :thumbsup:

April 14, 2017, 06:42:35 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

SpiderWaffle asked me to respond to his spring ball predicament via PM:

There is indeed multiple item pick-ups for certain items.  These were added to increase replay-ability for those who enjoyed the game enough to want to continue playing it, or revisit it at a later time with the interest of playing it from a different angle.  The multiple shortcuts and alternate routes were added with the same purpose.  Wall clipping and door exploits should be considered cheating BUT I did think about that play style and accommodated it in a few locations.

I would recommend beating the game at least once before attempting to use "cheaty" exploits in order to fully experience it as it was intended.

Regarding multiple pickups:

Bombs x 2 - (Requires cheatyness)
Wave Beam x 2 - (Normal game play to acquire or cheatyness for early)
Spring Ball X 2 - (Normal game play to acquire)  This really shouldn't be an achievement since it's in an almost random location

I'm not going to say exactly where these items are but I will give the general area for those interested:


Bombs - Pirate Ship
Wave Beam - Pirate Ship
Spring Ball - Planet Surface (upper half of area, requires bombs to reveal)

Shortcut stuff:


The shortcut to the bombs (normal non-cheaty way) requires you to roll off of a platform and bounce off of a lower platform to a hole on the right side of the chasm.  The location is short distance below the right pirate ship elevator on the planet surface.  Springball and/or bombs are not required, you can get the bombs as a first item pick-up.  You have to time the bounce right so you don't hit the re-spawning enemy that comes out of the snake like rock formation.

The wave beam early access requires the same technique to acquire. (some cheatyness required)

The alternate path from the wall jump can be used in reverse to acquire the wall jump as a first item pick up. (no cheatyness required)

There's a lot of shortcuts/alt routes added so I'll have to put some more thought into what's there vs what you listed.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your positive feedback!  Getting to 1.21 was a bit of a challenge due to other obligations at the moment but I'm glad we made it happen! 

Special thanks to Optomon and Snarfblam for hanging in there and making this update possible!  :thumbsup:

Version 1.21 is now available for download. 

Get it here:

Alternate download location:   Metroid Construction:
(Download link located at the bottom of the first post),4221.msg57562.html#msg57562

Changes include:

Modified projectile graphic.
Corrected a major bug.
Added alternative patches (each patch is identified in the credits room).
In addition to the long list of 1.20 changes.

Version 1.21 now includes alternate patches:

1. No Corner Map
2. Zero Suit Only

These alternate patches are included due to multiple requests

EDIT: If no major bugs are discovered this should be considered the final version.  It is possible that I may add additional "alternate" patches in the future but I don't have any plans to at the moment

First time playing this "total conversion" mod (v120). A few questions?

1. Is there a way to turn off the auto-map? Combo like Pause - Select? After I memorized the area, I'd like to see more of the gorgeous screens instead.

2. (Not sure if my save got nerfed or I accidentally activated a special debug feature)

Defeated ship boss. Got story item and left. Saved game. Restarted. Went back to Captain. Got same story item again (?). Spend time looking around ship for hidden treasures - mainly that vault teaser. Eventually I notice that Morph ball has this strange glow. And it auto-kills all monsters. Plus always takes what they drop behind.

I could not figure out how to deactivate this kill tool. Made the game really pathetically easy afterward. Eventually got the Wall Jump and special vault weapon. Made it back to the main ship and stopped playing because of this.

Does anyone know what I did "wrong" to get this "cheat" upgrade? It does not show up on the main menu as an upgrade. But survives emulator shutdowns and in-game reloads. Speedrunners would love this weapon though.

3. Wall Jump upgrade has in-game text but not the other upgrades so far. Just wondering if there's a specific reason. Or is it not to confuse with High Jump?

4. Morph ball into tunnel. Go left and collect missile upgrade. Hold d-pad right while sfx chimes. Player continues rolling left anyway. If I instead let go of the d-pad first after sfx done, then push right - movement is correct. Not sure if original Metroid bug or the engine upgrade.

Big thanks for sharing your work of love. Writing my review down as I play in the moment.

The morph ball weapon is actually a bug.  As a result the download has been temporarily taken down.  I would recommend not continuing with the bug active if you want to experience the game as designed.

The map can not be turned off as is.  When I put the download back up I'll include an alternate patch for no corner map.  I was on the fence about including the alternate patches but I'll go ahead with them since we're going to have a bit of down time figuring out this morph ball bug.

Regarding the wall jump, it's a new item for the game and I wanted it to be clear to those who didn't have much Metroid experience as to what it was.  Also for the most part I didn't have the tiles available to do it with the other items.

The directional bug after getting an item is known, once you realize it's there it's easy to mitigate.  As much as we'd like this hack to be, it'll never be perfect

I know that ball graphics wasn't change. So old ball looks to big for the new suit. I mean it feels like in the suit you are smaller than in ball form. I think new suit also requires new ball graphics.
Also new "cheat" route feels pretty buggy :C

Also when you go trough secret route in bone yard trough hidden metroid art - it feels so awkward, that you can't go back in metroid art room. I mean there are no wall graphics - nothing. Just invisible bs that stops you :C

The only way to make the morph ball graphic smaller is to make it hover above the ground, that's the nature of the animation and how the game deals with the spite.

Regarding the return path from the secret warp:

it's impossible to make it connect backwards due to the way the whole warping process works and how the entire world grid works.  Anyway it's just a "fun" shortcut, not a critical pathway.  I added something to the Metroid art rooms in order to give them a little more purpose.

Attention to anyone looking to download the 1.20 update:

I temporarily removed the download link.  There was a bug I was attempting to recreate but couldn't during the testing process.  I thought it was resolved after a new version was handed off but unfortunately it still remains.  We'll get it sorted out soon!  :thumbsup:

Version 1.20 available on Metroid Construction.
Wanna to say. New suite proportion feels a little bit odd when you morph. When you in ball form it feels a little too big in comparison to suit form. Maybe it's possible to change ball form graphics to make it a little bit smaller?

The ball graphic wasn't modified for 1.20, I'm not sure what you're referring to.  Unless you're talking about the second play graphics, RealRed created the new suit and other modified tiles, I just helped him animate the new player sprite.  I wasn't aware he modified the morph ball also.

Regarding the new update I just posted it at Metroid Construction.  I was unaware RHDN was back up again, I'll get it set up for upload today.

Please post any bugs encountered with the update, I think it's clean but please do post if any are encountered.

EDIT: It seems I'm unable to update the download to 1.20 at the moment (can't use the Scratchpad to upload the ZIP).  For the time being follow this link to Metroid Construction if you would like to download the update:,4221.msg57562.html#msg57562

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Conker's High Rule Tail
« on: March 10, 2017, 03:33:21 am »
So for everything appears to be going smoothly on SD2SNES with firmware 1.7D.  I'm in the area near dungeon 3.  So far I've seen some pretty impressive hacking here.  Once I get through the entire game I'll post a review. 

Congratulations again for reaching a full release, most people who haven't hacked a full scale conversion like this don't realize what a tremendous achievement it is to finally reach that ultimate goal!  :beer:

As many already know, I've been following project for years it seems and I want to do a blind speedrun (first time playing and trying to beat it ASAP) on live stream. I've done this for MetroidX and Metroid Captive so far and really enjoy it.

I'd like to do it as soon as, or soon after, 1.20 is released, and want to make sure Grimlock, Snarfblam, Otpoman and any others that want to watch have an opportunity to do so. Also, it's a lot more fun with more people, particularly with fans of Metroid, rom hacks and NEStroid apt people hanging out in chat. It sounds like 1.20 will be released any day now and schedule wise that's great for me, this week/weekend/March, love it!

I'll stream on my twitch, (and maybe my much more popular youtube channel simultaneously) and upload the VOD to youtube.

I heard less than 10 hours for sure, MetroidX took me 3 hours, Captive took 10 hours, and that was with 2 save states allotted per elevator area. It sounds like the nature of Rogue Dawn with recharge stations and convenient password saving would play well without save states.

I was thinking of starting around 6-7PM PST, or maybe sooner on a Saturday or Sunday. Let me know if you want to watch, I'll schedule for you.

I'll tune in if I can.   :thumbsup:

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